Film Room: Kristaps Porzingis' Passing and Vision

by Jonah Ballow

Part II Film Room: Kristaps Porzingis' Defensive Skills and Awareness

The Knicks Summer League games in Las Vegas presented us with an opportunity to view Kristaps Porzingis’ skill set for the first time in the United States.  Over the past couple of years, Porzingis has been regarded as an intriguing international prospect but his four outings in mid-July provided a glimpse of his complete arsenal.

Below are snapshots of Porzingis’ promising skills and potential with the caveat this is a 19-year old that will need time to build strength, skill, and adjust to the NBA game.  Let’s now examine the passing abilities for the No. 4 overall pick in the first installment of the Film Room.

Finding The Open Man vs. Lakers
Porzingis catches Julius Randle napping and quickly flashes deep into the lane.  He quickly realizes Jerian Grant moving to the elbow area when Grant’s defender shifts his focus to the ball and Porzingis.  Instead of forcing the shot, Porzingis makes the read and dishes to a wide-open shooter.

Backdoor Pass vs. Spurs
Another great read from Porzingis here as he keeps an eye on Grant rapidly moving on the baseline for a backdoor cut to the rim.  The big man delivers a nice, easy, bounce bass to the rookie for the dunk attempt.

Vision - Backdoor Pass vs. Sixers
Here’s a different variation of the backdoor pass and an option that is commonly found in the Triangle Offense for the player at the pinch post.  With his back to the basket, Porzingis can see Cleanthony Early blasting past his man for the easy opportunity in the paint.  Great anticipation here from the Knicks lottery pick.

Running The Floor vs. Sixers

Maurice Ndour is deep on the other side of the floor while New York faces a 4-on-3 opportunity in transition.  Porzingis moves wide to create space while running past the timeline and then drops a picture perfect dime to Ndour for the slam.  What’s impressive here is the ability for the 7-foot-3 rookie to make the right play while moving at full speed soon as he recognized his defender stepping up to attempt a charge.  Not only did Porzingis avoid the charge call but registered the assist in the process.