Rose and Obama have each other's support

Obama on Rose: “He’s become the most powerful man in Chicago.”

All photos courtesy of Courtesy of Kamil Krzaczynski

Bulls guard and leading MVP candidate Derrick Rose joined President Barack Obama on stage at Chicago’s Navy Pier during his fundraiser on April 14.

“I want to pay tribute to a friend who has recently taken over this town,” said Obama of Rose. “He’s become the most powerful man in Chicago. Unbelievable energy, sharp elbows; but has brought Chicago a new sense of hope about our future.”

President Obama sported a Bulls hat at one point and joined in on the chants of “MVP, MVP” for Rose, considered a front-runner for the award.

"We're kind of sad that Obama is doing everything right now, because we need a starting 2-guard for the playoffs," joked Rose as he spoke to the crowd. "We'll have to deal with it."

Bulls center Joakim Noah joined approximately 2,300 other supporters in attendance as Obama officially announced that Chicago would be the headquarters for his 2012 campaign when he runs for a second term. But if Rose and the Bulls have their way, he'll be back in a couple of months.

"He said if we make it to the Finals, he's going to be there pulling for us," Rose told reporters after the next day's practice. "I'm going to make sure to hold him to his words."