Playoffs 2019 West Finals: Warriors (1) vs. Trail Blazers (3)

McCollum finally connects with Jennifer, who inspired viral tweet

Blazers guard plays good sport in meeting social media foil

The Portland Trail Blazers are now eight wins — and three series — deep in the 2019 NBA Playoffs.

It’s indeed safe to say, that CJ McCollum & Co. are trying.

And #NBATwitter’s “Jennifer” finally got to acknowledge it in person, courtesy of ESPN’s Rachel Nichols.

During the pregame edition of the network’s flagship SportsCenter, Nichols and Richard Jefferson interviewed the eponymous Jennifer (Williams) on court ahead of Thursday’s Western Conference finals Game 2 between the Blazers and Golden State Warriors … and who just happened to be shooting nearby? CJ, obviously. And thus a social relationship got really real.

McCollum, who acknowledged he began hearing “I’m trying” catcalls and references soon after the viral tweet, thanked Williams and told her he appreciated her. Williams, a Warriors fan, wished him well.