Quotes from the HEAT organization on the loss of Red Auerbach

MIAMI, October 28 -

“Today is a sad day for everybody that knew Red, that competed against him, that enjoyed watching him. He was one of the great, if not the greatest coach, in the history of all of basketball. His record speaks for itself. What he did for the Celtics in the time he was there, not only in winning Championships, but creating this incredible tradition that lives on today, will never be matched. We are going to miss him.”

“This is unfortunate. I knew him very well over the last seven to eight years that I was in Boston. The most amazing thing about him was that at his age, his knowledge of the game was still very good. He was always very aware of what was going on with the team, the organization and players around the league. I got to know his daughters, his doctors and I feel sad for them. This is a sad time for everyone who has been in Boston. He meant so much to the team and to the community. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to have a personal relationship with a guy of his stature.”

“For Boston and the league, we lost an icon who loved the game of basketball, who gave it everything. He is going to be missed, especially in Boston. Every time he walked into the arena, he got a standing ovation.”