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Jimmy Butler surprises Heat with another new hairstyle

The Miami Heat star continues his Media Day trend by showing up with a different hairstyle.

Jimmy Butler's hairdo

Jimmy Butler’s hair looks a bit different than it did during the NBA Finals.

MIAMI (AP) — Jimmy Butler had a new look for Media Day, and the NBA world immediately took notice.

The Miami Heat forward arrived for the team’s first official day of work this season with piercings — eye, lip and nose — along with a new hairstyle and his fingernails painted black.

It’s become a trend of sorts for Butler, who went through the Media Day gamut last year with dreadlocks in a deviation from his usual look.

“I’m very emotional right now. This is my emo state and I like this. This is me,” Butler said. “This is how I’m feeling as of late.”

Teammates, it seemed, were caught a bit off guard. Heat center Bam Adebayo — who hadn’t seen his teammate before meeting with reporters — thought someone had photoshopped something when a reporter showed him photos of Butler’s look for the day.

“That is not real. … That is (expletive) hilarious,” Adebayo said.

It’s unclear if Butler will keep the look when Miami opens practice on Tuesday. The team will hold camp at Florida Atlantic University in nearby Boca Raton.