Report: Anthony tells Phil Jackson he wants to remain with Knicks

NBA.com Staff

It seems Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson finally had their sit-down. But that doesn’t mean the air in Knicks-ville has been cleared to anybody’s satisfaction.

According to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, the meeting took place Tuesday with the Knicks president asking his star player if he wanted to remain with the team:

Anthony reportedly told Jackson what he has said time and again to anybody who has asked:

As yet another Knicks season nears going down the tube — 11 losses in 13 games since Christmas day that has dropped their record to 18-24 — Jackson seems to be getting antsy to break up the team that he assembled by bringing in Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah during the offseason.

Last month Jackson caused a stir when he publicly referred to Anthony as a ball-stopper. Over the weekend, Jackson friend Charley Rosen wrote a column that concluded: “Anthony has outlived his usefulness in New York.”

“If that’s the case, if that’s where it’s coming from, that side, I guess it’s a conversation we should have,’” Anthony told reporters on Sunday. “If they feel my time in New York is over, I guess that’s a conversation we should have.”

But when the conversation took place, Anthony reiterated his position that he doesn’t want to play anywhere but New York. That’s despite the a $10-million bonus he could get for waiving his no-trade clause, not to mention a chance to perhaps play for a contending team where he is wanted.

The ball, as they say, is back in Jackson’s hands.