Postgame Quotes - April 8, 2012

Pistons at Heat
Detroit: Lawrence Frank | Brandon Knight | Damien Wilkins | Tayshaun Prince

Miami Erik Spoelstra | James Jones | LeBron James

Pistons Head Coach Lawrence Frank

(On the game): “Their (Miami Heat) defense zapped our (Detroit Pistons) spirit and we got discouraged It affected our ability to get the same type of shots in the second quarter as the first quarter. Their defense was so dominant tonight that it impacted us on both ends. For us as a team when you are playing a high level defensive team, it is a real battle to test your will and your spirit. You look at the three times we have played this team, we are averaging 23 turnovers a game. Those second shots zap you, turnovers zap you, not making shots or making a pass, that’s all part of fighting against a good opponent. They (Miami Heat) played extremely well,and the way they played, showed you how dominating their defense can be and can take you out of what you want to do on the court. It takes your spirit a little bit, and they are a very good team. I always expect us to have a chance to win but tonight like I said they (Miami Heat) zapped us a little bit and you have to give them (Miami Heat) credit. You always expect to have a chance to win, they (Miami Heat) just out played us tonight.”

(On LeBron James): “The last time LeBron (James) played without Dwayne Wade was against Philadelphia and he scored 41 points and thirteen or fifteen free throw attempts. You know that is going to happen, the key with him is you want to make sure he isn’t both scoring and assisting. The guy has guarded the best players and you have to do what you do, and you can’t get out of whack .”

Pistons Guard Brandon Knight

(On the game): “They (Miami Heat) started to get a lot of stops defensively. They forced a lot of turnovers. We (Detroit Pistons) struggled to make passes consistently and it led to a lot of turnovers. We weren’t shooting a high percentage. They got all the shots they wanted. Everything was easy for them. Like I said, we had turnovers and missed shots that led to their lead piling up. We know we could have played a much better game. The fight was there, but we gave up a lot of easy baskets tonight that we normally do not do.”

(On coming back to South Florida): “It’s a lot of joy, thanking God for an opportunity to make it to this level. I wanted to thank everyone that was there to support me.”

Pistons Forward Damien Wilkins

(On the game): “Their (Miami Heat) defensive intensity picked up. I think it frustrated us a little bit. It kind of just took the wind out of our sails. I still think we (Detroit Pistons) got good shots. We played well against this team the two times that we faced them in Detroit. They have arguably the best player in the world (LeBron James) and some of the best complimentary players in the league. They have a great coaching staff. We have to go out and play hard on both ends of the court for four quarters and we didn’t do that. They’re very aggressive defensively. They have a great defensive scheme. They stick to what they do. They don’t change anything about how they guard people.”

(On LeBron James): “It’s almost hard to beat any team you put on LeBron (James) on. You can put him on any team in the league by himself and that team will be tough to beat. I think he’s shown that. Any type of all-star help that he has makes them (Miami HEAT) even tougher to beat. Anyone that is playing this team needs to play a complete game on both ends.”

Pistons Forward Tayshaun Prince

(On the game): “They (Miami Heat) are a great help side defensive team that turns the ball over a lot. They get out in transition and did some things. Even though we (Detroit Pistons) were in the game in the first quarter, they picked up their defense another notch that disturbed our whole offensive sets. They made us shoot a lot of jump shots. We were never able to get the ball inside the paint. James Jones hit a lot of big threes. It was a tough task for us. With them losing to Memphis (Grizzlies) here, we knew we had our hands full.”

Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra

(On the Game): “It was a good win. It was a good bounce back from the other night. We played with enough activity particularly in the first half in waves. Our second unit came in and sparked us when the starters came in, they came back in with another wave of energy. We got a lot of good contributions; it is nice to have Mike Miller back. James Jones hasn’t had an opportunity in a lot of these games with these minutes and he made the most of them and with Terrel Harris there in the first quarter is something I [Erik Spoelstra] wanted to look at. He had some moments there, a lot of this will be compelling. A lot of guys are making compelling cases to play but there will ultimately have to be a sacrifice for the team. I hope I have to make tough decisions as we get forward.”

