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4/24/10: ORL-ATL Highlights
4/24/10: Turk's Big Slam
4/24/10: Game 4: Dwight Howard
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    June 2011

    Denton: Rookies Ecstatic to be in Orlando (6/29)
    Cohen: Open Challenges (6/29)
    Denton: NBA Draft Analysis (6/23)
    Cohen: Magic's Two Draft Additions (6/23)
    Denton: NBA Draft Preview (6/22)
    Martins One of Orlando Magazine’s Most Powerful People (6/21)
    Denton: Magic Score Big in ESPN Rankings (6/20)
    Sharfman: Like Father, Like Son (6/17)
    OMYF Community Spotlight: Elevate Orlando (6/16)
    Cohen: Popular Questions Answered (6/15)
    Denton: Redick Shares Nutrition Advice (6/14)
    2011 NBA Draft Challenge (6/13)
    Best Second Round Draft Selections: Active Players (6/9)
    Martins Named Rotary Club of Orlando Outstanding Business Professional of Year
    Orlando Magic Continues to Support the Blessings in a Backpack program (6/8)
    UnitedHealthcare to Sponsor the Magic’s 2011 Youth Basketball Programs (6/8)
    Cohen: 2011 NBA Mock Draft (6/7)
    Redick Has Successful Surgery on Ab Muscle (6/7)
    Cohen: A Long, Interesting Career (6/2)
    OMYF Community Spotlight: Howard Phillips Center for Children and Families (6/2)

    May 2011

    Cohen: Motivation From Mavs (5/31)
    Van Gundy's Keys to The Finals (5/31)
    Cohen: Praise for Being Unbiased (5/29)
    OMYF Community Spotlight: Boys Town of Central Florida (5/26)
    Savage: Bass Looks to Improve Physically and Mentally (5/24)
    Savage: Q&A With Brandon Bass (5/24)
    Most Memorable Magic Performances (5/24)
    Cohen: Assessing Best Draft Selections (5/19)
    Denton: The OMYF Community Spotlight: Adult Literacy League (5/19)
    Cohen: Evaluating the Talent (Reserves) (5/19)
    Cohen: Selecting Correctly at No. 1 (5/17)
    Cohen: Evaluating the Talent (Starters) (5/16)
    Denton: Howard Earns Another Honor (5/12)
    Howard Named to All-NBA First Team (5/11)
    Denton: OMYF Assists Boys & Girls Clubs of Central FL (5/11)
    Magic Staffer Lucas Boyce Given Honor (5/11)
    Savage: Magic Already Hitting the Ring (5/11)
    Savage: Catching Up With Marcin Gortat (5/11)
    Cohen: Unforgettable Day For Three High School Seniors (5/11)
    Denton: We All Want Dwight to Stay (5/10)
    Cohen: Team-By-Team Offseason Analysis (Part I) (5/10)
    Savage: End the Speculation (5/10)
    Denton: Howard Named to All-Defensive First Team (5/9)
    Magic Trivia Challenge (5/9)
    Magic Mailbag: Denton Answers Questions (5/6)
    Denton: Howard Finishes Second in MVP Balloting (5/3)
    Cohen: Chronicling the Magic's Season (5/3)

    April 2011

    Denton: Contract Extension on Table For Howard (4/29)
    Denton: J-Rich Hopes to Remain in Orlando (4/29)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Game 6 Analysis (4/28)
    Denton's Notebook: April 28, 2011 (4/28)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Hawks Game 6 Stories (4/28)
    Denton: Magic Get Boost of Encouragement From Owner (4/27)
    Denton's Dish: Three Keys for Game 6 (4/27)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Game 5 Analysis (4/26)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Hawks Game 5 Stories (4/26)
    Denton's Game 5 Notebook (4/26)
    Denton: Now or Never For Magic (4/25)
    Denton: Three Keys For Game 5 (4/25)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Game 4 Analysis (4/24)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Hawks Game 4 Stories (4/24)
    Denton's Game 4 Notebook (4/24)
    Denton: Q-Rich Will Start In Game 4 (4/24)
    Denton: Magic Ready For Critical Game 4 (4/23)
    Denton: Three Keys for Game 3 (4/23)
    Denton: J-Rich Suspended For Sunday's Game 4 (4/23)
    Cohen: Best All-Time Magic Playoff Game (4/23)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Game 3 Analysis (4/22)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Hawks Game 3 Stories (4/22)
    Denton's Game 3 Notebook (4/22)
    Denton: Intriguing Game 3 Ahead (4/21)
    Denton: Three Keys for Game 3 (4/21)
    Denton: Series to Get Even More Grueling (4/20)
    Cohen: Defense, Intensity & Passion Define Game 2 Win (4/20)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Game 2 Analysis (4/19)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Hawks Game 2 Stories (4/19)
    Denton's Game 2 Notebook (4/19)
    Denton: Magic Confident for Game 2 (4/18)
    Denton: Three Keys for Game 2 (4/18)
    Denton: Howard Earns Defensive Honor; Makes History (4/18)
    Howard Named Kia Defensive Player of the Year (4/18)
    Denton: All About Getting Stops (4/17)
    Cohen's Magic Viewpoints: April 17 (4/17)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Game 1 Analysis (4/16)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Hawks Stories (4/16)
    Denton's Game 1 Notebook (4/16)
    Denton: Redick Hopeful For Game 1 Return (4/15)
    Denton's Three Keys For Game 1 (4/15)
    Denton: New Faces, New Schemes in Magic-Hawks Series (4/14)
    Cohen: Evaluating the Talent (4/14)
    Savage & Cohen's Great Debate: Prime Target (4/14)
    Special Fan Activities Announced For 2011 NBA Playoffs (4/14)
    Denton: Magic-Pacers Analysis (4/13)
    Savage Cohen: Magic-Pacers Stories (4/13)
    Denton's Notebook: April 13, 2011 (4/13)
    Denton: Top 10 Magic Moments (4/12)
    Cohen: East Playoff Analysis (4/12)
    Denton: Magic-76ers Analysis (4/11)
    Denton: Magic-Bulls Analysis (4/10)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Bulls Stories (4/10)
    Denton's Notebook: April 10, 2011 (4/10)
    Denton: Dwight Emotional, Not Defiant (4/9)
    Savage Sits Down With Otis Smith (4/7)
    Howard and Richardson Suspended (4/7)
    Amway Center Achieves LEED Gold Certification (4/7)
    Denton: Magic-Bobcats Analysis (4/6)
    Denton: Howard Deserves MVP Award (4/6)
    Cohen: Dwight & Stan Remind Me Of... (4/6)
    Denton: Magic-Bucks Analysis (4/5)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Bucks Stories (4/5)
    Denton: Tuesday's Notebook (4/5)
    Sharfman: Dwight For MVP (4/4)
    Orlando Magic Support Green Week 2011 (4/4)
    Denton: Magic-Raptors Analysis (4/3)
    Denton: Turk Prepared For Unruly Crowd (4/2)
    Cohen: Popular Questions Answered (4/1)
    Denton: Magic-Bobcats Analysis (4/1)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Bobcats Stories (4/1)
    Denton: Friday's Notebook (4/1)
    Aleve Hustle Plays of the Month: March (4/1)
    BE ARTISTIC: Fear the Beard (4/1)

    March 2011

    Denton: Injuries Piling Up For Magic (3/31)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Analysis (3/30)
    Denton: Wednesday's Notebook (3/30)
    Denton: Magic Set For Date With Hawks (3/29)
    Denton: Magic-Knicks Analysis (3/28)
    Cohen: Player Performance Breakdown at Knicks (3/28)
    Denton: Monday's Notebook (3/28)
    Howard Named Eastern Conference Player of the Week (3/28)
    Denton: Curious Case of Chris Duhon (3/27)
    Savage: Magic's Individual Goals (3/27)
    Denton: Magic-Nets Analysis (3/25)
    Savage Cohen: Magic-Nets Stories (3/25)
    Denton: Friday's Notebook (3/25)
    OMYF Black Tie & Tennies Gala Generates $850,000 (3/25)
    Cohen: Fantasy Franchise Draft (3/25)
    Denton: Magic-Knicks Analysis (3/23)
    Howard on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (3/23)
    Cohen: Magic-Cavaliers Postgame Analysis (3/21)
    Sharfman: Nelson Makes Magic Go (3/21)
    Howard Winner of 2010-11 Rich and Helen DeVos Community Award (3/19)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Nuggets Postgame Analysis (3/18)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Nuggets Postgame Storylines (3/18)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Nuggets Stories (3/18)
    Denton: Howard Shows Appreciation For Fans (3/18)
    Savage: Dwight Howard's Game Face (3/18)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Nuggets Postgame Analysis (3/18)
    Cohen: Forecasting the Final Standings (3/17)
    Savage: Magic-Bucks Postgame Analysis (3/16)
    Savage: Magic-Bucks Quick Hits (3/16)
    Denton: Magic Searching For Consistent Effort (3/16)
    Cohen: Influential Players For Unusual Reasons (3/16)
    Denton: Magic-Lakers Analysis (3/14)
    Denton's Notebook: March 14, 2011 (3/14)
    Magic Finalist For Two Sports Business Journal Awards (3/14)
    Denton: Magic-Suns Analysis (3/13)
    Denton's Notebook: March 13, 2011 (3/13)
    Cohen: Magic-Warriors Analysis (3/11)
    Cohen: Magic-Warriors Stories (3/11)
    Cohen: Tiebreaker Analysis (3/10)
    Cohen: Magic-Kings Analysis (3/9)
    Cohen: Wednesday's Storylines (3/9)
    Cohen: NBA Is More Fascinating Than Ever Before (3/8)
    Denton: Magic-Blazers Analysis (3/7)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Blazers Stories (3/7)
    Denton: Monday's Notebook (3/7)
    Denton: Howard Plays Role of Scout (3/6)
    Howard Suspended For One Game (3/5)
    Denton: Magic-Bulls Analysis (3/4)
    Savage Cohen: Magic-Bulls Stories (3/4)
    Denton: Friday's Notebook (3/4)
    Denton: Magic-Heat Analysis (3/3)
    Cohen: Magic-Heat Storylines (3/3)
    Denton: Thursday's Notebook (3/3)
    Howard Named Eastern Conference Player of the Month (3/2)
    Denton: Howard Having MVP Worthy Season (3/2)
    Denton: Magic-Knicks Analysis (3/1)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Knicks Stories (3/1)
    Denton: Tuesday's Notebook (3/1)
    Cohen: Forecasting Potential Playoff Matchups (3/1)

