The Best Day In Sports: A Miami HEAT Game Seven

The Miami HEAT players in a huddle

If in the Finals, every game is its own microcosm, then what’s to make of tonight’s Game Seven?

The “feeling out” period of Game One is long gone. The adjustment phase of Game Two has passed. The visitors have returned home for Games Three, Four and Five. The all-important Game Six, even though it happened a couple of days ago, is about as meaningless as an expired coupon.

Now in this moment, it gets no higher than this. If you’re not feeling the buzz in the air... No.Wait. It’s not simple as the buzz. It’s more than that. It’s a look. A feeling. Indescribable, yet awe inspiring and smile inducing. It’s all about the all-out high voltage – everything matters – emotions are turned up to 11 - we ride together or else - the electricity and energy flowing through this team, this region, this city, this arena, this very seat. You scream, you yell, you give it your all. Much like the players, you have to leave everything on the court.

By day, you maintain your normal profession. But during the game, you transform into HEAT Head Coach Erik Spoelstra. You shout “GET THE REBOUND, GET THE REBOUND!” “PUSH, PUSH!” If you start using words like “pace, space, identity and own it,” you’re in the Miami HEAT wheelhouse.

Like Mr. Bueller said, take a second and look around. Take it all in. You will never be in this moment ever again. Things will change. Situations will change. You will change. Take stock of this. Try to remember everything – like earlier today, when you forgave the bad driver who cut you off just because they had a HEAT window decal. Or when you, rocking your HEAT shirt, locked eyes with that cutie with the HEAT hat - yeah, you know. Or when you slowly made the walk up the steps to AmericanAirlines Arena for the final game of the 2012-13 NBA season.

Remember the uneasiness, the tension. Where’s the Tums, ginger ale? Anything to settle your stomach and your nerves, right? Is it time for tipoff yet? You make sure to get enough drinks and popcorn now.  You get the bathroom breaks out of the way now. The anticipation of kicking off the next few hours of your sporting life might be too much to bear…and you love it! That’s the best part. Moments and days like this are what you live for. This is one of the moments you hope for in life, because it makes your blood flow quicker and your pulse rate go off the charts. It’s the definition of feeling ALIVE!

If it’s done correctly, tomorrow you will be absolutely exhausted. Your voice will be hoarse. You will be emotionally drained. But on the plus side, you may have new t-shirts and hats to rock! More importantly, you will look back and love every single second of this crazy, insane, sometimes off the rails rollercoaster ride. It’s fun, isn’t it? It’s Game Seven. Let’s Go HEAT!

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