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24 familiar faces in new places heading into 2018-19

Khari Arnold,

2018 NBA offseason: East player movement | West player movement | Complete coverage

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There isn’t an offseason in sports that can compare to the NBA’s. It’s a period on the calendar that provides consistent entertainment as it’s bound to feature star players going from one franchise to another, either via free agency or trade. So in case you missed out on all the summer fun, here’s a list of 24 players that will be playing in a different uniform come the 2018-19 season …

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Player: LeBron James

Former team: Cleveland Cavaliers

New team: Los Angeles Lakers

Quote: “We don’t even have to talk about the years they won championships, talk about the players that’ve come through this franchise, worn this uniform. That’s excitement in its own right” – LeBron James

* * *

Player: Kawhi Leonard

Former team: San Antonio Spurs

New team: Toronto Raptors

Quote: As long as I have on a jersey, I want to play basketball. I came here with an open mind. I want to do great things, so I want to make sure I put all my effort on the court each and every night, and by winning games, this is how you get star-caliber players to want to come here and play.” – Kawhi Leonard

* * *

Player: DeMarcus Cousins

Former Team: New Orleans Pelicans

New Team: Golden State Warriors

Quote: “My drive has only increased. I’m seriously like a madman right now. I think you guys will see a new DeMarcus on the floor.” – DeMarcus Cousins

* * *

Player: DeMar DeRozan

Former Team: Toronto Raptors

New Team: San Antonio Spurs

Quote: “You definitely want to be around a culture of this magnitude. Play with a culture of this status.” – DeMar DeRozan

* * *

Player: Carmelo Anthony

Former Team: Oklahoma City Thunder/Atlanta Hawks

New Team: Houston Rockets

Quote:At the end of the day, I look at this as almost a clean slate for me and kind of a fresh start. Have a new team, have a new city, embrace new fans, and also have fun playing basketball again.” – Carmelo Anthony

* * *

Player: DeAndre Jordan

Former Team: LA Clippers

New Team: Dallas Mavericks

Quote: “I’m happy to finally be a Maverick.” – DeAndre Jordan

* * *

Player: Tony Parker

Former Team: San Antonio Spurs

New Team: Charlotte Hornets

Quote: “It’s very strange, very weird. “I’ve got to get used to that color.” – Tony Parker

* * *

Player: Isaiah Thomas

Former Team: Los Angeles Lakers

New Team: Denver Nuggets

Quote: “I’m not saying I’m the guy that’s going to change everything around here, but I know how to win and I know how to lead. I can help these guys take the next step.” – Isaiah Thomas

* * *

Player: Jabari Parker

Former Team: Milwaukee Bucks

New Team: Chicago Bulls

Quote: “It means the most [to come to hometown Chicago], especially wearing that red, that white, that black. It’s something like a dream.” – Jabari Parker

* * *

Player: Tyreke Evans

Former Team: Memphis Grizzlies

New Team: Indiana Pacers

Quote:Coming to the East, I was looking for a change, and I thought this was the perfect team for me.” – Tyreke Evans

* * *

Player: Dennis Schroder

Former Team: Atlanta Hawks

New Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

Quote: If I’m coming off the bench, if I start, whatever it is, I’ll be ready for that challenge because I think we’ve got a special group this year, and we can surprise a lot of teams.” – Dennis Schroder

* * *

Player: Jeremy Lin (left), Vince Carter

Former Teams: Brooklyn Nets (Lin), Sacramento Kings (Carter)

New Team: Atlanta Hawks

Quote: “I’m thankful to walk into an arena on the road and still have fans call your name, see my jersey, my high school jersey, whatever the case may be.” – Vince Carter

* * *

Player: Dwight Howard

Former Team: Brooklyn Nets

New Team: Washington Wizards

Quote: “We were talking about how I started with the Magic, learned Magic for eight years. Traveled to La-La land. Learned how to work the Rockets. Went to learn how to fly with some Hawks. Got stung by the Hornets. Throughout all of that, it taught me how to be a Wizard.” – Dwight Howard

* * *

Player: Austin Rivers

Former Team: LA Clippers

New Team: Washington Wizards

Quote:My goal this year is to be that competitive guy that comes in and helps. Sixth Man of the Year-type player. That’s the focus for me personally.” – Austin Rivers

* * *

Player: Trevor Ariza

Former Team: Houston Rockets

New Team: Phoenix Suns

Quote: “Phoenix was the most aggressive team and a team that showed the most interest in me. As human beings, we all want to feel appreciated and wanted.” – Trevor Ariza

* * *

Player: Ryan Anderson

Former Team: Houston Rockets

New Team: Phoenix Suns

Quote: “This is the beautiful thing for me. I’m really happy to be here. We’re building a culture of winning, a future with this group. I’m happy to be a part of that.” – Ryan Anderson

* * *

Player: Brook Lopez

Former Team: Los Angeles Lakers

New Team: Milwaukee Bucks

Quote: “I think it’s such a positive situation going forward. I think obviously the team will be very great this year. The sky’s the limit for us” – Brook Lopez

* * *

Players: Julius Randle (left), Elfrid Payton

Former Teams: Los Angeles Lakers (Randle), Phoenix Suns (Payton)

New Team: New Orleans Pelicans

Quote: “I want this to be home and this to be a long-term thing. I feel like this is a group where guys are young and energetic and they can grow together.” – Julius Randle

* * *

Players (left to right): Lance Stephenson, JaVale McGee, Michael Beasley, Rajon Rondo

Former Teams: Indiana Pacers (Stephenson), Golden State Warriors (McGee), New York Knicks (Beasley), New Orleans Pelicans (Rondo)

Quote: Misunderstood, under-appreciated, determined.” – LeBron James on Stephenson, McGee, Beasley, Rondo

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