    February 2011

    Denton: Action-Packed Week Stars With Revamped Knicks (2/28)
    Howard Named Eastern Conference Player of the Week (2/28)
    Denton: Magic-Bobcats Analysis (2/27)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Bobcats Stories (2/27)
    Denton: Sunday's Notebook (2/27)
    Denton: Magic-Thunder Analysis (2/25)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Thunder Stories (2/25)
    Cohen: Evaluating Deadline Deals (2/25)
    Denton: Friday's Notebook (2/25)
    Denton: Magic Have Team Discussion (2/24)
    Beloved Bo is a True Treasure (2/24)
    Dwight Howard to Host CD Signing (2/24)
    Denton: Magic-Kings Analysis (2/23)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Kings Stories (2/23)
    Denton: Wednesday's Notebook (2/23)
    Denton: Magic Comfortable in Underdog Role (2/22)
    Denton: Howard Evolves Into Offensive Powerhouse (2/22)
    Savage: Howard Zeroed In On Winning Title (2/20)
    Cohen: Memorable Night for Howard & Rest of NBA's Elite (2/20)
    Cohen: 2011 All-Star Fantasy Draft (2/19)
    Cohen: Howard Already In Elite Class (2/19)
    Cohen: Comparing All-Time All-Star Years (2/18)
    Denton: Magic-Wizards Analysis (2/16)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Wizards Stories (2/16)
    Pat Williams Diagnosed With Multiple Myeloma (2/15)
    Cohen: Ranking All-Time NBA Trades (2/15)
    Howard Named Player of the Week (2/14)
    Cohen: Chase to the MVP (2/14)
    Denton: Magic-Lakers Analysis (2/13)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Lakers Stories (2/13)
    Denton: Sunday's Notebook (2/13)
    Denton: Magic Set For Showdown With Lakers (2/13)
    Denton: Magic-Hornets Analysis (2/11)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Hornets Stories (2/11)
    Denton: Friday's Notebook (2/11)
    Denton: Howard Supports Blessings in a Backpack (2/10)
    Win Autographed Team Basketball (2/10)
    Cohen: Magic-Sixers Analysis (2/9)
    Cohen: Wednesday's Storylines (2/9)
    Denton: Magic-Clippers Analysis (2/8)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Clippers Stories (2/8)
    Denton: Tuesday's Notebook (2/8)
    Savage & Cohen: Week Ahead (2/7)
    Denton: Key Players Struggling For Magic (2/7)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Analysis (2/6)
    Denton: Sunday's Notebook (2/6)
    Magic Super Bowl Selections (2/6)
    Denton: Howard Says Celtics Are Magic's Biggest Rival (2/5)
    Denton: Magic-Wizards Analysis (2/4)
    Denton: Friday's Notebook (2/4)
    Denton: Magic-Heat Analysis (2/3)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Heat Stories (2/3)
    Cohen: Popular Questions Answered (2/2)
    Savage & Cohen's Great Debate: Three-Point Shootout (2/1)

    January 2011

    Denton: Magic-Grizzlies Analysis (1/31)
    Savage & Cohen: Week Ahead (1/31)
    Denton: Magic-Cavs Analysis (1/30)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Cavs Stories (1/30)
    Denton: Sunday's Notebook (1/30)
    Savage: Nelson Expects to Play Against Cavs (1/30)
    Denton: Knee Issues Still Slowing Arenas (1/29)
    Denton: Magic-Bulls Analysis (1/28)
    Denton: Friday's Notebook (1/28)
    Denton: Howard Named All-Star Starter (1/27)
    Cohen: Magic, Bulls Wouldn't Change Much From Past Drafts (1/27)
    Denton: It Was Hectic Summer For Redick (1/27)
    Denton: Magic-Pacers Analysis (1/26)
    Denton: Van Gundy Notches 200th Win With Magic (1/26)
    Denton: Wednesday's Notebook (1/26)
    Denton: Magic Waive Jason Williams (1/26)
    Denton: J-Will Leaves the Team (1/26)
    Cohen Answers Popular Questions (1/26)
    Own a Piece of Magic’s Amway Arena History (1/26)
    Denton: Defense at Forefront of Preparation (1/25)
    Cohen: All-Star Thoughts (1/25)
    Denton: Magic-Pistons Analysis (1/24)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Pistons Stories (1/24)
    Howard Named East Player of the Week (1/24)
    Savage & Cohen: The Week Ahead (1/24)
    Cohen: Magic-Rockets Analysis (1/22)
    Cohen: Saturday's Storylines (1/22)
    Denton: Magic-Raptors Analysis (1/21)
    Denton: Magic-Raptors Analysis (1/21)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Raptors Stories (1/21)
    Denton's Notebook: January 21, 2011 (1/21)
    Denton: Anderson's Confidence Soaring (1/20)
    Denton: OMYF Grants $1 Million to Community (1/20)
    Savage Cohen: Magic-Sixers Postgame Analysis (1/19)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-76ers Stories (1/19)
    Denton: Magic Determined to Make Necessary Improvements (1/18)
    Cohen: Midseason Report Cards (1/18)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Analysis (1/17)
    Denton's Notebook: January 17, 2011 (1/17)
    Savage & Cohen: Week Ahead (1/17)
    Denton: Magic Set For Showdown With Celtics (1/16)
    Denton: Magic-Wolves Analysis (1/15)
    Denton's Notebook: January 15, 2011 (1/15)
    Denton: Arenas Hoping to Regain Old Form (1/14)
    Evaluating Potential Playoff Matchups (1/14)
    Denton: Magic-Thunder Analysis (1/13)
    Denton's Notebook: January 13, 2011 (1/13)
    Denton: Magic Hornets Analysis (1/12)
    Denton's Notebook: January 12, 2011 (1/12)
    Denton: Turk Comfortable in System (1/11)
    Cohen Answers Popular Questions (1/11)
    Denton: Magic Making History (1/10)
    Cohen: Evaluating the Talent (1/10)
    Savage & Cohen: Week Ahead (1/10)
    Denton: Magic-Mavericks Postgame Analysis (1/8)
    Savage: Earl Clark Starting to Emerge (1/8)
    Denton: Magic-Rockets Postgame Analysis (1/7)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Rockets Stories (1/7)
    Denton's Notebook: January 7, 2011 (1/7)
    Cohen: Chase for the MVP (1/6)
    Howard Leads in East All-Star Voting After Third Returns (1/6)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Bucks Postgame Analysis (1/5)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Bucks Stories (1/5)
    Denton's Notebook: January 5, 2011 (1/5)
    Magic Notch Seventh Straight Win (1/5)
    Denton: Passing Key to Magic's Success (1/4)
    Denton: Magic-Warriors Postgame Analysis (1/3)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Warriors Stories (1/3)
    Denton's Notebook: January 3, 2011 (1/3)
    Magic Surge Past Warriors (1/3)
    Savage & Cohen: The Week Ahead (1/3)
    Denton: J-Rich Driven By Team Goal (1/2)
    Cohen: Every Game Is Important (1/2)
    Sharfman: Magic and Warriors’ Roots Run Deep (1/2)

