Clippers win No. 1 pick in Draft

Tuesday, May 20, 2009
SECAUCUS, N.J. (AP) -- For most of the last 25 years, the Los Angeles Clippers have had to travel across the country every spring for the NBA Draft Lottery.

Maybe Blake Griffin can help save them the trip.

The Clippers won the lottery Tuesday night, moving up from the third-best chance to earn the top pick and the right to draft Griffin, the national college player of the year from Oklahoma.

"We're going to do our diligence and then we're going to pick the best player in the draft. A lot of people think that's Blake Griffin," Clippers president Andy Roeser said. "He's a terrific athlete, he's athletic and he's strong. Any franchise would be happy to have Blake Griffin for a long time."

And perhaps someday the All-America power forward will be part of a Clippers team doing what the Lakers, their Staples Center co-tenants, were doing Tuesday night: playing in the conference finals.

"I'm not sure we've stolen the spotlight [from the Lakers]," Roeser said. "A couple of years ago we were playing in the Playoffs and I would rather be in that position, no questions."

Memphis vaulted to second and Oklahoma City will pick third.

Sacramento, which had the best chance to win the lottery after finishing with a league-worst 17-65 record, fell to fourth, and Washington dropped from second to No. 5.

The Clippers won the top pick for the third time in their mostly dismal history. They last had the No. 1 selection in 1998 and, perhaps predictably, blew it, taking eventual bust Michael Olowokandi.

They stand a better chance of getting it right this time if they go with Griffin, who led the nation with 30 double-doubles and 14.4 rebounds per game, while also averaging a Big 12-best 22.7 points as a sophomore.

Roeser, who represented the team on the podium, wouldn't confirm that they will choose Griffin, though they could certainly use a power forward after former star Elton Brand left before last season as a free agent.

"I think five years from now Blake Griffin will be hitting his stride in the NBA and he will be an impact player wherever he is," said Roeser, whose sports jacket was lined with a Clippers uniform with a No. 1 on the left side and a 23, Griffin's number, on the other. "He is an athletic player. He can do all sorts of things and has a ton of talent, and I think any team will be happy to have him."

Former All-Star Chris Webber, who represented Sacramento on the podium, seemed to agree Griffin is the way to go.

"I love Griffin's game. I think there is a lot of upside to his potential," Webber said. "He is a hardworking player. I love the guy."

The top three teams all moved up, making the 25th lottery as unpredictable as most of its predecessors. Not since 2004, when Orlando took Dwight Howard, had the team with the best chance to win ended up with the No. 1 pick.

And though Sacramento desperately needed the help, Webber said he loved the system.

"The worst team shouldn't always get the best player," he said. "You can do a lot of losing for that. I really like the system, it is fair."

The Draft is June 25.

Minnesota has the sixth pick followed by Golden State, New York, Toronto, Milwaukee, New Jersey, Charlotte, Indiana and Phoenix.

The Clippers also picked first in 1988, drafting Danny Manning. This was their 20th appearance in the draft lottery, which is supposed to help bad teams get better quickly. They can only hope that will finally be the case this time.

"Our goal is to be playing next year at this time," Roeser said.

The lottery had a much bigger buzz in the past two years because there were two players who seemed worthy of going No. 1. Portland went for Greg Oden over Kevin Durant in 2007, and the Chicago Bulls moved up to get Rookie of the Year Derrick Rose last season, with Michael Beasley going second to Miami.

That wasn't the case this year, since Griffin seems like the only possible choice at No. 1. Spanish guard Ricky Rubio and Connecticut center Hasheem Thabeet are also considered top-three choices, but come with question marks: Rubio is still a teenager and Thabeet isn't polished offensively.

The lottery determines the top three picks, with the rest of the first round going by inverse order of a team's record. It began in 1985, when the New York Knicks selected Patrick Ewing.


Can you talk about Blake Griffin and the expectation that he’s probably going to be your guy?
Roeser: We’re going to do our due diligence and then we’re going to pick the best player in the Draft. A lot of people do think that’s Blake Griffin. I would like to sit with Mike [Dunleavy] before we make that decision. He’s a terrific athlete. He’s strong. He’s a terrific person and I think any franchise would be happy to have a player like Blake Griffin for a long time. I also think a lot of people are going to be happy with some of the other players in the Draft, like Ricky Rubio and Hasheem Thabeet. I happen to think this is a draft where the top teams are going to be pretty happy in the long run.

Is it a great problem that you already have so many bigs?
Roeser: It’s a great problem. Any problem we have today is a great problem. We had a little bit of a rocky season. I think the Lottery is always the first step in the next season so today is a great day for us. We’re starting next season today. We got off in the position we want to be in, controlling the draft and we will take the best player and we’ll figure out how that impacts the rest of our team as we go forward.

If healthy, with the best player, how good can you all be?
Roeser: I think we can be a very good team next year. I think we need to do some things differently. Baron Davis did not have a particularly good season. He knows that and we know that. I talked to him the other day and he’s determined to make sure he comes back and have a better season and I think that’s going to help our team. Mike’s talking about doing some things differently that will help make us a better team, and we add to it the best player in the draft.

Did you bring anything in there with you for luck?
Roeser: “I’m not really a superstitious person. I just had a really good feeling. I had a chance to talk to Donald Sterling and Shelly before I left and they both said they had a good feeling, so we all shared a good feeling. My wife did give me my coat with the Clippers lining and the number one in there. So, she had a feeling that we should be getting the number one pick, too.

What are the chances that you’ll have Zach Randolph, Marcus Camby and Chris Kaman on your team when next season starts?
Roeser: I haven’t even had a chance to think about those kinds of things yet. We like the nucleus of our team and that’s something we as a basketball staff has to sit down with. Coach Dunleavy is over in Europe. He’s on his way home in the next day or two, but I haven’t had a chance to talk to him tonight about those implications, but that’s something that we’re going to figure out and answer pretty quickly.

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