Postgame Quotes - December 5, 2012

Pistons vs Warriors

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Andre Drummond
Golden State: Mark Jackson | Jarrett Jack | Klay Thompson

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(On third quarter): "Once you start letting good shooters get comfortable, an offensive rebound leads to a three and all of a sudden they're feeling better about themselves. We gave up seven or eight threes in the third quarter. Thirty-nine points is unacceptable, it's a shame and the thing that was so disappointing about the game is that we just did so many things that we don't rehearse, on both ends. And then it started to steamroll on us, but at least that fourth quarter group was able to fight back. And heck, you're in a great two-for-one situation, down five with a chance, but it's just very disappointing to have a third quarter like that, and it was on both ends; just very disappointing."

(On backcourt struggles): "By the numbers, obviously it was 47 to 7, or whatever it was. But look, we're all in this together. You got good nights and bad nights, and you can't just put someone on your shoulders when things are going well, and it was just one of those nights for our guys. Our rhythm, our energy wasn't where it needed to be, that's why we subbed guys out just a little bit earlier, just to try and find some combination of guys that could bring the kind of necessary energy and purpose into the game. So this game, everyday you'll learn, everyone learns. Coaches, players, you'll learn."

Pistons Center Andre Drummond

(On third quarter): “We all know that Golden State has great shooters on their team so if you leave them open for a split second they’re going to knock the shot down, even with a hand in their face. Stephen Curry and (Klay) Thompson are great shooters and they’re great players and they made plays tonight.”

(On this game being a let down): “Not at all. It’s something for us to build on because we let a couple things slip away and did different things and played out of character. Moving forward we just have to get better and nip some of that in the bud.”

(On the run at the end): “We should have never let it get that far too where we have to work that hard to get back. Moving forward we just need to play our game.”

Warriors Head Coach Mark Jackson

(On game): "Great effort. We did a much better job in the second half of playing it out. We defended, but we had some break downs at the end but ultimately we left here with a victory. I would rather learn in winning than learn and losing."

(On offense): "Thirty-nine points is a season high in any quarter. We moved the basketball, we made plays, we were aggressive, but it started on the defensive end. We got stops and then pushed it in transition."

(On Stephen Curry): "I'm sure he had some great performances but what I love right now is he is in total control out there on the floor. When things get crazy there is no need for me to call a timeout because I feel comfortable with his ability to run this basketball team."

Warriors Guard Klay Thompson

(On game): "It was huge. We were so unselfish and we kept the tempo and started playing at our pace. We played a little bit of their pace in the first half. We started the third quarter, we were getting fast break points and getting early offense and we shared the ball really well."

(On his shooting):"I was making a lot of shots before the game and my teammates found me and I just played catch and shoot."

(On Stephen Curry): "Steph was huge. He is such a good playmaker and scorer, so he is so tough to stop. He can draw so much attention and he played liked that tonight. He played unselfish and talked on defense. We are tough to beat."

Warriors Guard Jarrett Jack

(On game): "We did not do our best job of closing out the game either, but a W is a W and we will take it."

(On closing the game out): "We did not want it to be that way. We just did not do a good job of putting the final nail in the coffin so to speak. We have to do a better job of it. There are teams that are going to be able to come back when we let them linger around and give them confidence. So when you are able to put away a team especially in their building, you have to end it however you can."