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Wayne Simien Press Conference

MIAMI, August 12 -

Wayne Simien: I’m very excited to get the contract signed and get everything done today. I was ecstatic come draft night to hear my name called. Now, after playing in the summer league and getting to know some of the guys and being able to play under the coaching staff and seeing the great things going on here in this organization, I’m even more excited to put my name on the dotted line and get things done.”

Question: What did you think about your summer league performance?

WS: “I felt we played well. We would have like to come out with a few more wins, but I think we played well as a team. I got a chance to know the guys, got a feel for the system and play for some great coaches. I think I played pretty well. I would have liked to personally rebound a little bit better. Other than that, I thought my performance was sufficient.”

Questions: Have you come accustomed to Miami yet?

WS: “Yes. It’s nice. It’s definitely a little bit different from Kansas. I’ve only been here for a week. All I know is US 1 and I-95 North and South, the way to the gym. I’ve been able to get around a little bit and see a few things. I didn’t know that rain was in the forecast every day during summer. It seems like between 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. you might as well cancel your outdoor plans. I’m still excited to try to get out and see a few more places before training camp starts. I think I’m adjusting well. The people are warm seeing me out in public. I’ve had the opportunity to get out in the community a little bit, do a few things with the Back to School program and I found a local church. I definitely received a warm welcome.”

Question: Before you had signed the HEAT re-signed Udonis Haslem and acquired Antoine Walker and Earl Barron. Are you concerned about playing time?

WS: “No, not at all. I came into the situation knowing that playing time is something that is going to be competed for. I know the situation. Now with the addition with a few guys that play that same position, the stakes will be a little bit higher. When you add great players to your roster it will give us a better chance to win and be successful this season and compete for a world championship. That is something that I’m excited about.”

Question: How tired were you after the college season? I know that Leigh (Steinberg) set you up with a trainer; I guess you worked with Danny Manning? How much did that off-season work help refresh you? Leigh said you put five inches on your vertical?

WS: “I think it helped a tremendous amount. Leigh Steinberg and his staff and his team of guys did a tremendous job. I couldn’t be happier with my representation and the things they have done for me in really preparing me for a strenuous workout: 16 teams, 28,000 miles, it was tough. Going right to the summer league, I think I was prepared; I was sharp both mentally and physically. I think that is part of the reason why we played so well. I had about ten days off and then I got down here and right to work, getting ready for training camp. I think that the preparation right after the college season will hopefully catapult me to a good first training camp.”

Question: When did you work out with Danny Manning?

WS: “Right after the college season, pretty much everyday, getting ready for the NBA workouts. Obviously Danny Manning has had a long NBA career and knows a lot, being one of the best college basketball players ever. I think the things that he taught me definitely prepared me for the NBA workouts.”

Question: You really added five inches to your vertical?

WS: “I believe so. I’m not much for checking numbers. But it was the best shape that I have been in and I came in and felt sharp both on and off the court.”

Question: Will you stay here and work out the rest of the season or will you go back home?

WS: “I plan on being here for basically the rest of the summer. I may try to go back to Kansas for a weekend, maybe catch a football game at the university, see some family, something like that. But I have the rookie transition coming up. I guess that is a pretty long ordeal, but I definitely plan on staying around for awhile.”

Question: Have you crossed paths with Shaq (Shaquille O’Neal) yet?

WS: “I hadn’t. I heard the big guy is going to be in town here pretty soon. So I definitely anticipate some more meetings with him and being able to get on the court, with not just him, but the rest of the team.”