Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Lakers

March 14, 2014

Coach Pop

(On the Lakers having a season plagued with injuries…)
“You have all kinds of expectations at the beginning of the year and when injuries destroy that for you, it’s disappointing for everybody. Mike (D’Antoni) is going through hell with that right now.”

(On Kobe Bryant’s ability to extend his career and fight through injuries…)
“He’s got a competitive nature. He’s tough minded, has a passion for the game, and maybe he’s got good genes. It’s an individual thing. Some people can and some people can’t.”

(On not taking a struggling team like the Lakers lightly…)
“It’s difficult to win a game in the NBA. You have to lace them up every night or you’re going to get beat. They just beat Portland and Oklahoma City. That would tell each of us that they can win. You have to play well to beat them just like anyone else in the league. They have talented players and they want to win. They want to beat good teams. There’s a satisfaction in that, especially when you’re an injured team. They’re going to come out wanting to do to us what they did to OKC and Portland without a doubt.”

(On teams being particularly hungry in a game following a loss…)
“Probably so. It’s not stated. They don’t verbalize it coming in saying, ‘Hey we lost two days ago so we have to go win.’ They’re professionals. They want to win every game and that’s what they’ll try to do. Simple as that.”