    December 2010

    Sharfman: Point Guard Depth Bolsters Magic (12/31)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Knicks Analysis (12/30)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Knicks Stories (12/30)
    News: Howard Leads in East All-Star Voting (12/30)
    Cohen: The Rivalry That Hasn't Happened Yet (12/29)
    Cohen: Magic-Cavaliers Analysis (12/28)
    Cohen: Series That Deserves More Recognition (12/28)
    Savage: Magic-Nets Analysis (12/27)
    Savage & Cohen: Week Ahead (12/27)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Analysis (12/25)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Celtics Stories (12/25)
    Denton's Notebook: December 25, 2010 (12/25)
    Savage: Magic Set For Christmas Day Date With Celtics (12/24)
    Denton: Arenas Rejuvenated In Orlando (12/24)
    Denton: Magic-Spurs Analysis (12/23)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Spurs Stories (12/23)
    Denton's Notebook: December 23, 2010 (12/23)
    Denton: Turkoglu Happy To Be Home (12/22)
    Savage & Cohen's Great Debate: Most Important Addition (12/22)
    Cohen: Evaluating the Eastern Conference (12/22)
    Denton: Magic-Mavs Analysis (12/21)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Mavs Stories (12/21)
    Denton's Notebook: December 21, 2010 (12/21)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Analysis (12/20)
    Denton's Notebook: December 20, 2010 (12/20)
    Denton: First Glance at Refurbished Magic (12/20)
    Savage & Cohen: Week Ahead (12/20)
    Denton: Starting Lineup Announced (12/20)
    Denton: Chat With Arenas (12/18)
    Cohen: Electrifying Additions (12/18)
    Savage: Turk's Triumphant Return (12/18)
    Cohen: Mixed Emotions (12/18)
    Denton: Magic Make Big Moves (12/18)
    Denton: Magic Celebrate Holidays (12/18)
    Denton: Magic Focused on Defense (12/17)
    Howard Leads in East All-Star Voting (12/16)
    Cohen: Bigger Magic Nemesis: Pierce or LeBron? (12/15)
    Denton: Howard Helps Empower Others (12/16)
    Cohen: More Questions Answered (12/15)
    Denton: Magic-Nuggets Analysis (12/14)
    Denton's Notebook: December 14, 2010 (12/14)
    Denton: J-Will Envisions Being Coach Some Day (12/13)
    Savage & Cohen: Week Ahead (12/13)
    Denton: Magic-Clippers Analysis (12/12)
    Magic Take Down Clippers (12/12)
    Denton's Notebook: December 12, 2010 (12/12)
    Orlando Magic NFL Picks: Week 14 (12/12)
    Cohen Answers Most Curious Questions (12/11)
    Denton: Magic-Jazz Analysis (12/10)
    Denton's Notebook: December 10, 2010 (12/10)
    Denton: Magic-Blazers Analysis (12/9)
    Denton's Notebook: December 9, 2010 (12/9)
    Howard's Fine Night Spoiled in Portland (12/9)
    Savage: Bass Spreads Holiday Cheer at Florida Hospital for Children (12/9)
    Cohen: Ranking All-Time Funny NBA Interviews (12/9)
    Savage: Foyle Continues to Contribute Off the Court (12/9)
    Denton Chats With Otis Smith (12/8)
    Who Knows Rashard Best (12/8)
    Who Knows J.J. Best (12/8)
    Cohen: Evaluating the Talent (12/7)
    Steele: West Coast Trip Preview (12/7)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Analysis (12/6)
    Denton's Notebook: December 6, 2010 (12/6)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Hawks Stories (12/6)
    Savage & Cohen: Week Ahead (12/6)
    Cohen: If the Playoffs Started Today... (12/5)
    Cohen: Magic-Bucks Postgame Analysis (12/4)
    Denton: Magic-Pistons Postgame Analysis (12/3)
    Short-Handed Magic Take Down Pistons (12/3)
    Howard Named Eastern Conference Player of the Month (12/3)
    Cohen: Chase for the MVP (12/3)
    Denton: Pietrus Having Big Impact (12/2)
    Cohen: Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions (12/2)
    Cohen: Magic-Bulls Analysis (12/1)

    November 2010

    Denton: Magic-Pistons Analysis (11/30)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Pistons Stories (11/30)
    Denton's Notebook: November 30, 2010 (11/30)
    Cohen: Top Storylines From Around the NBA (11/30)
    Denton: Carter Eager to Return (11/29)
    Savage Cohen: Week Ahead (11/29)
    Howard Named Eastern Conference Player of the Week (11/29)
    Cohen: Ranking NBA Notables (11/28)
    Cohen: Magic-Wizards Analysis (11/27)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Cavaliers Analysis (11/26)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Cavaliers Stories (11/26)
    Cohen: Ranking Award Candidates (11/26)
    Denton: Magic Serve Up Thanksgiving Meals (11/25)
    Denton: Magic-Heat Analysis (11/24)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Heat Storylines (11/24)
    Denton: Wednesday's Notebook (11/24)
    Steele: Magic-Heat Notebook (11/24)
    Cohen: If the All-Star Game Was Played Today... (11/23)
    Cohen: Sunshine State Rivalry Stories (11/23)
    Denton: Heat on the Magic's Mind (11/23)
    Denton: Magic-Spurs Analysis (11/22)
    Magic Fall to Spurs (11/22)
    Denton: Monday's Notebook (11/22)
    Savage & Cohen: The Week Ahead (11/22)
    Denton: Howard Looks to Emulate Duncan (11/22)
    Steele: Early Season Benchmark (11/21)
    Orlando Magic NFL Picks: Week 11 (11/21)
    Savage: Magic-Pacers Analysis (11/20)
    Nelson's Floater Lifts Magic Over Pacers (11/20)
    Anez: Richardson for Barnes (11/20)
    Curtsinger: Snoggle with Ryan Anderson (11/19)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Suns Analysis (11/18)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Suns Stories (11/18)
    Denton: Thursday's Notebook (11/18)
    Denton: A Very Competitive Position (11/18)
    Hoopin' It Up: All-Time Best Centers (11/17)
    Postponed Orlando at New York Game Rescheduled (11/16)
    Denton: Superman Flying Through Amway Center (11/16)
    Who Knows Jameer Best? (11/16)
    Who Knows Dwight Best? (11/16)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Grizzlies Postgame Analysis (11/15)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Grizzlies Stories (11/15)
    Denton's Notebook: Nov. 15, 2010 (11/15)
    GameNight: Magic Shut Down Grizzlies (11/15)
    Cohen: Favorite All-Time Magic Team? (11/15)
    Savage & Cohen: The Week Ahead (11/15)
    Week 10 NFL Expert Picks (11/14)
    Cohen: Magic-Nets Postgame Analysis (11/12)
    Cohen: What Went Right, Wrong and Final Observations (11/12)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Raptors Postgame Analysis (11/12)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Raptors Stories (11/12)
    Denton's Notebook: Nov. 12, 2010 (11/12)
    GameNight: Raptors Edge Magic (11/12)
    Savage Cohen's Great Debate: Primary Backup PG (11/11)
    Savage: Orton and Foyle Go One-On-One (11/11)
    Denton: Magic-Jazz Analysis (11/10)
    Denton: Magic-Jazz Notes (11/10)
    Savage Cohen: Magic-Jazz Stories (11/10)
    Hoopin' It Up: McDonald's All-American All-Time Tournament (11/9)
    Denton: Magic Look to Regain Shooting Rhythm (11/9)
    Win a Dwight Howard Prize Pack (11/9)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Postgame Analysis (11/8)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Hawks Stories (11/8)
    Denton's Notebook: Nov. 8, 2010 (11/8)
    GameNight: Magic Edge Hawks (11/8)
    Chat Recap: Magic vs. Hawks (11/8)
    Denton: Howard Named Eastern Conference Player of the Week (11/8)
    Savage & Cohen: The Week Ahead (11/8)
    Cohen: Chase for the MVP (11/8)
    Savage Cohen's Great Debate: The PF Decision (11/7)
    Week 9 NFL Expert Picks (11/7)
    Denton: Magic-Bobcats Postgame Analysis (11/6)
    Savage's Synopsis: Magic 91, Bobcats 88 (11/6)
    GameNight: Magic Hold Off Bobcats (11/6)
    Photos: Magic vs. Bobcats (11/6)
    Savage: Nelson Out, Duhon to Start Against Bobcats (11/6)
    Savage Cohen: Magic-Nets Analysis (11/5)
    Savage Cohen: Magic-Nets Stories (11/5)
    GameNight: Magic Roll Past Nets (11/5)
    Chat Recap with Savage & Cohen (11/5)
    Photos: Magic vs. Nets (11/5)
    Ask the Analysts (11/4)
    Denton: Magic-Timberwolves Postgame Analysis (11/3)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Wolves Stories (11/3)
    Denton's Notebook: Nov. 3, 2010 (11/3)
    Savage: Enough Talk About Howard's Jumper (11/3)
    Cohen: Glance at the Association (11/3)
    MetroPCS Teams Up with Orlando Magic (11/3)
    Duhon to Host Stand Tall Against Hunger Kick-Off Event (11/2)
    Denton: Magic Shocked About Postponement (11/2)
    Savage & Cohen: The Week Ahead (11/2)
    Magic Look to Take Bite Out of Big Apple (11/1)

