Reporter: Dmitry Materansky

Select quotes:

"This is the man Mikail Prokhorov is counting on to win the championship for him."

"He's here in Moscow on vacation with his family. He decided to check out the country the team owner is from."

"He took power in the room right away, he immediately became the focus of attention. He said, 'we're doing this and this. He made us stretch and run around the court. The guys we play with are pretty old and we're not used to running around that much and he made us do it! It was interesting. Maybe we've had the chance to play with some great players and even some former NBA champions, but the idea of a current NBA coach would give tips to a bunch of amateurs in Moscow was special."

"When he was a player, he was called the Little General. He immediately put eveyone in place, starting explaining, drawing combinations. We got a lot of pleasure from spending time with this important figure in basketball. It was great to see a real trainer who immediately took control and got us to do what he wanted."

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