This Week In Raptors Off-Court Performances...

By Jay Satur

#1 - Landry Fields: Click Here To Watch
Clutch performance by Landry on the upcoming ABC series Sing Your Face Off. After you come to grips with the fact that this is actually happening, you'll notice that Fields kills it with his performance of Lionel Richie's classic "Dancing On The Ceiling". It's impressive to go from one huge stage to another singing and dancing like this, but take into account the heavy makeup, wig, mustache and shoulder pads that would be Crockett and Tubbs approved. We may possibly be looking at the new undisputed all-time Raptors off-court video champion. To reiterate, this is only the series premiere of Sing Your Face Off (scheduled for May 31st at 9 PM ET). This thing ain't over. 

#2 - Patrick Patterson: Click Here To Watch
The Patman would have had this one in the bag with his Michael Jackson "Smooth Criminal" tribute, but he'll have to settle for the silver. Points for the DIY aesthetic and a little intrigue as it looks like he's driving on the right side of his car (it's the camera phone's doing). Deduction for not actually signing.

#3 - Greivis Vasquez: Click Here To Watch
Sorry Greivis, I respect the passion (I think that's passion), but the competition has been some kind of fierce this week.