Basketball Without Borders Day 1 Recap

Danny Green serves as basketball ambassador in Russia

The 11th edition of Basketball without Borders Europe tipped off with some words of wisdom for the group of campers at the Igrovoy Sports Complex in Moscow today. Camp Director Marin Sedlacek opened the orientation with a warm welcome to the campers, who traveled from over 25 European nations to take part in this established program. Sedlacek provided campers with an overview of upcoming activities and tested their knowledge about the game and its history. He also shared inspirational stories with the group about basketball greats and encouraged them to never give up.

Things got a little lighter when Nike’s Rich Scheubrooks got the group excited about the camp through some interactive activities. Melvin Hunt, assistant coach of the Denver Nuggets, spoke to the group about the incredible opportunity the camp provides and advised that they give it their all because you never know where it could lead, telling the campers "You just never know who is watching you - it is important to put your best foot forward." He emphasized the importance of repetition in order to improve your game. NBA player Brian Cardinal then welcomed the campers and told them how thrilled he is to be part of his first BWB. He let them know that they must challenge themselves in order to be the best and how essential it is to recognize your strengths, as well as what you need to focus on and improve.

Everyone’s attention then turned to the press conference where campers and attendees had their first look at all of the participants, including MarShon Brooks of the Brooklyn Nets, Timofey Mozgov of the Denver Nuggets and NBA Legend Sarunas Marciulonis, among others. Russian Federation President Alexander Krasnenkov tipped off the press conference, followed by Zoran Radovic of FIBA and NBA executives Dan Markham and Kim Bohuny. Minnesota Timberwolves’ Andrei Kirilenko wrapped up the event with words of encouragement for the 50 campers.

The campers immediately got down to business. With 21 BWB campers having gone on to the NBA since the program’s inception, they had good reason to start out strong.

The day concluded with scrimmages, allowing the coaches to evaluate the diverse talent on hand. Day one finished with the Basketball without Borders Draft where the NBA and FIBA coaches selecting their teams for the remainder of camp.

The campers departed in high spirits, excited to take on day two of the camp.