Postgame Quotes - December 10, 2012

Pistons at 76ers

Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Greg Monroe
Philadelphia: Doug Collins | Evan Turner

Pistons Coach Lawrence Frank

(Obviously not the end result you wanted, but how do you feel about the way your team battled back after that less than desirable start to the third quarter?): It was a 14-0 run, so obviously you have to exert a lot to get back into it. It was disappointing we started the quarter that way. We fought back, we had a six-point possession just trying to miss free throws and go get it, so that helped get us back in. In the moment of truth, the last six minutes of the fourth quarter, we have to be cleaner and sharper. The objective is to win the game. [Jrue] Holiday got away from us a couple of times. We had some great looks at the rim that unfortunately didn’t go our way. We had a big possession where a potential foul going one way led to their break. But at the end of the day, we just have to be cleaner. We gave up 58 points in the second half, so we fought, but we have to just keep working to win the game.

(Q: Did you guys attacking the basket, especially when jumpers weren’t falling and getting to the foul line keep you in the game for most of the third and fourth quarter?): Without a doubt. You look at the first half, really we were living at the free throw line, which was a big part of it and our pick-and-roll attack was very effective. Whether it was Brandon [Knight] in it or Rodney [Stuckey], Rodney did a good job of being a facilitator. Rodney was able to attack the paint in some of the pick-and-roll, but mostly in transition, but did a really good job, found Charlie [Villanueva] and found Brandon [Knight], and then I thought Greg [Monroe] was good, too. We had enough offense. Unfortunately, we missed some timely baskets but again, defensively, we have to be a little bit sharper.

Pistons Center Greg Monroe

(Q: The last time you guys were here they shot 29 percent. Were they just that much sharper offensively tonight?) Yeah, they definitely were in a rhythm tonight. We have to do a better job of disrupting that rhythm. They definitely made some shots. They made some tough ones, and some of them we have to do a better job of defending.

(Q: Thaddeus Young gave you a lot of credit for the game you played in the paint. Tell me about the battle you guys had down low tonight.): I was just trying to be aggressive. I got into a little rhythm early, and it continued throughout the game. Those guys help each other a whole lot. They throw a lot of different bodies at you. They are definitely, obviously, one of the best defensive teams in the league, so everything I got tonight, I had to work for.

76ers Head Coach Doug Collins

(Opening Remarks): Well, that was a terrific win, hard fought. Detroit is a really good team. I hope nobody looks at their record and thinks anything different. They’re playing really good ball, and they’re tough to match up with. When you put [Rodney] Stuckey and Brandon Knight out there together, those two guards, and that middle screen roll, the way they get to the free throw line, I didn’t know if we were going to be able to keep off the line coming down the stretch. We outrebounded them after getting outrebounded by I think 18 the last time we played them. We outrebounded them tonight. Missed some critical free throws, obviously, but I was so happy with Jrue [Holiday] coming down the stretch. We put him in some pick-and-rolls. He made all the right decisions. Missed the two free throws and came back and hit a huge jump shot, and I told him, “That’s what the game is all about, playing on from your mistakes.” So, he was great.

(On Spencer Hawes): God, I wish I could bottle Spencer tonight. He was terrific. We were able to play Dorell [Wright] a little bit at the four-spot tonight when they had Charlie Villanueva in there, so I was able to rest Thad [Thaddeus Young], so he had some juice coming down the stretch. Evan [Turner], 18 and 11. Thad, 20, Jason Rich [Richardson] hit a big three for us. I think it was 80-80, rattled that, gave us a three-point lead. Jrue, big shots, obviously, and Spencer, so great win, and I’m really proud of our guys. That’s a tough team to play against. We really had to fight hard to win that game.

(Q: When you look at what you got tonight from everybody, is it kind of a blueprint? I mean you get great games from Evan and Jrue, and you get Spencer off the bench…): Well, I liked about six pieces of that blueprint. We’ve got to get a couple other guys playing better. You know, I was scared to death at the end of the half. I didn’t want to let the game get away from me, but Jrue had two, and Evan had two, and somebody else had two, and I was scared to death they were going to get their third trying to guard Stuckey or Brandon Knight. Those guys were really going to the basket. So, went to the bench. Maalik [Wayns] had a big three-point play for us when we needed it to stand the tide, and so we went in only three down. I was worried it was going to get to eight or nine, and the last two minutes or so, I was just hoping that we could stay attached. We fought through some foul trouble tonight. I think they had one, they had a six-point possession. We were up 11, they scored six points and got three fouls on one play.

76ers Forward Evan Turner

(Q: On Evan and Jrue Holiday’s contributions…): I felt, you know, obviously Jrue and myself would be successful. When we play like, this I’m sure we have a great chance at being good and winning games, and obviously tonight we did that. You know, they shot 33 free throws and stuff.

(Q: We saw in you the other night, you didn’t have a conscience about what had not gone in, and then you make a big shot. Jrue did the same thing after missing the free throws. What does it take in a guy to forget quickly?): Man, in this situation now when you have so much responsibility on you, it’s like sink or swim. I think we kind of saw it last year in the playoffs where Jrue and myself stepped up. It’s just sink or swim, and if the play is run for you, you’ve got to make the shot. Sometimes you just black out and don’t even think about it.

(Q: When you see Spencer [Hawes] looking more like who he was for you guys most of last year when he was healthy, what do you think helps him get going?): A: You know, making shots always helps, so make the first couple. I think one thing, he had a short memory in regards to when he missed a few. He still shot it, and he’s aggressive.