“Everybody has the right mindset in that locker room. These are tough decisions. We [the Miami HEAT] haven’t been fully healthy the entire season and right now it is coming into form and hopefully we can maintain that. Ultimately, someone brings something slightly different. We have a professional group and we’re able to use those weapons to help the team. They also are professional enough to always stay ready. JJ [James Jones] is always working, yesterday he had a full contact workout with the other guys, with Juwan [Howard], Eddy [Curry] and Pitt [Dexter Pittman] our young guys are also out there with Mike Miller but they do enough of those sessions to stay sharp, stay ready and stay on top of their games. When their number is called they’re ready to step up for the team.”

(On the Heat): “The thing we have been focusing on primarily is our spacing. All of these tenets are the same things we talked about when we first started training camp. It is paramount for us to get to space, to play with a pace it opens up the court, it opens up driving lanes for him [LeBron James], it opens opportunities in the post and it also allows other guys to be recipients off of that. JJ [James Jones] for the most part his three’s came off misses in transition where he was able to get to the deep corner. We were able to collapse the defense and he was able to take advantage of that space. As we move forward, more than what we run and everything else will be emphasis on that.”

(On Norris Cole not playing until the winning moments): “Just trying to take a look at that second unit with a different dynamic with some floor spacers, that is nothing set in stone. Sometimes it takes something like that, and he [Norris Cole] is such a tough kid and somebody who wants it so much, sometimes a change can change your perspective and look at the game from a different angle. The next time you get your opportunity the energy is different. We are not writing him off, he is too tough and we love him for all of the intangibles he brings to the game. He made the most of his opportunity in those minutes at the end and we will see what we do as we go forward.”

(On Brandon Knight): “For a young player he [Brandon Knight] carries himself and plays with a maturity that is beyond his years. If you didn’t know anything about Brandon Knight and you watched him play you would think he is a three, four or five year vet. He plays at a great tempo, changes pace, he sees the floor, he sees the different layers of defense behind what is happening to him on the ball and he has a great future ahead of him.”

Heat Guard James Jones

(On the game): “Coach (Erik Spoelstra) didn’t tell me (James Jones) anything. He didn’t tell me I was playing. He just expects all of us to be ready. I had an opportunity tonight to play. I tried to go out there and make some shots, and I did.”

“Tonight we had great spacing, and I was able to get some easy ones.”

(On remaining prepared with lack of playing time): “I approach the game the same way every day. I just try to be aggressive and make shots.”

“Coach knows, and my teammates know, that if I get the opportunity I will make those shots. Tonight was huge for us because we definitely needed a big win coming off a tough loss against Memphis (Grizzlies).”

“It was extremely difficult early. I’m starting to get a feel for it. I know it is not an indictment of my skill level. It is just that I have some great players in front of me. Coming into the season, I understood that. When I do get a chance to play, I am going to go out there and do what I do best, which is shoot the ball and make shots.”

“Right now, what you see is a sense of urgency of the coaches as far as our rotations, and a sense of urgency from all the players knowing that we don’t have anymore time to figure it out.”

“I prepare as if I’m a rotation guy even though I’m not playing, so that when nights come up like tonight I can be ready to help my team.”

“I am in rhythm. I have to be in rhythm.”

Heat Forward LeBron James

(On the game): “The spacing has been great. Having shooters out there opens up the floor.”

“It was great to see us all stay in the flow tonight.”

“Certain guys play better with certain lineups.”

“I (LeBron James) played a lot of point (guard) tonight, so that helps our speed.”

“If we play well, and give ourselves a chance to win, we can be satisfied with that.”

“When we play to our ability, sometimes you are going to lose those games. We do not like them, but you can be satisfied when you watch the film.”

“Whoever is coming into the lineup, they will produce. We are not putting guys on the floor just to spare people minutes.”

(On James Jones): “It is tough on Spo (Erik Spoelstra) [choosing his rotations with everyone playing well]. We all know we love JJ’s (James Jones) fire power. JJ can sit for 25 straight games, and as soon as he comes in he is a threat.”

“With JJ and Mike (Miller) on the floor it definitely helps the spacing because they are knockdown shooters.”

(On Brandon Knight): “He (Brandon Knight) is one of the quickest guards we have in our league. He is fearless. He is playing some great ball.”

(On getting into Playoff mode): “That has a lot to do with it (playing better of late), knowing we do not have many games left. I am just trying to get in the playoff mode, but I am not going to take for granted these games that we still have.”

(On Terrel Harris:) “We have stayed on Terrel (Harris) to continue to get better everyday. All it takes is one opportunity in this league, and he has his. He is trying to make the best of it.”