Two is New

Draft Lottery Recap
by Alex Boeder Writer

The Bucks just landed at #2 in one of the most hyped draft classes of the last 20 years.

When you really have to think back to when things felt this good? Then things are this good.

And now, for a few quick thoughts.

Bucks Luck

Keep in mind: The odds were actually (slightly) against the Bucks getting a top two pick in the draft. They had a 46.49 % chance of landing the first or second overall pick. So getting #2 is a get. On that note…


Fitting. Charming. Every-thing.

One of the youngest teams in the NBA, about to draft one of best young basketball players in the world, with new owners in place. And so for good luck, the team sent Alexander Lasry (son of owner Marc Lasry) and Mallory Edens (daughter of owner Wesley Edens) to New York City. Alexander hung out in the room for the lottery drawing, while Mallory represented the team on stage. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Brandon Knight were also around to support. Everyone in this paragraph is pretty young, pretty new.

It’s a new night, and the Bucks might do more than win the Internet later if not sooner.

Two is New

Out of 252 draft picks in franchise history, the Bucks have never drafted at #2 overall. In fact, it is the only spot in the top 24 where they have not previously drafted.

The team’s most popular (frequent) draft spot? Curiously, this belongs to #43, with five picks: Brian Hammel (1975), Eric Snow (1995), Michael Redd (2000), Keith Bogans (2003), and Ricky Ledo (2013).

Second is Best

Easy to say now. But it is easy to say now, you know? So much pressure and expectation comes with holding the first pick. On the GM, on the player, on the city. Holding the first pick is an enviable position and not an enviable position.
Number two is a different story. It just feels right, especially in a draft like this, where there are three or four blue chip prospects but none stand out as the obvious number one.

The Historical Twos

While we are on the subject, here are a few of the better #2 overall draft picks:

Jerry West (1960)
Bill Bradley (1965)
Dave Bing (1966)
Earl Monroe (1967)
Wes Unseld (1968)
Bob McAdoo (1972)
Isiah Thomas (1981)
Gary Payton (1990)
Alonzo Mourning (1992)
Jason Kidd (1994)
Tyson Chandler (2001)
Kevin Durant (2007)

Mock Drafting

And here we have some early first round mock draft picks for the Bucks following the lottery results:

Draft Express: Jabari Parker
ESPN: Andrew Wiggins Andrew Wiggins
SB Nation: Jabari Parker
Yahoo: Andrew Wiggins
Basketball Insiders: Andrew Wiggins
HoopsHype: Andrew Wiggins

Second Rounders

Reminder. In the spirit of the two theme (in addition to the #2 overall) the Bucks also hold #31, #36, and #48 in the second round.

Jive from New York

If you enjoy moving pictures, click here and here and here for lottery reactions from Wesley Edens, Mallory Edens, Alexander Lasry, Brandon Knight, Giannis Antetokounmpo, John Hammond, David Morway and all your good Bucks friends.


The draft is scheduled for June 26 at 6:00 p.m. central time in New York City on ESPN. Here’s to another night something like this night.