Efficiency Matters to Mario Chalmers

The word efficiency is defined as the ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort. In his fifth season, HEAT point guard Mario Chalmers is making efficiency his top priority. After shooting a career-high 44.8 percent from field goal range last season, Chalmers is now working to be more effective from behind the arc. Currently, he is shooting a career-best 41.1 percent from three-point range.

When asked why becoming more efficient was important to him, Chalmers replied, “I want to make the right plays at the right time and do what I can to help our team win. I’m just trying to be more aggressive and knock down open shots.”

The goals that he set for himself this season are a big part of Miami’s success thus far. When Chalmers plays well, the HEAT play well. While his numbers might not fill up a box score, his teammates recognize the importance of his role.

“When he plays well, we are very, very good,” said HEAT guard Dwyane Wade. “He’s had big moments for us throughout his career. We love Rio. We love his toughness and his tenacity.”

One of the biggest examples of his aggression and drive this season was when Chalmers scored a career-high 34 points, helping the HEAT to a 128-99 win over Sacramento, earlier this year. That game, Chalmers made 10 three-pointers and tied the team record for most three-pointers in a game. Helping his team win, by way of clutch shooting, is something that Chalmers has done since his days at the University of Kansas.

As he strives toward becoming more efficient, Chalmers’ efforts aren’t limited to numbers or percentages, but also extend to his knowledge of the game and his role as the team’s starting point guard. “People only notice if the ball is going in or not, but there are a lot of other things he is responsible for,” said HEAT Head Coach Erik Spoelstra. “He has been the head of our defense, pick-and-roll defense and setting the tone. Offensively, he has been doing a much better job of getting us organized.”

HEAT guard and NBA veteran Ray Allen echoed Spoelstra’s comments by saying “Rio is a strong catalyst for everything we do to start the game off. He is very underrated. If he’s off, it hurts the whole team.”

Currently, Chalmers is averaging 8.3 points and 3.4 assists while playing a little more than 26 minutes per game. While splitting time with second-year guard Norris Cole, Chalmers has helped the HEAT to a 49-14 record and the best month in franchise history when Miami went 12-1 in February. Chalmers is taking the necessary steps to become more efficient and ensure that he accomplishes his assignments.

“It’s all about being consistent,” he said. “My teammates do a great job of reminding me of how important that is, so every day I come in here with the mentally to be consistent in all that I do.”

Stats are current as of March 14th and provided by HEAT.com.

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