Drumline Auditions

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Pistons Drumline was formed in 2005 to add excitement to the Palace of Auburn Hills and energize the NBA fans. Now they are having open auditions October 25th at the Palace. Registration starts at 2pm.

In the past 4 seasons the group has gained a lot of recognition and has also made numerous special appearances such as the NBA All-Star Game, Jimmy Kimmel Live with Kid Rock, Keith Urban, and so much more. We are seeking the best possible candidates to welcome into the 2009-2010 Pistons Drumline! Come out and be part of the excitement!

The performance style of the Pistons Drumline requires members to possess a great deal of body control. Our drum movements are intended to help connect with the fans all throughout the arena. The drum parts for our productions are all based off of standard percussion rudiments. We are looking for the following in our drumline members:

  • An engaging and outgoing personality & strong sense of humor
  • display athletic agility in parallel with drumming
  • express emotion through gesture in a natural way
  • possess or have great potential to quickly develop strong performance skills
  • able to read sheet music
  • a strong knowledge of/ability to perform standard percussion rudiments

    In addition, a member needs to be a disciplined and enthusiastic team player who works well within a large ensemble, willing to selflessly give and take to better the production.

    Home Games - The Drumline performances at ~16 home games during the regular season and most of the playoff games. Each member is expected to commit to >70% of these games.

    Other Events - The Drumline also makes special appearances at corporate/private events outside of the Pistons games. These often require a smaller group and are based upon individual availability.

    Practices - The pistons drumline will hold practices at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Most all practices will be held on Sunday evenings (3hrs). There will be weekly practices at the beginning of the season, then usually one practice per game, depending on the complexity of the performance. The practice schedule may fluctuate sometimes but advance notice is always given.

    Requirements for October 25th
    Performance Pieces - Prepare the two specified performance pieces - Video Intro ’06 (sheet music | video) and Naningo (sheet music | video) - on the primary instrument you will be auditioning on. It is preferred that you have these memorized for the audition.

    Individual Performance - Prepare a 30-60 second individual performance that showcases your abilities and anything unique about you that could enhance a full line production.

    Equipment - We will have the Pistons drums available to audition on, but you are welcome to /encouraged to bring your own drum to the auditions. This will ensure you maximum exposure and playing time

    October 25, 2009 Pistons Drumline Auditions Agenda
    2:00pm -Registration begins
    3:00-3:30pm - Opening Statements
    3:30-5:45pm - Divide into subsections and Individual auditions
    Will separate into snare, bass, tenor, and cymbal sections and run sections of the prepared audition pieces and some listening exercises. During this time, some individuals will be asked to step away from the group to do a private audition.
    5:45-6pm - Break
    6-8pm - Full Group

    Final decisions will be made following this audition.

    For additional information, email pistonsdrums@gmail.com.