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Lakers' Green: Guys are figuring out what the next move is

NBA games are on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean the Lakers — or any of the league’s teams — are just sitting around waiting for the suspension of play to end.

In an exclusive video interview with Bleacher Report, L.A. guard Danny Green informed B/R’s Taylor Rooks that the Lakers are still holding individual workouts while remaining abreast of any and all developments.

“We’re not actually allowed to be around each other as a group right now. Individual workouts were happening (Saturday). We did see some guys in passing, got a chance to talk a little bit, chop it up. Guys are figuring out what the next move is.”

The Lakers are expected to receive more updates and information on Monday. In the meantime, Green added that many of his teammates are looking into responsible avenues of “getting away” with their families during the NBA’s hiatus, which began Wednesday and will last at least 30 days.

It’s a drastic change in day-to-day living; Green admitted it will likely start wearing thin sooner than later.

“I think most guys are just habitually used to being in the gym every day with each other and playing,” Green said. “I think, you know, a week away from basketball for us is like a long period of time. Obviously it’s still fresh. It’s only a couple of days, but a week from now, guys will be very bored and not know what to do with their idle time.”

Green stressed the importance of players and the league taking things one step at a time, though he remains eager to see the sports world resume its normal cycle.

“Hopefully we get better news than worse and things get back to normal sooner than later. Stopping pretty much all sports, professionally and collegiate, it’s tough to swallow. It’s tough to believe.”