Giannis' Blog: "Proud of Greece"

Hello everybody,

Those who follow the NBA in Greece - and I am certain that you are a lot out there- know that the next game for us is against the Grizzlies. Through out the States the game doesn't ring many bells, but it's a very important match-up for greek basketball.

For the first time I will facing other Greek players, Kosta Koufos and Nick Calathes. It's a special night. I think that never in the past, two Greek players will start in a NBA game, me and Kostas.

I really look forward meeting them before the game, when he will hit the floor for the shoot around. Both of them have the something something that I dream of accomplishing one day: play for the Greek national team!

The game is important for all Greek players who dream someday to set foot on the NBA. Although, Greece is one of basketball's powerhouses, we haven't had a solid representation in the NBA, as other countries have manages, as Spain, France, Russia or Italy.

This has more to do with other conditions, than the talent of Greek players. Everybody knows that some of the greatest players in Europe are Greek. The fact that three Greeks will be playing in one NBA game, will be a great motivation for all the players in Greece and that's something that really makes me proud.

As a wrote in my previous blog, I 'm certain that more Greek players will come to the NBA over the next few years. I really hope that the next one will be my brother, Thanasis, who now is playing in the NBDL and tries really hard for the best.

In general, until the end of the month we have a very busy schedule. We have to play 11 games in the next 22 days and six of them will be held far from Milwaukee.

The number seems enormous for me, it is something unusual. On the other hand I will have the opportunity to learn something new each day around the NBA, basketball and life. And I that's something I 'm greatful for.

I want to thank everybody for one more time about the messages you are sending my in my Facebook profile and in Instagram. I read as many as possible.

Take care and follow the Bucks!



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