With 25 postseason appearances in 40 years, the Milwaukee Bucks franchise has a deep, rich history. Here you'll find a wide array of stats and stories about one of the NBA's winningest teams.

Championship Wins

1971 - Defeated Baltimore Bullets

Conference Titles

1971 1974

Divisional Titles

1971 1972 1973 1974 1976 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 2001

The Begining

As the Milwaukee Bucks enter their 46th season in the NBA, owner Herb Kohl celebrates his 29th season as president of the squad. Kohl purchased the team on March 1, 1985, from Jim Fitzgerald, ensuring it would remain in Milwaukee.

The National Basketball Association originally awarded the franchise to a group of investors based in Milwaukee - headed by Wesley D. Pavalon and Marvin L. Fishman - called Milwaukee Professional Sports and Services, Inc., on January 22, 1968. Pavalon and Fishman were named president and executive vice president, respectively, as the franchise was incorporated on February 5, 1968. An application from Milwaukee Pro was registered with the Wisconsin Department of Securities for the sale of 300,000 shares of common stock to Wisconsin residents at $5 per share. Because the issue caught public fancy, an additional 125,000 shares were offered when the stock opened on the over-the-counter market on April 24, 1968.

On the basketball side of the operation, the team went through both the college and expansion draft under the watchful eye of the team's first head coach, Larry Costello.

A Janesville, Wis., businessman, Jim Fitzgerald served as a member of the Board of Directors of Milwaukee Professional Sports and Services, Inc., beginning in 1973. He assumed his position as chairman of the board and president of the Bucks in November of 1976 and held that position until the sale of the franchise to Kohl in the spring of 1985.