Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Bobcats

Feb. 28, 2014

Coach Pop

(On Steve Clifford’s impact on the Bobcats…)
“Coach Clifford has had a huge impact on the culture and what they want to set as their standard as they move on. His staff has done a great job and the players have bought in obviously. That’s a big reason for their success.”

(On Cory Joseph’s improvement while filling in Tony Parker’s minutes…)
“He’s done well. He’s somebody who is really committed to defense and does a good job in that area. He’s getting better offensively all the time, getting more confident.”

(On Al Jefferson’s performance this season…)
“All I know is that he’s a pain in the neck for us. We are basically confounded every time we play against him. He’s got more herky-jerky fakes, pump fakes, and pivots than anybody that I’ve ever seen. He’s really hard for our guys to guard. He always does a good job, so he’s always a big point of emphasis for us.”

(On the Nando De Colo trade…)
“Earlier in the year, Nando (De Colo) requested to be traded, to be in another situation so he could get more playing time. I don’t know if he will or not, but R.C. (Buford) has been trying for a while to find a spot for him and try to take care of his request. As a point guard, there were just three people in front of him, so he wasn’t going to get a whole lot of time. I was actually happy for him that we were able to do that. Now we’ll just see what happens for him. It wasn’t to get anybody else specifically. It was really to help him.”