    October 2010

    Magic Looking to Rebound From Friday's Loss (10/31)
    Week 8 NFL Expert Picks (10/31)
    Denton: Magic-Heat Postgame Analysis (10/28)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Heat Stories (10/28)
    Denton's Notebook: October 29, 2010 (10/28)
    Williams Suspended for One Game (10/28)
    Denton: Magic-Wizards Postgame Analysis (10/28)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Wizards Storylines (10/28)
    Denton's Notebook: October 28, 2010 (10/28)
    Denton: Howard Ready for Season Opener (10/27)
    Denton: Nelson's Defense Key to Success (10/27)
    Denton's Mailbag: Much to Talk About (10/26)
    Savage & Cohen: The Week Ahead (10/25)
    Cohen: Sunshine State Rivalry Storylines (10/23)
    Week 7 NFL Expert Picks (10/23)
    Denton: Magic-Heat Exhibition Cancelled (10/22)
    Denton: Sunshine State Rivalry Officially Begins (10/21)
    Denton: Magic-Mavericks Postgame Analysis (10/20)
    Denton's Notebook: October 20, 2010 (10/20)
    Cohen: Magic-Mavericks Super Storylines (10/20)
    Magic Waive Robinson (10/20)
    Cohen: Friday's Magic-Heat Preseason Game Will Be Like... (10/19)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Postgame Analysis (10/18)
    Savage's Synopsis: Magic 102, Hawks 73 (10/18)
    Magic Roll Past Hawks to Remain Unbeaten in Preseason (10/18)
    Denton's Notebook: October 18, 2010 (10/18)
    Savage & Cohen: The Week Ahead (10/18)
    Big Lineup Effective Thus Far (10/18)
    Denton: Magic-Bulls Postgame Analysis (10/16)
    Savage & Cohen: Super Storylines (10/16)
    Magic Bulldoze Bulls For 19th Straight Preseason Win (10/16)
    Denton's Notebook: October 16, 2010 (10/16)
    Denton: Magic-Bobcats Postgame Analysis (10/14)
    Savage & Cohen: Super Storylines (10/14)
    Reserves Lift Magic Over Bobcats (10/14)
    Denton's Mailbag: Wisdom From JD (10/14)
    Orlando Magic Host Open Practice and Select-a-Seat Event (10/13)
    Cohen: Who Would Make the Best Coach? (10/12)
    Denton: Anderson's Hard Work Having Positive Impact (10/11)
    Savage & Cohen: The Week Ahead (10/11)
    Ticket Update: 200 $15 Magic Tickets Available For Thursday (10/10)
    Denton: Magic-Hornets Postgame Analysis (10/10)
    Savage & Cohen: Around the Amway (10/10)
    Crowning Moment for Magic Franchise (10/10)
    Orlando Magic NFL Picks: Week 5 (10/9)
    Denton: Let the Games Begin at Amway Center (10/9)
    Denton: Magic-Pacers Postgame Analysis (10/8)
    Cohen's Synopsis: Magic at Pacers (10/8)
    Magic GameNight: Magic Top Pacers (10/8)
    Denton: Howard Expanding His Game (10/8)
    Cohen: The Big 3 Challenge (10/7)
    Denton: Magic-Rockets Postgame Analysis (10/5)
    Magic Earn Preseason Win Over Rockets (10/5)
    What We Learned: Magic at Rockets (10/5)
    Denton's Mailbag: Questions Answered (10/5)
    Savage Cohen: The Week Ahead (10/4)
    ORL at HOU: What's Your Prediction? (10/4)
    Denton: Pietrus Feeling Happy, Healthy and Motivated (10/3)
    Orlando Magic NFL Picks: Week 4 (10/3)
    Denton: City Celebrates Memorable Event in Orlando History (10/1)
    Enter Legend: Amway Center Opens (10/1)

    September 2010

    Denton: Lewis Preparing For Possible Position Change (9/30)
    Cohen: Who Takes the Last Shot? (9/30)
    Denton: Williams to Have Knee Surgery; Out 4-6 Weeks (9/29)
    Denton: Nelson Confident in Abilities (9/29)
    Vote: Your Coaching Decision Is... (9/29)
    Denton: Carter Understands His Importance (9/28)
    Denton's Observations From Training Camp: Day I (9/28)
    Cohen: Top Five Magic Storylines for 2010-11 Season (9/28)
    Magic Media Day Video Central (9/27)
    Denton: Magic Have One Purpose: Win NBA Championship (9/27)
    Cohen: Southeast Division Report Cards (9/27)
    Magic Host Select-A-Seat Event (9/27)
    Amway Center Media Kit (9/27)
    Denton: Position-by-Position Breakdown (9/24)
    Magic Partner Up With Disney (9/24)
    Orlando Magic Go Green (9/24)
    Cohen: NBA Offseason Report Cards -- Atlantic Division (9/22)
    Denton: Van Gundy Happy With Magic's Roster (9/22)
    adidas Introduces Technologically Advanced Magic Uniform (9/22)
    Cohen: Thoughts on Diet & Nutrition (9/21)
    Denton: Howard Gearing Up in Weight Room (9/20)
    Mailbag: Denton Offers Wisdom (9/17)
    Some Exciting Ideas for the NBA (9/16)
    Magic Sign Malik Allen; Prepare For Camp (9/16)
    Daniel Orton and Amway Sprout Garden for Boys & Girls Club of Orlando (9/16)
    Orlando Magic Host Championship for Charity Golf Tournament (9/15)
    Big Screen Basketball Bonanza (9/15)
    Ryan Anderson and PepsiCo Team Up to Fight Hunger (9/14)
    Ask Otis: September 14, 2010 (9/14)
    2010-11 Magic TV Schedule (9/13)
    Denton: Van Gundy Fires Back at Riley (9/11)
    Denton: Amway Center Passes Royal Flush Test (9/8)
    Denton: Superman Lifts Woman's Spirits (9/8)
    Opening Weekend Takes Shape at Amway Center (9/8)
    Magic Name Foyle Director of Player Development (9/7)
    Landman-Gonzalez Named 2010 Osceola Hispanic Amigo Award Winner (9/2)
    Drano “Royal Flush” Set For September 8 (9/2)
    Great Debate: A Taste of Vinsanity (9/1)

    August 2010 Invitational: Pop Culture Shootout (8/31)
    Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey to Sponsor Terrace Patio Bar (8/31)
    Savage & Cohen's Great Debate Podcast (8/30)
    GEICO Becomes Champions of the Community Partner (8/30)
    Denton: Magic Mailbag (8/27)
    Trivia: Magic Matching! (8/26)
    Ask Otis Your Questions (8/25)
    Orlando Magic and Fairwinds Credit Union Extend Partnership (8/25)
    Cohen: NBA Battle of the States (8/24)
    Dwight Howard to Star in Film "Amazing" (8/24)
    Magic Single-Game Tickets for the 2010-11 Preseason on Sale Thursday (8/24)
    Vote!: Magic Gridiron Face-Off (8/23)
    Cohen: Be Careful With Trade Rumors (8/19)
    Denton: Magic Mailbag (8/18)
    Cohen: Fans Already Eager About NBA Season (8/17)
    Foyle: Love Song to a Game (8/17)
    Adonal Foyle Announces Retirement From NBA (8/17)
    Savage: Will Rookie Duo Spend Time Developing in D-League? (8/16)
    Magic Sign Robinson (8/16)
    Vote: Predict Season's Results (Jan., Feb.) (8/13)
    Howard Looks to Promote NBA Across India (8/12) Re-Launches (8/12)
    Cohen: Best NBA Occasion of the Year? (8/12)
    Vote: Predict Season's Results (Oct., Nov., Dec.) (8/11)
    Magic Dancers to Appear at Local Kia Dealerships (8/11)
    Denton: Examining the Magic's Schedule (8/10)
    Magic Announce 2010-11 Schedule (8/10)
    Simulated All-Time Rivalry Game

    Gortat's Quest to Help Poland Qualify for EuroBasket 2011 (8/6)
    The Eastern Conference Elite (8/5)
    Howard to Embark on Tour of India (8/4)
    Cohen: Can't Wait Until Oct. 29 (8/4)
    Denton: Magic Open Amway Center Against Wizards (8/3)
    Key 2010-11 Season Games Announced (8/3)
    Your Coaching Decision Is... (8/3)
    Denton: Magic to Retain Williams (8/3)
    Denton: Dwight Is A Global Role Model (8/2)
    Cohen: Motivational Tool (8/2)

    July 2010

    Savage: Anderson Hard at Work This Offseason (7/30)
    Savage: Magic’s Commitment to Winning Never More Evident (7/28)
    Magic Front Office Press Conference Transcript (7/28)
    Magic Announce Leadership Promotions (7/28)
    Cohen: Who Will Stop The Big Fella? (7/27)
    First Amway Center Signs Completed (7/27)
    Magic Partial Ticket Plans On Sale Now (7/26)
    Savage: Magic Have Unfinished Business (7/25)
    Amway Center Part-Time Job Fair (7/23)
    Carter Spends Time with Kids (7/21)
    Magic Moms to Participate in Charity Basketball Game (7/19)
    Denton: Redick Happy and Flattered (7/16)
    Savage: Magic Value Redick's Championship Mentality (7/16)
    Otis Smith Press Conference Transcript (7/16)
    Magic Match; Redick Stays (7/16) | Release
    Win Signed Redick Photo (7/16)
    Win Signed Chris Duhon Hat! (7/15)
    Howard Headlines Basketball Without Borders Camp (7/15)
    Cohen: Essentials of a True Rivalry (7/14)
    Magic Appearances at Florida Blue This Weekend (7/14)
    Q-Rich Confident Team Can Win Title (7/13)
    Quentin Richardson Press Conference Transcript (7/13)
    Denton: Magic Have Big Decision to Make (7/13)
    Orlando Magic AirTran Flight Crew Auditions (7/13)
    STUFF Hosts Celebrity Mascot Games (7/13)
    Magic, Q-Rich Agree to Deal (7/12)
    Cohen: A New Rivalry Is Born (7/12)
    Summer League Scoop: Day 5 (7/9)
    Robinson Thrilled to Have Chance (7/9)
    Magic React to LeBron's Decision (7/9)
    Magic Earn Win Over Bobcats (7/9)
    Summer League Scoop: Day 4 (7/8)
    Denton: Duhon Happy to be in Orlando (7/8)
    Thunder Hold Off Magic (7/8)
    Magic Sign Free Agent Guard Chris Duhon (7/8)
    Summer League Scoop: Day 3 (7/7)
    Denton: Van Gundy Wants Redick Back (7/7)
    James Leads Nets Past Magic (7/7)
    Summer League Scoop: Day 2 (7/6)
    Denton: Ewing Finally Gets to Coach Son (7/6)
    Magic Fall to Jazz in Day 2 of Summer League (7/6)
    Denton: Magic Reach Agreement With Duhon (7/6)
    Summer League Scoop: Day 1 (7/5)
    Denton: First Game to Forget for Orton (7/5)
    Pacers Top Magic in Summer League Opener (7/5)
    Magic Are Great Entertainment (7/1)
    Magic Sign First Round Draft Pick Orton (7/1)
    Denton: Decision Time for Magic (7/1)

