New York Knicks' Derrick Rose: Winning over cash in free agency

Wherever Derrick Rose goes in free agency this summer, his decision will come down to winning over money.

The New York Knicks point guard and former KIA MVP told reporters as much Wednesday.

“Not even thinking money. I’ve got more than enough money saved. If I stopped playing basketball now, I’ll be all right,” Rose told reporters in Utah on Wednesday night. “I want to win. I want to be happy and feel at peace with myself wherever I’m at. But being at the negotiating table, you never know. I’m not going to negotiate with people where money is the No. 1 thing I’m asking for. I want to win.”

If winning is the priority, that could complicate things for Rose in New York. He saw his name mentioned repeatedly in trade rumors leading up to last month’s trade deadline. And the uncertainty surrounding the Knicks right now could make for an interesting time this summer.

But Rose made it clear he’s keeping all of his options open.

“This will be the first time I’ll be a free agent. I don’t know how that process goes,” he added. “After the season, me, my agent, my brothers, family will have to talk about it. Of course I want to be here, just being in this environment, being in New York, being at the Garden every other night — it’s a blessing. But, again, I have to really talk it over with my agent and my brothers.”