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    Houston Rockets

    We are committed to creating championship-caliber experiences for our Season Ticket Members, both on and off the court.

  • Event Calendar

    Event Calendar

  • Event Calendar

    Forever Red Benefits

    • Personal Service Executive

      Your personal service representative will assist you throughout the season to cater your experience and maximize your membership.

    • Best Seats at the Best Prices

      Members receive the best pricing, maximizing their savings with a full season ticket plan. Members also receive first access to upgrade their ticket location during the relocation process.

    • Rockets Renewal Rewards

      Each year, members earn points based on tenure, seat location, number of seats and ticket utilization. Points can be spent on a variety of reward items including apparel, upgrade vouchers, concession credits, interactive experiences and more.

    Forever Red Auto-Renewal

    Forever Red

    With Forever Red, members take advantage of auto-renewal, with the ability to extend their payment plan over six months.

    IronFan Perfect Attendance

    Iron Fan Perfect Attendance

    Qualifying full season members will be recognized with a pre-game reception and token of our appreciation at season’s end.

    Playoff Priority

    Playoff Priority

    By auto-renewing for next season, members are eligible for our Cheer Now, Pay Later playoff program.

    Red Brick Row Tenure Recognition

    Red Brick Row Tenure Recognition

    Members who renew for 5 consecutive years qualify to receive a personalized brick outside Toyota Center’s main entrance.

    Flash Seats

    Flash Seats

    Manage your season tickets through the Rockets official online marketplace.

    Exclusive Season Ticket Member Entrance

    Season Ticket Member Entrance

    Bypass lines into Toyota Center by utilizing the Member Entrance located on Polk Street.

    Toyota Center Concert Pre-Sale Access

    Toyota Center Concert Pre-Sale Access

    Members receive pre-sale links to purchase tickets to Toyota Center events prior to the public on-sale (based on promotor availability).

    Rockets Team Shop Discount

    Rockets Team Shop Discount

    Show your Season Ticket Member card to receive a 20% discount at the Rockets Team Shop.

  • Ticket Services Team

    • Gretchen Sheirr

      Gretchen Sheirr

      Chief Revenue Officer

    • Zee French

      Zee French

      Vice President of Ticketing

    • Chris Costa

      Chris Costa

      Director of Ticket Services

    • Brandon Moss

      Brandon Moss

      Premium Account Manager

    • Lindsay Abowd

      Lindsay Abowd

      Premium Account Manager

    • Alexa Hughes

      Alexa Hughes

      Ticket Service Executive

    • Andre Barron

      Andre Barron

      Ticket Service Executive

    • Ragnar Hartzheim

      Ragnar Hartzheim

      Ticket Service Executive

    • Samantha Robison

      Samantha Robison

      Ticket Service Executive

    • Samer Faris

      Samer Faris

      Ticket Service Executive

    • Sarah Schanzer

      Sarah Barry

      Ticket Service Executive

    • Shelita Young

      Shelita Young

      Ticket Service Executive

    • Stephen Jones

      Stephen Jones

      Ticket Service Executive

  • Event Calendar

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How can I purchase additional single game tickets?

      You will receive an email to purchase additional tickets before they go on sale to the public. This is the best opportunity to purchase additional tickets. You can also purchase additional tickets throughout the season from your Service Executive. All games and price levels are subject to availability. The Houston Rockets reserve the right to limit the number of additional tickets that a Season Ticket Member may purchase.

    • How do we get into the Lexus Lounge, Woodforest /Platinum Lounge?

      Access to the Lexus Lounge is only available to our 14 Courtside Suite Partners, VIP seat Partners, Courtside Seat Partners and select Corporate Partners. The Woodforest Lounge is available to our Floor Seat Partners in Baseline Rows A, AA, and Sideline Rows B through D and lower Club Seat Partners. The Rockets and Toyota Center do not sell passes to these exclusive areas.

    • How can we change information on our account?

      The Season Ticket Member of record can submit the updated information in writing (on company letterhead if applicable) to their Personal Service Executive or email to

    • What is my priority number and how can I change it?