    June 2010

    Savage: Summer League Roster Breakdown (6/30)
    Cohen: Summer League Scoop: Preview (6/30)
    Denton: Carter Not Worried About Rumors (6/30)
    Cohen: Joey's Final Wish (6/29)
    Most Important Week in NBA History (6/29)
    Magic Summer League Roster (6/29)
    Around the Association: The Offseason (6/28)
    PepsiCo Becomes Champions of the Community Partner (6/28)
    Denton: Magic Happy With Draft Choices (6/24)
    Savage & Cohen: Draft Night Stories (6/24)
    Prospect Breakdown: Orton & Robinson (6/24)
    Denton: Night of Decisions for Magic (6/24)
    Offseason Tracker: Let's Make a Deal (6/23)
    Making Magic: Amway Center Success Stories (6/22)
    Magic Work Out Six NBA Draft Prospects (6/21)
    Best NBA Draft Decisions (6/21)
    What Was and What Should Have Been in the NBA Draft (6/18)
    Cohen: NBA Draft One Of My Favorite Childhood TV Events (6/17)
    Orlando Magic's All-Time Draft Picks (6/16)
    Around the Association: Intriguing Draft Day Trades (6/15)
    Orlando Magic Unveil New Logo (6/15)
    Howard Learns From All-Time Great (6/14)
    Magic Face-Off: Talent Show (6/14)
    Howard Participates in Event to Help Aid Special Olympics (6/14)
    Magic Hit the Ring in the Offseason (6/11)
    2010 NBA Draft: You Make the Pick! (6/10)
    Orlando Magic to Host AirTran Airways Pro Summer League (6/9)
    Denton: Magic Mailbag (6/9)
    Around the Association: The Offseason (6/9)
    Gortat Hammers Away at Offseason Training (6/8)
    Dan Savage Chats With Marcin Gortat (6/8)
    Around the Association: The Offseason (6/8)
    2009-10 Season Report Card (6/7)
    Finals Face-Off: Best Finals Game Since 2000 (6/4)
    Savage & Cohen: Lakers or Celtics (6/3)
    Savage & Cohen: Mock Draft (6/2)
    Magic Exit Interviews: Quotes & Video (6/2)
    Denton: Redick Proved His Value (6/1)
    Denton: Magic Focus on Next Season (6/1)
    Cohen: Best Games of the 2009-10 Season (6/1)

    May 2010

    Denton: Otis Smith Addresses Team (5/31)
    Denton: Magic Ponder Defeat, Season (5/29)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Game 6 Postgame Analysis (5/28)
    Around the Association presented by AirTran (5/28)
    Magic's Season Ends With Game 6 Loss (5/28)
    Denton's Notebook: May 28, 2010 (5/28)
    Denton: Magic Ready For Game 6 (5/28)
    Magic Host Official Watch Parties for Game 6 (5/28)
    Great Debate: Key to a Game 6 Win (5/27)
    Perkins' Technical Rescinded (5/27)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Game 5 Postgame Analysis (5/26)
    Around the Association presented by AirTran (5/26)
    Magic Storm Past Celtics for Game 5 Win (5/26)
    Denton's Notebook: May 26, 2010 (5/26)
    Denton: Howard, Nelson Leading by Example (5/25)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Game 4 Postgame Analysis (5/24)
    Around the Association presented by AirTran (5/24)
    Magic Edge Celtics in Game 4 OT Thriller (5/24)
    Denton's Notebook: May 24, 2010 (5/24)
    Denton: Now Or Never For Magic (5/24)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Game 3 Postgame Analysis (5/22)
    Around the Association presented by AirTran (5/22)
    Magic Stumble Against Celtics in Game 3 (5/22)
    Denton's Notebook: May 22, 2010 (5/22)
    Denton: Magic Set For Game 3 (5/22)
    Savage: Positive Thoughts (5/21)
    Magic to Host Official Watch Parties (5/21)
    Denton: Lewis Has Rejuvenated Mindset (5/21)
    Denton: Barnes Wants Pierce (5/20)
    Cohen: I Had A Dream (5/20)
    Denton: Magic Remain Confident (5/19)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Game 2 Postgame Analysis (5/18)
    Around the Association presented by AirTran (5/18)
    Magic Come Up Short in Game 2 (5/18)
    Denton's Notebook: May 18, 2010 (5/18)
    Denton: Magic Look to Regain Swagger (5/18)
    Cohen: Magic Gear Up For Game 2 (5/17)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Game 1 Postgame Analysis (5/16)
    Around the Association presented by AirTran (5/16)
    Magic's Game 1 Rally Falls Short (5/16)
    Denton's Notebook: May 16, 2010 (5/16)
    Denton: Point Guards Will Play Pivotal Role (5/15)
    Win Tickets at Fan Fest on Sunday (5/14)
    Denton: Celtics Experienced, Not Old (5/14)
    Game 1 East Finals: What's Your Prediction? (5/14)
    Cohen: Remembering The Beantown Blitz (5/14)
    Magic Focus In On Celtics (5/13)
    Magic-Celtics Eastern Conference Finals Schedule (5/13)
    Denton: Team of Balance and Unity (5/13)
    Cohen: Ultimate Supremacy? (5/13)
    Denton: Magic Earn a Chance to Rest (5/11)
    Savage: Eastern Conference Finals Scenarios (5/11)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Game 4 Postgame Analysis (5/10)
    Around the Association presented by AirTran (5/10)
    Magic Complete Sweep of Hawks (5/10)
    Denton's Notebook: May 10, 2010 (5/10)
    Denton: Magic Look to Close Out Hawks (5/10)
    Cohen: Magic Eye Sweep (5/9)
    Savage & Cohen's Great Debate: More Satisfying Win (5/9)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Game 3 Postgame Analysis (5/8)
    Around the Association presented by AirTran (5/8)
    Magic Take 3-0 Lead Over Hawks (5/8)
    Denton's Notebook: May 8, 2010 (5/8)
    Denton: Hometown Hero Ready For Atlanta Playoff Scene (5/7)
    Cohen: Remembering a Carter Classic (5/7)
    Jameer Nelson: Comeback Kid (5/7)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Game 2 Postgame Analysis (5/6)
    Around the Association presented by AirTran (5/6)
    Magic Grab a 2-0 Series Lead Over Hawks (5/6)
    Denton's Notebook: May 6, 2010 (5/6)
    Denton: Howard Named to All-NBA First Team (5/6)
    Denton: Keys for Game 2 (5/6)
    Denton: Magic Look to Remain Perfect in Playoffs (5/6)
    Denton Fires Back at Critics (5/5)
    Howard Named to All-Defensive First Team (5/5)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Game 1 Postgame Analysis (5/4)
    Around the Association presented by AirTran (5/4)
    Magic Roll to Game 1 Win Over Hawks (5/4)
    Denton's Notebook: May 4, 2010 (5/4)
    Denton: NBA All-Star Game Returning to Orlando (5/4)
    Orlando to Host NBA All-Star 2012 (5/4)
    Denton: Magic Ready for Game 1 (5/4)
    Denton: Keys to Game 1 (5/4)
    Denton Defends MVP Vote (5/3)
    Denton: Magic Must Battle Through Possible Rust in Game 1 (5/3)
    Cohen: Situation & Decision (5/3)
    Denton: Magic Prepare to Face Hawks (5/2)

