From the Land Down Thunder


Australia’s Gold Coast is renowned for its canals and waterways, surfer-friendly beaches and dazzling nightlife. Those factors alone might lead one to think its residents couldn’t possibly want for anything else. For Gold Coast native and longtime NBA fan Brett Azzopardi, however, true excitement comes in the form of a basketball team based many thousands of miles away: the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“I do hope one day to get over to Oklahoma City and watch a game,” said Brett.

An information-technology consultant, he said he’s wowed by the Thunder’s sheer talent and team spirit. It’s why the 27-year-old routinely scours the Internet for the latest news on his adopted team. It’s why he beats back sleep in the early morning hours on those few occasions he can watch a Thunder game on TV or computer.

“The camaraderie [of the team] is fantastic,” he said. “To see stories of the team walking together in their jumpsuits to go for ice cream is just fantastic. It shows me that the NBA is not just a high-paying professional sport, and how much heart is involved. I am amazed by Head Coach Scott Brooks at the reins and GM Sam Presti’s ability to foresee the future of the franchise.”

While Brett said he admires all the players, his favorite is Russell Westbrook.

“He is an excitement machine, and his game improved twofold in one season,” Brett said. “I can't wait to see how it will progress again into next season.”

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