NBA Draft Combine | Prospects Meet the Media | 05.28

Approximately 50 draft prospects were on hand in Chicago to participate in the 2009 NBA Draft Combine on May 28-29. and Chuck Swirsky were there to meet the NBA’s next generation of players, including consensus lottery picks Blake Griffin, Hash

NBA Draft Combine | May 28-29, 2009

Blake Griffin
“It means a lot,” Blake Griffin said of the assumption that the Clippers will select him with the first overall pick. “But going No. 1, or 3, 4 or 5 doesn’t change what kind of player that I am. I’m still the same player and I’ll do the same things. It doesn’t make me any better to go No. 1, but it’s definitely a goal and an honor.” (Adam Fluck/Chicago Bulls)

Blake Griffin (Oklahoma) | Audio

On his game: “A lot of people have the idea that all I can do is dunk and make layups. Hopefully I can show them I’m a little more versatile than that. I can score a little bit from the outside, dribble, and be more than a one dimensional player."

Jonny Flynn (Syracuse) | Audio

On the Bulls: “They run and they get up and down the court. They have a great point guard in Derrick Rose and a great young nucleus, a team that’s on the rise.”

Tyler Hansbrough (North Carolina) | Audio

On participating in the NBA Draft Combine: “It’s good to come out here and get a chance to show all these teams different aspects of your game that you may not get to show them during the regular season. It’s good to come out here and get some competition too.”

Toney Douglas (Florida State) | Audio

On his pre-draft workouts: “I feel great. No butterflies, I’m just being Toney Douglas. It’s like playing in the ACC; you’ve got to come in every night ready to play. Every time I step on the floor I’m going to give 100 percent.”

Wayne Ellington (North Carolina) | Audio

On what he’s hearing about his draft position: “I’ve heard a lot of things; it’s a pretty wide range right now. I’m just working hard, going into every workout and giving it my all.”