    April 2010

    Magic's Eastern Conference Semifinals Schedule Announced (4/30)
    Savage: Barnes to Host Meet and Greet with Fans on Saturday (4/30)
    Denton: Gortat Thrilled to be in Orlando (4/30)
    Savage & Cohen's Great Debate: Bucks or Hawks? (4/30)
    Denton: Magic Prepare and Wonder (4/29)
    Special Fan Activities Announced For Eastern Conference Semifinals (4/29)
    Howard Fined For Comments on Blog (4/29)
    Howard Maintains Top 5 Ranking on NBA Jerseys List (4/28)
    Orlando Magic Blend Coffee Introduced (4/28)
    Denton: DeVos Happy With Team (4/28)
    Savage & Cohen: First Round Report Card (4/28)
    Game 4 Action & Reaction (4/27)
    Playoff Tickets Go On Sale Wednesday (4/26)
    Denton: Magic-Bobcats Game 4 Postgame Analysis (4/26)
    Around the Association presented by AirTran (4/26)
    Magic Complete Sweep of Bobcats (4/26)
    Denton's Notebook: April 26, 2010 (4/26)
    Denton: Keys For Game 4 (4/26)
    Denton: Magic Eye Sweep Tonight (4/26)
    Cohen: Magic Look For Sweep of Bobcats (4/25)
    Denton: Charlotte Cherishes Carter, Ridicules Redick (4/25)
    Denton: Game 3 Action & Reaction (4/25)
    The Great Debate: Carolina Heroes (4/25)
    Denton: Magic-Bobcats Game 3 Postgame Analysis (4/24)
    Around the Association presented by AirTran (4/24)
    Magic Grab 3-0 Series Advantage Over Bobcats (4/24)
    Denton's Notebook: April 24, 2010 (4/24)
    Denton: Keys to Game 3 (4/23)
    Denton: Magic Look For 3-0 Series Lead (4/23)
    Orlando's Barnes and Van Gundy Fined (4/22)
    Denton: Howard Looks to Shake Foul Trouble (4/22)
    Denton: Action & Reaction (4/22)
    Denton: Magic-Bobcats Game 2 Postgame Analysis (4/21)
    Around the Association presented by AirTran (4/21)
    Magic Take 2-0 Series Lead Over Bobcats (4/21)
    Denton's Notebook: April 21, 2010 (4/21)
    Denton: Carter Knows He Has Support (4/21)
    Denton: Game 2 Keys (4/20)
    What's Your Prediction? (4/20)
    Nelson On Top Of His Game (4/20)
    Playoff Face-Off: Best All-Time Playoff Game (4/19)
    Denton: Game 1 Action & Reaction (4/18)
    Denton: Magic-Bobcats Game 1 Postgame Analysis (4/18)
    Around the Association presented by AirTran (4/18)
    Magic Grab Game 1 Win Over Bobcats (4/18)
    Denton's Notebook: April 18, 2010 (4/18)
    Denton: Chase For Championship (4/18)
    Denton: Keys For Game 1 Against Charlotte (4/18)
    Denton: Barnes Ready For Challenge (4/17)
    Special Fan Activities Announced For 2010 Playoffs (4/15)
    Denton: Van Gundy Motivates Players (4/15)
    Game 1: What's Your Prediction (4/15)
    Great Debate: Prime Target (4/15)
    Subway Giving Away Orlando Magic Car Magnets (4/15)
    Denton: Magic-76ers Postgame Analysis (4/14)
    Around the Amway: Magic-76ers (4/14)
    Orlando Magic First Round Playoff Schedule (4/14)
    Magic Defeat 76ers in Final Regular Season Game at Amway Arena (4/14)
    Denton's Notebook: April 14, 2010 (4/14)
    Denton: Amway Arena Retrospective (4/14)
    Magic to Host Fan Appreciation Night (4/13)
    Savage Cohen: Magic Trivia Challenge (4/13)
    Denton: Magic-Pacers Postgame Analysis (4/12)
    Magic Take Down Pacers (4/12)
    Denton: Dwight's Superb Play Earns Him Honor

    Magic Magazine: April 2010 (4/12)
    Denton: Magic-Cavaliers Postgame Analysis (4/11)
    Denton: Magic-Knicks Postgame Analysis (4/9)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Knicks (4/9)
    Magic Throttle Knicks (4/9)
    Denton's Notebook: April 9, 2010 (4/9)
    Fantasy Face-Off: 3-Point Shootout (4/8)
    Denton: Magic-Wizards Postgame Analysis (4/7)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Wizards (4/7)
    Magic Thrash Wizards (4/7)
    Denton's Notebook: April 7, 2010 (4/7)
    Magic Clinch Division Title (4/6)
    Magic Can Clinch Division Title Tonight (4/6)
    Magic Support NBA Green Week 2010 (4/6)
    Magic First Round Playoff Tickets on Sale Saturday (4/5)
    Denton: Magic-Grizzlies Postgame Analysis (4/4)
    Magic Pull Away From Grizzlies (4/4)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Grizzlies (4/4)
    Denton's Notebook: April 4, 2010 (4/4)
    Denton: Pietrus Getting Into Rhythm (4/3)
    Denton: Magic-Spurs Postgame Analysis (4/2)
    Denton's Notebook: April 2, 2010 (4/2)
    Magic Fall to Spurs (4/2)
    Denton: Magic-Mavs Postgame Analysis (4/1)
    Denton's Notebook: April 1, 2010 (4/1)
    Magic Crush Mavericks (4/1)
    Savage & Cohen: Why Dwight is MVP (4/1)

    March 2010

    Denton: Howard Enjoys Time With Fans (3/31)
    Magic's Week Ahead: 3/29-4/4 (3/29)
    Denton: Magic-Nuggets Postgame Analysis (3/28)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Nuggets (3/28)
    Redick Leads Magic Past Nuggets (3/28)
    Denton's Notebook: March 28, 2010 (3/28)
    Denton: Magic-Timberwolves Postgame Analysis (3/26)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Timberwolves (3/26)
    Magic Storm Past Timberwolves (3/26)
    Denton: Friday's Notebook (3/26)
    Greatest Moment in Amway Arena History (3/25)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Postgame Analysis (3/24)
    Magic Fall at Buzzer to Hawks (3/24)
    Denton: Wednesday's Notebook (3/24)
    Denton: Magic Look to Continue Dominance Against Hawks (3/24)
    Cohen: A Look at Possible First Round Opponents (3/23)
    Savage: Vinsanity Hits New Heights (3/23)
    Denton: Magic-76ers Postgame Analysis (3/22)
    Magic Defeat 76ers for 50th Win of Season (3/22)
    Denton: Carter Ready For New Accomplishment (3/21)
    Howard Named Winner of Enrichment Award (3/20)
    Denton: Magic-Heat Postgame Analysis (3/18)
    Magic Top Heat in OT (3/18)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Spurs (3/17)
    Carter, Lewis Help Magic Slaughter Spurs (3/17)
    Denton’s Notebook – Wednesday, March 17 (3/17)
    Magic Clinch Fourth Straight Playoff Berth (3/16)
    Denton: Howard Working on Jumper (3/16)
    Magic's Week Ahead: 3/15-3/21 (3/15)
    Local Company Paves Way For New Amway Center Ice Floor (3/15)
    Denton: Magic-Bobcats Postgame Analysis (3/14)
    Magic's Winning Streak Snapped By Bobcats (3/14)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Bobcats (3/14)
    Denton’s Notebook – Sunday, March 14 (3/14)
    Denton: Magic-Wizards Postgame Analysis (3/13)
    Magic Storm Past Wizards For Eighth Straight Win (3/13)
    Magic Win Seventh Straight (3/11)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Bulls Analysis (3/11)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Bulls (3/11)
    Orlando Debuts "El Magic" Shooting Shirts (3/10)
    Magic Crush Clippers (3/9)
    Savage & Cohen: Magic-Clippers Analysis (3/9)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Clippers (3/9)
    Magic's Week Ahead: 3/8-3/14 (3/7)
    Denton: Magic-Lakers Postgame Analysis (3/7)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Lakers (3/7)
    Magic Edge Lakers in Thrilling Finals Rematch (3/7)
    Denton’s Notebook – Sunday, March 7 (3/7)
    Denton: Magic Ready For Finals Rematch With Lakers (3/7)
    Magic Coast Past Nets (3/5)
    Denton: Magic-Nets Postgame Analysis (3/5)
    Denton: Magic Must Not Look Past Nets (3/5)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Warriors (3/3)
    Denton: Magic-Warriors Postgame Analysis (3/3)
    Magic Dominate Short-Handed Warriors (3/3)
    Denton: Magic-Warriors Notes (3/3)
    Magic Encourage Youth to Journey to the Arts with Contest (3/3)
    The Great Debate: Game-Winning Shot (3/2)
    Orlando Magic Hosts Seats for Soldiers Night (3/2)
    The NBA Will Pay Tribute to Latin Heritage (3/2)
    Denton: Magic-76ers Postgame Analysis (3/1)
    Magic Shoot Past Sixers (3/1)
    Magic's Week Ahead: 3/1-3/7 (3/1)
    Magic Support the 2010 Census (3/1)

