Spurs vs. Clippers: 2012 Season Series Breakdown

The Spurs and the Clippers played 3 games in the regular season, and the Spurs took the 2011-2012 Season Series against the Clippers 2-1. The Spurs scored over 100 points in every game, averaging 108.67 points with the largest win by 25.

The series started with a blowout - Ginobili and Blair scored at least 20 points each, and the Spurs kept Chris Paul to 10 points and 39% shooting for the Clippers. The Spurs' 4-pt lead at halftime quickly widened and the Clippers never came within 19 in the 4th quarter.

In the second game, despite the six Spurs in double figures San Antonio went into the final seconds trailing by 3. In what Chris Paul called "the worst play [he's] been a part of" in the NBA, he gave the ball to Gary Neal who's clutch 3 pushed the Spurs into a victorious overtime and lengthened their winning streak to 11 at 22-9.

After that embarassing flub the Clippers returned with a triumphant win in the third game, as Tony Parker sat on the bench with a sore thigh missing only his second game in the regular season.

Spurs Team Clippers
103.65 (2nd) PPG 97.55 (14th)
96.49 (16th) Opp. PPG 94.99 (13th)
7.16 (2nd) Diff. +2.56 (10th)
47.8 (1st) FG% 45.5 (10th)
45.2 (17th) Opp. FG% 44.7 (14th)
39.3 (1st) 3PT% 35.7 (12th)
35.3 (19th) Opp. 3PT% 36.5 (28th)
74.8 (19th) FT% 68.0 (29th)
42.97 (9th) RPG 41.56 (22nd)
41.2 (11th) Opp. RPG  39.79 (2nd)
+1.77 (Tied for 7th) Diff. + 1.77 (Tied for 7th)
4.44 (25th) BPG 4.77 (22nd)
7.42 (20th) SPG  8.42 (6th)
13.56 (3rd) TO/G 13.32 (2nd)
13.73 (24th) Opp. TO/G  14.64 (15th)
38 (1st) Score 100+ pts. (wins) 24 (9th)
4 (Tied 6th) Score 100+ pts. (losses)  5 (Tied for 12th)
90.5 (2nd) Pct. 82.8 (11th)
17 (2nd) Opp. Scores 100+ (wins)  8 (8th)
10 (5th) Opp. Scores 100+ (losses)  14 (12th)
63.0 (2nd) Pct.  36.4 (7th)

December 28, 2011
Spurs 115, Clippers 90 | Box | Video
Manu Ginobili scored 24 points and DeJuan Blair added 20, helping keep the Clippers to 29-of-74 shooting and win by 25 points.

February 18, 2012
Spurs 103, Clippers 100 | Box | Video
Gary Neal went from butterfingers to brilliant in a span of 3.8 seconds, hitting a tying 3-pointer late in regulation and a go-ahead 3 in overtime.

March 9, 2012
Spurs 108, Clippers 120 | Box | Video
Manu Ginobili scored 22, but the Spurs could not overcome the absence of Tony Parker in the team's first home loss to the Clippers in a decade.