Postgame Quotes - October 24, 2012

Pistons at Timberwolves

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Rodney Stuckey | Greg Monroe
Minnesota: Rick Adelman | Chase Budinger

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

"Look, they won all the 50/50 balls, the hustle plays. When you shoot such a low percentage and not get any offensive rebounds. Gotta put a lot into this game. The thing was our initial intent was good, but when things weren't going our way we just kind of fell apart a little bit. Dig yourself such a huge deficit, you have to play at a very, very high level for a sustained period of time. We cut it to three, we didn't have enough. We played one quarter of basketball."

On the zone defense... "We didn't play any last year, no. We've been working on it, a little bit. We were down 1,000 points. Just trying to change the game.

We were just trying to change the tenor of the game. Just trying to get their shots from different spots. Trying to get our guys at a different engagement level. Also, we took care of the ball, started making shots, getting to the free throw line so you can set your defense. No, we played one quarter of basketball."

On what to take out of the game... "Yeah, we're seeing some things, especially on the road, that once things don't go our way we're going to have to be a whole lot more disciplined and tighter on the floor in what we do. We just have a lot of work to do."

Pistons Guard Rodney Stuckey

On the first half... "Yeah, the first half we pretty much just let them do anything. We let them do whatever they wanted. We weren't assertive. They outworked us, got every loose ball. We got outrebounded tonight for the first time this preseason. We played bad. The third quarter we came out with energy, that's the way we need to play for four quarters. And we know that."

On if it was just one of those nights... "Hopefully it was one of those nights. We can't come out and play like that. The result is going to be what it was tonight. We have to come out with more energy, execute and rebound the ball. It was just one of those nights. We'll get better. Practice tomorrow and do it all over again."

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

On the first half... "I don't know. We just didn't make shots. We do have to be a little more aggressive and play with more energy, but I don't know if it's anything more than that."

On the zone defense... "It might have been a different look for them but it was just our energy. We just played harder in that quarter. That was the difference."

On if it's alarming that the team fell behind by 29 points... "I wouldn't say alarming. We do have to play better. We do have to come out with more energy, especially on the road; pay attention to more detail."

Timberwolves Coach Rick Adelman

You give Detroit some credit for coming out a little stronger in the second half? "In our league you can’t come out and play the way we played. They were aggressive, they made some shots, we turned it over and suddenly they got it going. In this league you can’t afford that. You’re going to give up big runs like that. But I think the big thing was in the last five minutes of the third quarter we opened the lead back up again and that really made the difference."

What did you think of Dante’s play, particularly rebounding? "Dante really came off the bench and did a great job. I think he had 14 rebounds. We did a nice job on the boards all night long. I thought maybe the fourth quarter they got a few they shouldn’t have, but for the most part it was a nice effort." Chase continues to have a nice preseason hitting open shots... "I think if we moved the ball, and he’s a smart player. He’s going to get to the open spot. And we move the ball pretty well tonight on penetration. He knows where to go to be open. I thought Alexey did a nice job of finding him, but the ball moved. When the ball's moved, we’re going to do good things."

What did you think of the resiliency the team showed responding to Detroit’s run? "Teams are going to have runs. In our league, runs happen all the time. You’ve got to be able to respond to it. I think sometimes it’s good, especially in exhibition it’s not going to be as easy in the second half as it was in the first. But like I said we responded and we opened it back up." What did you think about the crowd tonight? "It was a really good crowd. If the team plays well, the crowd is going to respond. That’s our job, our job is to get them going. I thought it was a good atmosphere."

Luke’s been in and out of the lineup. What did you think of his play tonight? "I thought he did fine. I think the biggest thing with Luke is just that he stays healthy and he doesn’t have any setbacks. Tonight he made a couple threes and we know he can do that, but we’re just concerned with him staying healthy."

Minnesota Foward Chase Budinger

Is that kind of your role coming in late in games and hitting shots? "I think that’s something I’ve done my whole career. One of my strengths is knocking down threes. Each year I’m getting better at it, I’m getting used to the longer 3-point line. And also in the second half, the Pistons went to a zone, which got me open shots because Alexey and JJ were able to get into the middle and swing it to me for open shots." We talked about this when you signed, but moving into this system you’re moving without the ball and getting open looks... "Yeah, I’m very comfortable in the system. I feel I know where to be pretty much any time during the game. But it’s also a credit to my teammates, who find me as well, to know where I’m at and to continue to give me open shots as well." Some of those 3-pointers helped with that comeback. What was the key to building that 19-point lead back? "Basically that’s kind of our role coming off the bench to create a little spark plug to the team, and that’s what we did—myself, JJ, Alexey, Greg and Dante. We all came in and we all gave a little extra spark plug for the team." What was said on the bench when Detroit was coming back? "Just execute. When a team is making a run at you, you’ve got to settle down and execute better and not create turnovers, which lead to lay-ups and open shots. That’s something we’ve got to work on, just to execute better when the other team is on a roll." Seemed like Dante filled in nicely with rebounding? "Yeah, I think everybody stepped up and that’s what we’ve got to be doing until he (Kevin Love) gets back is step up and rebound." You have one preseason game left. As a team what do you need to focus on in this last game? "Just keep improving. That’s the biggest key is keep getting better, keep learning to play with one another and keep playing defense."