    February 2010

    Around the Amway: Magic-Heat (2/28)
    Denton: Magic-Heat Postgame Analysis (2/28)
    Magic Pull Away From Heat (2/28)
    Denton: Magic-Heat Postgame Notes (2/28)
    Magic Seek Rebound Victory (2/28)
    Magic Tripped Up By Hornets (2/26)
    Denton: Magic-Hornets Postgame Analysis (2/26)
    Denton: Magic-Hornets Notes (2/26)
    Denton: The Pinnacle of Success (2/25)
    Denton: Magic-Rockets Postgame Analysis (2/24)
    Howard Notches 19th Straight Double-Double as Magic Defeat Rockets (2/24)
    Denton: Lewis Remains Clutch (2/24)
    Denton: Howard Peaking at Perfect Time (2/23)
    Howard Named Eastern Conference Player of the Week (2/22)
    Magic's Week Ahead: 2/22-2/28
    Around the Amway: Magic-Cavs (2/21)
    Denton: Magic-Cavs Postgame Analysis (2/21)
    Magic Win Thriller Over Cavs (2/21)
    Denton: Magic-Cavs Postgame Notes (2/21)
    Denton: Magic Set for Sunday's Showdown (2/21)
    Magic Fall to Mavericks (2/19)
    Denton: Magic-Mavericks Postgame Analysis (2/19)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Mavericks (2/19)
    Armstrong to be Honored For Contributions (2/19)
    Orlando Magic Backcourt Hosts Pet Adoption Night at Amway Arena (2/19)
    Denton: Magic Stand Pat at Trade Deadline (2/18)
    Magic Players to Help Raise Money for the Kerosene Lamp Foundation (2/18)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Pistons (2/17)
    Denton: Magic-Pistons Postgame Analysis (2/17)
    Denton: Magic-Pistons Notes (2/17)
    Magic Pound Pistons (2/17)
    Denton: Otis Smith Interview (2/16)
    Denton: Time to Really Focus In (2/16)
    Magic's Week Ahead: 2/15-2/21 (2/15)
    Around the All-Stars: Sunday (2/14)
    Denton: Van Gundy Belongs on All-Star Stage (2/14)
    Around the All-Stars: Saturday (2/13)
    Around the All-Stars: Friday (2/12)
    Denton: Magic-Cavaliers Postgame Analysis (2/11)
    Denton: Magic-Cavaliers Notes (2/11)
    Magic Topped by Cavs (2/11)
    Denton: Magic-Bulls Postgame Analysis (2/10)
    Magic Blowout Bulls for 10th Win in 12 Games (2/10)
    Denton: Magic-Bulls Notes (2/10)
    Denton: Howard Named to U.S. Team Program (2/10)
    Denton: Recollecting Vince's Big Night (2/10)
    Armstrong to be Honored as Part of Magic's Commitment to Past (2/8)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Hornets (2/8)
    Denton: Magic-Hornets Notes (2/8)
    Denton: Magic-Hornets Analysis (2/8)
    Magic Edge Hornets (2/8)
    Week Ahead: 2/8-2/14 (2/8)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Postgame Analysis (2/7)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Notes (2/7)
    Magic Stun Celtics (2/7)
    Denton: Magic Set For Final Regular Season Meeting With Celtics (2/7)
    Magic's Super Bowl Picks and Barnes' Analysis (2/6)
    Magic Lose Heartbreaker (2/5)
    Denton: Magic-Wizards Analysis (2/5)
    Denton: Magic-Wizards Notes (2/5)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Wizards (2/5)
    Denton: Bass Remains Hard at Work (2/4)
    Ewing to Coach Sophs in T-Mobile Rookie Challenge (2/3)
    Magic Dancers to Appear at Four Kia Locations (2/3)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Bucks (2/2)
    Denton: Magic-Bucks Postgame Analysis (2/2)
    Denton: Magic-Bucks Notes (2/2)
    Magic crush Bucks (2/2)
    Black History Month Quick Facts & Trivia (2/2)
    Magic Celebrate Black History Month (2/2)
    McDonald's Announces Contract Renewal With Dwight Howard (2/2)
    Magic's Week Ahead (2/1)

    January 2010

    Denton: Magic-Pistons Postgame Analysis (1/31)
    Van Gundy to Serve as East All-Star Coach (1/31)
    Magic Edge Pistons (1/31)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Hawks (1/30)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Analysis (1/30)
    Magic rock Hawks (1/30)
    'Hammering' Down the Opposition (1/29)
    Magic stun Celtics (1/28)
    Around the Amway (1/28)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Notes (1/26)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Postgame Analysis (1/28)
    Denton: Magic Seek Retribution (1/28)
    Denton: Earthquake Survivor Details Experience (1/26)
    Denton: Magic-Grizzlies Postgame Analysis (1/25)
    Magic Slip in Memphis (1/25)
    Magic's Week Ahead: 1/25-1/31 (1/25)
    Barnes' NFL Analysis and Magic's Postseason Picks (1/23)
    Denton: Magic-Bobcats Postgame Analysis (1/23)
    Magic Top Bobcats in OT (1/23)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Kings (1/22)
    Denton: Magic-Kings Postgame Analysis (1/22)
    Magic Cruise Past Kings (1/22)
    Denton: Magic-Kings Notes (1/22)
    Event Honoring Magic Raises $66,000 for Homeless (1/22)
    Denton: Homeless Coalition Honors Magic (1/22)
    Denton: Howard All-Star Bound Again (1/21)
    Howard Named All-Star Starter (1/21)
    Around the Amway: Magic-Pacers (1/20)
    Denton: Magic-Pacers Postgame Analysis (1/20)
    Denton: Magic-Pacers Notes (1/20)
    Magic Roll Past Pacers (1/20)
    Savage: Magic's Twitter Following Eclipses 1 Million (1/20)
    Howard Among Top Five NBA Jerseys Sold (1/20)
    Denton: Pietrus Confident Team Will Evolve (1/19)
    Denton: Magic-Lakers Postgame Analysis (1/18)
    Magic Slip Late Against Lakers (1/18)
    Denton: Magic-Lakers Notes (1/18)
    Magic Celebrate Martin Luther King Day (1/17)
    Denton: Magic Set For Finals Rematch (1/17)
    Denton: Magic's Stars Look to Align (1/16)
    Denton: Magic-Blazers Postgame Analysis (1/15)
    Magic Unable to Find Rhythm in Loss to Blazers (1/15)
    Denton: Magic-Blazers Notes (1/15)
    Denton: Carter Expected to Start in Portland (1/15)
    Denton: Lewis Hoping to Regain Form (1/14)
    Denton: Magic-Nuggets Postgame Analysis (1/13)
    Magic Slip in Denver(1/13)
    Magic Support Haiti Relief Efforts (1/13)
    Denton: Wednesday's Notes (1/13)
    Denton: Magic-Kings Postgame Analysis (1/12)
    Magic Pull Away From Kings (1/12)
    Denton: Magic-Kings Notes (1/12)
    Denton: White Chocolate Now Old Faithful (1/12)
    Orlando Magic Take Home Two Major Sales Awards from NBA Meetings (1/12)
    Denton: Carter Doubtful For Tuesday (1/11)
    Magic Magazine: January 2010 (1/11)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Postgame Analysis (1/9)
    Magic Storm Past Hawks (1/9)
    Denton: Magic-Wizards Postgame Analysis (1/8)
    Magic Fall to Wizards (1/8)
    Denton: Magic Look to Turn Things Around Against Wizards (1/8)
    Denton: Howard Still Leads All Centers After Fourth Returns (1/7)
    Denton: Magic-Raptors Postgame Analysis (1/6)
    Magic's Rally Falls Short Against Raptors (1/6)
    Denton: Magic-Raptors Notes (1/6)
    Denton: Here Comes the Amway Center (1/6)
    Denton: Magic-Pacers Postgame Analysis (1/5)
    Magic Slip Against Pacers (1/5)
    Magic Help Fight Against Childhood Obesity During NBA Fit Week (1/5)
    Denton: Magic-Bulls Postgame Analysis (1/2)
    Magic's Rally Falls Short in Chicago (1/2)
    Denton: Magic-Timberwolves Postgame Analysis (1/1)
    Magic Open Up New Year With Win Over Timberwolves (1/1)

    December 2009

    Denton: Howard One of Five Players with More Than 1.4 million All-Star Votes (12/31)
    Savage: Magic-Bucks Postgame Analysis (12/30)
    Denton: Magic-Bucks Notes (12/30)
    Magic Storm Past Bucks (12/30)
    Denton: Van Gundy Attempts to Limit Mental Wear and Tear (12/29)
    Denton: Magic's Carter Happy, But Hungry (12/28)
    Magic Pay it Forward on Christmas (12/26)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Postgame Analysis (12/25)
    Magic Fall to Celtics (12/25)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Notes (12/25)
    Denton: Magic Prepare For Celtics (12/24)
    Denton: Howard Leads Centers in All-Star Voting (12/24)
    Denton: Magic-Rockets Postgame Analysis (12/23)
    Magic Take Down Rockets (12/23)
    Denton: Magic-Rockets Notes (12/23)
    Denton: Magic Host Holiday Party For 42 Local Families (12/23)
    Denton: Magic-Jazz Postgame Analysis (12/21)
    Magic Edge Jazz (12/21)
    Denton: Magic-Jazz Notes (12/21)
    Howard Named NBA Eastern Conference Player of the Week (12/21)
    Denton: Nelson Could Play Monday (12/20)
    Savage: Magic-Blazers Postgame Analysis (12/19)
    Magic Pull Past Blazers (12/19)
    Magic Players Visit Florida Hospital for Children (12/18)
    Denton: Magic-Heat Postgame Analysis (12/17)
    Denton's Notes: Nelson Hopes to Practice Sunday (12/17)
    Magic Slip Against Heat (12/17)
    Denton: Magic-Raptors Postgame Analysis (12/16)
    Magic Roll Past Raptors (12/16)
    Denton: Magic Hope Shots to Howard's Head Will Stop (12/16)
    Denton: Magic and AirTran Airways Unveil "Magic 1" (12/15)
    Denton: Upon Further Review Howard's Foul Rescinded (12/15)
    Denton: Magic-Pacers Postgame Analysis (12/14)
    Howard's 20-20 Leads Magic Past Pacers (12/14)
    Denton's Notes: Nelson Ready to Return (12/14)
    Denton: Carter Likely Out Tonight (12/14)
    Denton: Magic-Suns Postgame Analysis (12/11)
    Magic's Comeback Comes Up Short Against Suns (12/11)
    Denton: Magic-Suns Notes (12/11)
    J.D.'s Mailbag: December 11 (12/11)
    Denton's Notes: Howard-Boozer Pairing? (12/10)
    Denton: Magic-Jazz Postgame Analysis (12/10)
    Magic Fall to Jazz (12/10)
    Denton: Lack of Respect Motivates Magic (12/9)
    Denton: Magic-Clippers Postgame Analysis (12/8)
    Magic Earn Eighth Straight Road Win, Defeat Clippers (12/8)
    Denton: Magic-Clippers Notes (12/8)
    Denton: Howard Wants a Championship for Birthday (12/7)
    Denton: Nelson Still the Starter Once Healthy (12/7)
    Denton: Magic Rolling on the Road (12/6)
    Denton: Magic-Warriors Postgame Analysis (12/5)
    Magic Earn Seventh Straight Road Win, Top Warriors (12/5)
    J.D.'s Mailbag: December 4 (12/4)
    Denton: Howard Donates $25,000 to BETA Center (12/4)
    Denton: Pietrus a Big Part of Orlando's Rise to the Top (12/3)
    Denton: Magic-Knicks Postgame Analysis (12/2)
    Magic Roll Past Knicks (12/2)
    Denton: Magic-Knicks Notes (12/2)
    Orlando Magic Backcourt Holiday Trees for Charity (12/1)
    Denton: Van Gundy Named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month (12/1)
    Van Gundy Named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month (12/1)
    Magic and FOX Sports Florida Team Up For On-Air Auction (12/1)

