Insider Interview with Wayne Simien

Want to know what your favorite HEAT player is up to during the dog days of summer? HEAT Insider caught up with Wayne Simien to discuss fishing, his health and the upcoming season.

HEAT Insider: How's your summer going? How do you relax during the off-season?

Wayne Simien: “I went home to Kansas for a little while and then I took a trip to Israel for nine days. It was my first time out of the country. The people were nice and it was a peaceful environment. I'm definitely going back.”

HI: Your love for fishing is well known. Now that you've been in Miami for a couple of years, have you found any great fishing spots?

WS: “Yes, I have. I grew up in Kansas so I did a lot of fresh water fishing. Down here, I'm beginning to do a little more salt water fishing. I go out to the Everglades and fish in the canals. I go out to Holiday Park or Lake Okeechobee . I fish here in Miami for peacock bass. It's always refreshing and relaxing to get outdoors and get away a little bit and put a line in the water.”

HI: What was the biggest fish you've ever caught?

WS: “ In Lake Okeechobee , I've caught some large mouth bass about nine to 10 pounds. I've been out in the Biscayne Bay and hooked up some large tarpon.”

HI: How's your health?

WS: “I feel good. I've been here in Miami for most of the off-season, committed to getting my knee strong and the rest of my body in shape. I feel great. There are no more signs of the salmonella. I'm looking forward to a great season. I'm excited.”

HI: How much weight did you lose and have you gained that weight back?

WS: “At worst, I lost about 30 pounds. I think I got down to 222 pounds. Now I'm back up between 248 and 252. I've really been working hard and putting on the right kind of weight with strength training and things like that. I've gotten my appetite back, so I feel great.”

HI: How is married life?

WS: “It's great. My wife, Katie, and I just had our one-year anniversary in July and now we're expecting our first child on October 7 – a little girl. Along with getting ready for the season, I'm getting ready for fatherhood. I'm putting together cribs, getting strollers and getting the house ready for our new addition.”

HI: This summer, you also attended the NBA Players Association 2 nd annual Business Opportunity Program. Tell me about that experience.

WS: “I went to Stanford University for a week and a half and we had summer intensive courses where we were basically in the classroom from eight in the morning to 10 o'clock at night. Being a professional athlete, you are approached with so many business and investment opportunities. I decided to attend the program so that I would have the basic knowledge to access the types of business opportunities that someone brings me. I had a great time. The knowledge and information that I gained out there was invaluable. I'm looking forward to going back to school and working on my Master's degree.”

HI: With training camp right around the corner, what are you doing to prepare for it?

WS: “First thing you do is get your body right. I had my knee scoped in July, so I'm making sure my knee is strong and the rest of my body feels good so I can go into training camp and train real hard. You also start getting your mind prepared for a long season. You also try to knock out everything you can't do during the season before it starts.”

HI: You're playing in a crowded frontcourt with Shaq, Zo, Udonis (Haslem) and Antoine ( Walker ). What have you learned from playing with them?

WS: “These last two years I've really learned playing behind those guys. It's a great learning experience. Now going into my third year, I'm really looking forward to taking those things that I've learned and using them on the court to break into the rotation.”