Rising Stars Challenge Mock Draft

This year, a new format is being implemented to a game that has historically featured NBA rookies facing off against sophomores. For the first time, rookies and sophomores will be mixed together on teams. TNT analysts Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal will serve as the general managers of the two opposing teams - TEAM CHUCK and TEAM SHAQ - each with nine man rosters. TNT’s Kenny Smith will serve as the honorary Commissioner and Ernie Johnson will host the live BBVA Rising Stars Challenge Draft on Thursday, Feb. 16, on NBA TV at 7 p.m. ET.

With the new draft format to this year's Rising Stars Challenge, we asked Wizards radio voices Dave Johnson and Glenn Consor to participate in a mock draft.

Roster Pool


DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings), Landry Fields (New York Knicks), Paul George (Indiana Pacers), Blake Griffin (L.A. Clippers), Gordon Hayward (Utah Jazz), Greg Monroe (Detroit Pistons), Tiago Splitter (San Antonio Spurs), Evan Turner (Philadelphia 76ers), and John Wall (Washington Wizards).


MarShon Brooks (New Jersey Nets), Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers), Brandon Knight (Detroit Pistons), Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs), Markieff Morris (Phoenix Suns), Ricky Rubio (Minnesota Timberwolves), Tristan Thompson (Cleveland Cavaliers), Kemba Walker (Charlotte Bobcats), and Derrick Williams (Minnesota Timberwolves).

Below are the results from Dave and Glenn's draft:


  • 1. John Wall (Team DJ)
  • 2. Ricky Rubio (Team Glenn)
  • 3. Greg Monroe (Team DJ)
  • 4. Blake Griffin (Team Glenn)
  • 5. Kyrie Irving (Team DJ)
  • 6. Brandon Knight (Team Glenn)
  • 7. DeMarcus Cousins (Team DJ)
  • 8. Paul George (Team Glenn)
  • 9. Derrick Williams (Team DJ)
  • 10. Gordon Hayward (Team Glenn)
  • 11. Evan Turner (Team DJ)
  • 12. Tristan Thompson (Team Glenn)
  • 13. Kemba Walker (Team DJ)
  • 14. Tiago Splitter (Team Glenn)
  • 15. Landry Fields (Team DJ)
  • 16. Kawhi Leonard (Team Glenn)
  • 17. MarShon Brooks (Team DJ)
  • 18. Markieff Morris (Team Glenn)

    Team DJ Projected Starters

  • G - Wall
  • G - Irving
  • F- Williams
  • F- Cousins
  • C - Monroe
  • 6th man - Turner

    Team Glenn Projected Starters

  • G - Rubio
  • G - Knight
  • F- George
  • F- Hayward
  • F - Griffin
  • 6th man - Thompson

    What do you think of their teams? Tweet in to @WashWizards and tell us which of these squads you would take in the Rising Stars Challenge or tell us what your starting lineup would be and use the hashtag #MockDraft... Be sure to watch the actual draft on Thursday, Feb. 16, on NBA TV at 7 p.m. ET.

    The 2012 BBVA Rising Stars Challenge will be held on Friday, Feb. 24, in Orlando during NBA All-Star 2012.