NBA Finals File: 1994 Knicks-Rockets

Podcast hosts Robert Horry and Jabari Davis take a deeper look into the 1994 Finals -- a series in which Horry had firsthand experience.

NBA Finals File Podcast

Hosted by seven-time champion Robert Horry and Jabari Davis, NBA Finals File dives deep into the greatest Finals series in NBA history, breaking down the best moments, storylines and matchups, using rare archival audio from the NBA, and the personal touch that only “Big Shot Bob” can give.

In this episode of NBA Finals File, we examine the 1994 Finals, Knicks vs Rockets. Hakeem Olajuwon and Patrick Ewing, two to the greatest centers in NBA history go head-to-head for seven epic games. Horry breaks down each game from a firsthand perspective, including how he played through a broken bone, how the team reacted to watching the OJ chase at halftime of Game 5 and why he never touched the trophy after winning the title.

Part I

Part II

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