Mamita's Ices

Can you give us a little background on how your business came to life?

Everyone has a dream, and ours was to one day be able to start our own business. As sisters, we decided to bring our favorite after school frozen teat from our
grandmother’s kitchen to ours. Coming from an entrepreneur background, we incorporated our hard-working ethics to create what Mamita’s is today.

Which moment or experience (if you had to pick one) was the most impactful in turning your business into a reality?

When we started making the ices to sell to the public, we were producing it without
the proper knowledge of the necessary requirements by Dept. of agriculture, which led us to lose hundreds of ices in the process. Thankfully, the same department guided us in the right direction, and it was the moment that impacted us and turned our business into a reality.

What inspires you on an everyday basis?

What inspires us is that we make everything with integrity, love, and the same quality ingredients from very start. Also knowing that we make a product brings a little bit of joy and happiness to the world.

What does it mean to you being a small / minority business owner in New York City?

It means the world to us, a complete dream come true. For a group of women immigrants to come to this country with only a suitcase full of dreams.

What important things do you think small business owners need to know before getting started?

We would recommend getting informed in whatever industry you are in, educate yourself. Never lose sight of your goals, and never let obstacles stop you, keep going.

Can you speak to the importance of small business ownership in general?

Small business are essential to our communities, we bring jobs, new opportunities, and inspire others to follow your dreams.

What does it mean to you when organizations like the Knicks and Chase support smaller local owned businesses like yourself?

It is an honor to be recognized by such prestigious organizations, a dream come true. We feel all our hard work and sacrifices have paid off.

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Knicks & Chase Small Business Roster?

It means the world to us to be given this opportunity, and an incredible honor, that
feels unreal.