A "partnership" as defined by the World English Dictionary is "a contractual relationship between two or more persons carrying on a joint business venture." However, the mere definition of "partnership" fails to capture the full extent of how a "partnership" between the Rockets and your brand enables you to build a robust marketing platform with limitless potential.

Each partnership with the Rockets is a 360 degree, fully-integrated, fully-customized marketing platform tailored to meet your unique and specific strategic marketing and business development objectives. Just as no two businesses are exactly alike, no two sponsorships mirror each-other. We don't believe in offering packages 'a', 'b' or 'c.'

We focus on delivering exceptional value and keen insights into how our partnership is working for you and your brand. Using in-house and general market data, we are able to build specific elements that enable you to meet your marketing objectives across the socio-demographic spectrum.

It all starts with being good listeners. We begin our relationship by listening to you explain your business, how it works and your vision for how it will continue to grow and expand. Using this knowledge as our basis for action, we align your business goals and objectives with the appropriate elements of our marketing platform to craft a marketing platform that is unique to your brand.

Rotational Signage

Rotational signage is the single-most effective way for your brand to reach Rockets fans in Houston, throughout Texas and across the globe. Positioned at center-court and on both baselines, rotational signage enables your company to broadcast your brand messaging directly within the game experience. You don't have to worry about time-shifting or people walking away during commercial breaks as your messaging is literally part of the game action.

Fixed TV Visible Assets

The basket stanchion, pole pads and scorer's table signage represent a uniquely valuable advertising medium as they are permanent positions for your brand messaging. Providing a cost-effective platform for brand messaging for television audiences around-the-globe, these permanent TV visible assets are the perfect vehicle for any brand looking to generate impressions. These positions offer unique value in any advertising campaign.

Concourse Signage

Put your brand in an environment guaranteed to reach an engaged and receptive audience of Houstonians with a fixed concourse sign on either the main or upper concourse. Concourse signage is a sure-fire to ensure that your brand generates continual exposure to the almost 1.5 million patrons a year that frequent Toyota Center. With the ability to select locations based on your strategic objectives and to reach your target market during every event at Toyota Center, concourse signage is the perfect compliment to a marketing partnership with the Rockets and Toyota Center.

In-Bowl Signage

With a variety of compelling options to chose from, in-bowl signage is a dynamic option for brands to reach Rockets fans and Toyota Center patrons. Fixed, backlit signs presence through the seating bowl are ideal mechanisms for generating brand awareness to a highly qualified audience as they are active for every event at Toyota Center. Our state-of-the-art 360 degree LED display enables your brand to broadcast your message to fans and patrons during the action or during time-outs. Restricted in number, our digital LED positions enable your brand to cut through the clutter and directly reach your target audience.


Rockets games are world-class entertainment experiences and our in-game promotions are singular opportunities to become directly involved in creating unique memories for our fans. Working together with our award-winning in-game entertainment team, we will craft a promotion tied to your strategic brand objectives that will focus our fans attention on your brand. No two promotions are alike but they all maximize the full branding potential of the digital LED and any on-court elements (t-shirts, hats, etc...) while captivating our fans.


The Rockets in-game experience features an array of dynamic groups that deliver world-class performances every time they step on the court. Each with it's own identity and unique appeal, the various components of the Rockets Entertainers are all award-winning performers. You can align your brand with in-arena activation will any of these targeted marketing platforms and have them energize your team meetings, in-market traffic drivers and more.

The Rockets Power Dancers are one of the NBA's most recognized dance teams, brining sexy back to Toyota Center with their dazzling choreography.

Clutch the Rocket Bear has brought laughter to millions of Houstonians as his wildly entertaining skits during games are always a hit with fans of all ages.

The Lil'Dippers are a troop of young dancers and performers whose performances bring a smile to every face in Toyota Center as they dance to the latest hits.

The Space City Seniors might be AARP members but boy can they dance. With their energy and enthusiasm the Space City Seniors are a hit every time they hit the court to perform during a Rockets game.

Launch Crew is a youthful mix of hip-hop inspired dance and gymnastics that will blow you away with their athleticism and choreography.

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