Trevor's Take - Part 2 Now that we’re in July, where do you feel physically and what are you able to do on the court?

TB: I’m pretty much doing everything right now. I played pick up for the first time and I and felt good out there. How do you feel about your new teammates; Ariza, Okafor, & Beal?

TB: All three will help us out. Ariza and Okafor will help us out with experience and we will definitely need that since we are a young team. Beal is a shooter and we need him to space the floor for us. I think it will be an exciting season. The Olympics are coming up, do you plan on watching a lot of the basketball that’s played in London?

TB: I’m definitely going to watch basketball. My buddy (teammate) Kevin Seraphin plays against the USA team July 26th so I’m looking forward to that the most. I’ll be rooting for team USA, but I hope he has a good game. Do you have any other Summer Olympic sports that you look forward to watching?

TB: I like watching swimming for Michael Phelps, but Ryan Lochte might get him this time. How much attention do you pay to all of the roster movement around the NBA during this time of year?

TB: Yeah I pay attention to the movement. I think Steve Nash going to the Lakers was a big acquisition and he will help them out a lot. Is 2012-2013 going to be the first time you play with another Trevor?

TB: Yeah it is my first time and someone on Twitter gave us a nickname already, TNT. It stands for Trevor N’ Trevor.

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