Playoffs 2018 East First Round: Celtics (2) vs. Bucks (7)

Marcus Morris vents after logging technical foul in Game 4 loss to Milwaukee Bucks

Boston Celtics forward Marcus Morris has already been fined once this postseason for criticizing officials, netting a $15,000 fine on Saturday for his words about the refereeing in Boston’s 116-92 loss in Game 3 to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Morris earned another technical foul in the second quarter of yesterday’s 104-102 Game 4 loss that tied the series 2-2. This foul was the result of a brief dust-up between himself and Bucks swingman Khris Middleton and for Morris, this is marked the sixth technical foul he has earned since the final week of the season.

After last night’s loss, Morris sounded off on the tech and more, writes Chris Forsberg of

“I play hard, man. I don’t know no other way to play,” Morris said. “It’s not like I’m overly talking to the referees or making infractions with the referees. It’s a game between men, and we got out there and it gets chippy. We bump a little bit. It’s not over the top.

“But like every game, I have to get a technical foul, you know what I mean? I’m not engaging into anything, I’m not going at the referees, I’m not talking crazy to him. For me, man, it’s just getting old, man. Fining me, teching me, it’s getting old. It’s just laughable at this point.”

Morris has suggested that referees have been a little quick to assess techs on him ever since he got ejected from a win over the Raptors in late March. After his ejection, he patted a referee on the backside while leaving the court and previously wondered if the referees are holding that incident against him.

“I love to play this game, and it’s just, game in and game out, it’s the same thing, man,” Morris said. “I’m not doing a lot of chit chat, or I’m being physical. I’m watching these other games and they’re getting warnings. If it’s me, it’s a technical foul. I just got fined. I’m not worried about that, it’s just when you come to work every day and you put your heart and soul into something, It’s just a quick whistle, and that’s how it goes.”

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