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GM Ryan McDonough says Phoenix Suns unlikely to make big trade

At times, the Phoenix Suns have had flashes of success in 2017-18. There was a four-wins-in-five-game stretch in late October and early November. Upset wins against the Minnesota Timberwolves and Philadelphia 76ers happened in November and December, respectively, as well.

Overall, though, the Suns are in rebuilding mode. As such, they may be a popular target for fans dreaming of a trade partner in the NBA. According to Scott Bordow of The Arizona Republic, though, Suns GM Ryan McDonough isn’t in a rush to deal off the teams veterans or its untested young players. In an interview with the newspaper, McDonough singled out several players — from youngsters like Davon Reed to veterans like Chris Dudley and Tyson Chandler — and explained why a big trade is unlikely for now:

General Manager Ryan McDonough said that while Phoenix will look for ways to upgrade its roster, its focus is on doing that internally as players return from injuries. The Suns are hopeful Devin Booker (strained left adductor muscle) will be back for the Dec. 26 game against Memphis and that rookie shooting guard Davon Reed (offseason knee surgery) will return around Jan. 1. Center Alan Williams, who had surgery in August to repair a torn meniscus, could be back sometime in March.

“If we do make a move it will be positionally to fill a short-term need,” McDonough said. “There’s nobody we can sign or trade for that’s going to come close to replicating half of Devin Booker’s production. Nobody out there is 22 years old and like Davon Reed, who we’re really high on. So we’re most excited about getting those guys back.”

“Those guys (Chandler and Dudley) mentor the young guys and teach the young guys how to play,” McDonough said. “If and when they get on the court they do a good job. If they’re not playing much or at all they accept that.

“I think it’s very important to have them echo and reinforce some of the messages our coaches are trying to deliver. I think in general you want to keep at least a few good vets around and we’re happy with those guys.”

“If you look at our team before the year, three of the guys we projected to be the top four scorers are not playing,” McDonough said. “Bledsoe, Booker and Brandon Knight. T.J. Warren is the only one we have in the lineup at the moment.

“We realize a lot of teams go through this at some level but it’s hard when you’re the team going through it. Jay [Triano] and his staff are doing a good job, keeping the focus on player development and teaching. Our goal is to be better in March and April than we are today and I think we’ll get there.”