      Your priority number is established the day you purchase your membership. This is a number that is used to represent your tenure as a Season Ticket Member. We do not sell or change priority numbers.

    • Does my child need a ticket?

      Any child over 3 feet in height needs to purchase a ticket.

    • How do I get a personal message on the scoreboard?

      Scoreboard announcements will be made before the game and halftime. There are a limited number of messages available each game and messages are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Contact your Service Executive at least 3 business days in advance to secure an announcement.

    • Can we bring cameras or bags into the game?

      Cameras are permitted if the lens is less than 3 inches. Professional cameras are not allowed unless accompanied by an appropriate media credential. Video cameras and audio recorders are prohibited in Toyota Center.

    • What should we do if our tickets are lost or stolen?

      Season tickets that are lost, stolen, or destroyed may be replaced by having the tickets reprinted. Please call our Ticket Services line at (713)758-7330 to obtain your reprinted tickets. A police report may be required to reprint entire season ticket packages that are stolen, and written documentation must be provided for season ticket packages deemed lost. Please treat your tickets like cash, and do not leave them unsecured in your office, home or vehicle.

    • How do I get a refund or exchange my tickets?

      Toyota Center and the Houston Rockets do not allow refunds or exchanges. However, a popular option is to donate your tickets to the Clutch City Foundation within 12 hours of game time and receive tax benefits. To donate tickets, please contact your personal service executive or call (713)758-7330.

    • Can I reserve giveaway items for a game?

      Giveaways are limited and are available at every entrance to Toyota Center. Giveaways are allocated to all patrons on a first come, first served basis.

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  • Flash Seats Starter Guide

    The Getting Started Guide gives you an overview of how to use the Flash Seats® system. It gives you the basic steps involved in Registering Your Account, Transferring Your Tickets, Selling Your Tickets, and Entering Your Event. For more details on Flash Seats, go to

    Registering Your Account


    To register, you need to complete a quick and easy form.

    1. Go to the Flash Seats home page at
    2. Click Register at the top of the page.
    3. Complete the form, and click the Sign Up button.

    Verify Your Email Address

    Once you register successfully, you will receive a verification email that contains a verification link and code.

    1. Open the verification email.
    2. Click the link included in the email, and then login with your email address and password.

    Add Identification to Your Account

    To enter events, you need to add identification, which will be swiped as you enter, to your account. To add identification, click on Account, then click on Identification.

    Flash Seats App

    If you prefer to use your phone for entry, you may download the Flash Seats app and utilize a QR code to enter each game.

    Transferring Your Tickets

    1. Log in, and then click Tickets.
    2. On the Tickets page, find the tickets you want to transfer.
    3. Click the Transfer button.
    4. Select the tickets you want to transfer, enter the information for the person you’re transferring them to, and click the Preview Flash Transfer button.
    5. Click on Confirm Transfer and your tickets will be sent.

    Selling Your Tickets

    Listing Your Tickets For Sale

    1. Log in, and then click Tickets.
    2. Find the event for which you want to sell your tickets.
    3. Click the Sell button.
    4. Complete the form for your listing.
    5. Click the Preview Your Listing button.
    6. Click the Confirm Offer button. Your tickets are now listed for sale.

    Accepting a Bid (Selling Tickets Now)

    If you’ve placed tickets for sale and want to sell them to a bidder, you need to accept the bid.

    1. Log in, and then click Tickets.
    2. On the Tickets page, find the tickets you want to sell.
    3. In the Highest Bid Price column, click the Sell Now button.
    4. To proceed with the sale, click the Confirm Sell Now button.

    Entering Your Event

    1. Have your registered electronic ID or Flash Seats app ready to show to the Guest Services Representative at the gate.
    2. Your ID will be swiped or your phone will be scanned to verify you have tickets on your account.
    3. The Guest Services Representative will give you a Seat Locator, identifying the location of your seats.

    Note: Remember that the Seat Locator shows the location of your seats in the venue; it is not a ticket and cannot be used for entry into the venue. With Flash Seats, your ID is what gets you into the venue.

    For Answers to some of the most common questions about Flash Seats, go to and click FAQ’s.