Raptors In The Community: SickKids Hospital

On Monday, January 30th, the entire Toronto Raptors Team made their way down to SickKids Hospital to take part in their annual visit with their strongest and bravest fans. The whole team came together with some of SickKids major Raptors fans to play games, make crafts, and hang out in Marnie's Lounge. A major priority of the visit is to offer patients something other than their health conditions to think about during their stay at the hospital. The Raptors were delighted and honoured to be able to put gleaming smiles on the faces of the young children and their families.

After spending some quality time with their new found friends, the team broke up into smaller groups to tour through each ward, connecting with every patient in the hospital. The team distributed hundreds of Raptors Fan Packs, autograph cards, and made sure to get a photo along the way.

The visit is always an experience that hits close to home as many of the players and coaches have young families of their own. The Toronto Raptors are humbled by the strength and determination that the children of SickKids exude and are always looking forward to the next year's visit.