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Jazz unveil new-look uniforms for next 2 seasons

The Jazz are adding a variety of new uniforms for the 2024-25 and '25-26 seasons.

(From left) Lauri Markkanen, Keyonte George, Taylor Hendricks and Walker Kessler show off Utah’s new uniforms.

The Utah Jazz are changing their uniform set and will have purple and blue as more prominent colors over the next two seasons.

Per the team, the Jazz will transition to an expanded color palette that will be worn alongside two of the team’s existing sets that feature white, yellow and black. Over the next two seasons, the team will begin to adopt shades of purple, black and blue into the uniform mix.

Per the Jazz: “For the 2024-25 season, the Utah Jazz will transition to an expanded brand color palette with two bold new uniforms, to be worn alongside our current Association and Statement Edition uniforms. Influenced by Mountain Basketball, our City Edition and Statement Edition (dropping Jan. 1, 2025) reveal our direction to adopt Mountain Purple, Midnight Black, and Sky Blue as part of our expanded identity.”

However, the new black Statement Edition uniform won’t be used or sold until 2025 per Andy Larsen of The Salt Lake Tribune.

In the 2025-26 season, the team will fully transition from the yellow, black and white looks to introduce new Association and Icon Edition uniforms. A black Statement Edition uniform introduced in 2024 will stay in the mix, while a new City Edition uniform will be revealed later. Per the team, launching both years at once clarifies the Jazz’s “intent and mission.”

The Jazz introduced some of their current uniform set in 2022 with varying degrees of the black, yellow and white color scheme. Last season, the team unveiled new Classic Edition uniforms that featured more purple and the latest uniform release is more of a move in that direction.