    November 2009

    Denton: Magic-Knicks Postgame Analysis (11/29)
    Magic Finish Road Trip With Win Over Knicks (11/29)
    Denton: Magic-Bucks Postgame Analysis (11/28)
    Carter, Howard Help Magic Edge Bucks (11/28)
    Denton: The NBA Nap (11/27)
    J.D.'s Mailbag: November 27 (11/27)
    Denton: Magic-Hawks Postgame Analysis (11/26)
    Magic Rally Past Hawks (11/26)
    Denton: Magic Celebrate Thanksgiving With Coalition for the Homeless (11/26)
    Denton: Magic-Heat Postgame Analysis (11/25)
    Magic Edged By Heat (11/25)
    Denton: Magic-Heat Notes (11/25)
    Magic Overtime with Dante & Galante Coming Soon to a TV Near You (11/25)
    Denton: Southeast Division Much Tougher (11/25)
    Magic Maker Tyler Youtz (11/24)
    Howard Receives NBA Cares Community Assist Award For October (11/24)
    Denton: Magic-Raptors Postgame Analysis (11/22)
    Magic Take Down Raptors (11/22)
    Denton: Carter Finally With a Championship Contender (11/21)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Postgame Analysis (11/20)
    Carter Helps Magic Edge Celtics (11/20)
    Denton: Magic-Celtics Notes (11/20)
    Denton: Howard Fully Supports Van Gundy (11/20)
    J.D.'s Mailbag: November 20 (11/20)
    Denton: Magic Prepared for Celtics' Best Effort (11/20)
    Orlando Magic Announce Expanded Radio Network (11/20)
    Denton: Magic-Thunder Postgame Analysis (11/18)
    Magic Roll Past Thunder (11/18)
    Denton: Magic-Thunder Notes (11/18)
    Vince Carter Bobblehead Giveaway (11/18)
    Denton: Van Gundy Deals With Injuries (11/17)
    Denton: Nelson's Road to Recovery (11/17)
    Nelson to Have Knee Surgery (11/17)
    Denton: Magic-Bobcats Postgame Analysis (11/16)
    Denton: Magic-Bobcats Postgame Notes (11/16)
    Magic Take Down Bobcats (11/16)
    Denton: Rashard Ready to Return (11/16)
    Denton: Magic-Nets Postgame Analysis (11/13)
    Magic Pull Past Nets (11/13)
    J.D.'s Mailbag: November 13 (11/13)
    Denton: Gortat Aims to Improve (11/13)
    Denton: Magic-Cavaliers Postgame Analysis (11/11)
    Magic Drop Eastern Conference Finals Re-Match With Cavs (11/11)
    Denton: Magic-Cavaliers Notes (11/11)
    Denton: Cavs Prepare For Howard (11/11)
    Denton: Magic-Bobcats Postgame Analysis (11/10)
    Magic Take Down Bobcats (11/10)
    Denton: Van Gundy Demands Better Defensive Effort (11/10)
    Denton: Magic-Thunder Postgame Analysis (11/8)
    Magic Slip Against Thunder (11/8)
    Denton: Redick's Road to Success (11/8)
    Denton: Carter and Anderson Injury Update (11/8)
    Magic Pay Back Pistons (11/6)
    Denton: Magic-Pistons Postgame Analysis (11/6)
    Denton: Magic-Pistons Notes (11/6)
    J.D.'s Mailbag: November 6 (11/6)
    Denton: Amway Center Topping Off Ceremony (11/5)
    Magic Magazine: 2009 Community Report (11/5)
    Denton: Magic-Suns Notes (11/4)
    Denton: Magic-Suns Postgame Analysis(11/4)
    Magic Bounce Back Against Suns (11/4)
    Denton: Magic-Pistons Notes (11/3)
    Denton: Magic-Pistons Postgame Analysis (11/3)
    Magic Fall to Pistons (11/3)
    Denton: Vince Carter Update (11/3)
    Denton: Nelson Returns to Form (11/3)
    Howard Named NBA's Eastern Conference Player of the Week (11/2)
    Denton: Magic-Raptors Postgame Analysis (11/1)
    Nelson Leads Magic Past Raptors (11/1)

    October 2009

    Denton: Magic Prepare to Take On Turkoglu (10/31)
    A Glance at the Association: Week 1 (10/31)
    Denton: Magic-Nets Postgame Analysis (10/30)
    Magic Defeat Nets, Improve to 2-0 (10/30)
    J.D.'s Mailbag: October 30(10/30)
    Denton: Lee Set to Face Former Magic Mates (10/30)
    Denton: Magic-Nets Preview (10/30)
    Denton: Magic-Sixers Postgame Analysis (10/28)
    Denton: Magic-Sixers Postgame Notes (10/28)
    Magic Open Season With Win Over 76ers (10/28)
    Howard Provides $30,000 to Florida Hospital for Children (10/28)
    Denton: Carter's Dream Becomes a Reality (10/28)
    Denton: Ryan Anderson to Start (10/27)
    Denton's Tuesday Notes (10/27)
    Orlando Magic Season Preview (10/27)
    John Denton Joins (10/27)
    Magic Help Host Family Fall Festival (10/27)
    Magic's 'BE Healthy' Campaign in Conjunction with All-Star Lunch Week (10/27)
    Magic Finish Preseason Perfect 8-0 (10/23)
    Magic Surge Past Pacers (10/21)
    Amway to Sponsor Orlando Magic Practice Jerseys (10/21)
    Adonal Foyle Undergoes Knee Surgery (10/21)
    Magic Host Hispanic Chamber Business Event (10/20)
    Magic Edge Bulls to Improve to 6-0 in Preseason (10/19)
    Magic Off to Hot Start (10/16)
    Meet the 2009-10 Magic Dancers (10/16)
    Magic Cruise Past Hornets (10/13)
    Magic Roll Past Grizzlies (10/12)
    Magic Take Down Rockets (10/9)
    Anderson Making a Name for Himself (10/7)
    Magic Hold Off Heat (10/7)
    Magic Edge Mavs in Preseason Opener (10/5)
    SI for Kids' The Video Game Issue Features Dwight Howard (10/5)

    September 2009

    AirTran Airways Becomes Official Airline of the New Amway Center (9/30)
    Training Camp Central (9/29)
    Magic Media Day Central (9/28)
    Magic Sign Almond, Johnson; Prepare for Camp (9/18)
    Hispanic Heritage Month 2009 (9/18)
    Magic To Cap Season Ticket Sales at 13,000 (9/10)
    Howard Spends Time in South Africa with BWB (9/8)
    World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame to Induct Foyle (9/8)
    Stan Van Gundy Coaches Clinic (9/1)

    August 2009

    OMYF Black Tie and Tennies Charity Gala Named Tops by Orlando Magazine (8/28)
    Magic Re-Sign Adonal Foyle (8/27)
    Magic Dancers Hold Auditions for the 2009-2010 Season (8/20)
    Magic Sign Free Agent Jason Williams (8/19)
    Magic Host Select-A-Seat Event for 2009-10 Season (8/19)
    "BE Magic" Reflects Team's Championship Mentality (8/18)
    Orlando Magic Captains Spend Time Giving Back (8/13)
    Orlando Magic 2009-2010 Preseason Schedule (8/11)
    Rashard Lewis Suspended (8/6)
    Orlando Magic 2009-2010 Schedule (8/4)
    NBA Skills Challenge Winners to Attend Camp Hosted by Magic (8/1)

    July 2009

    Magic Contribute 5,000-plus Community Service Hours to Central Florida (7/27)
    Magic Sign Matt Barnes (7/23)
    Carter Speaks at Orlando Magic Youth Basketball Camp (7/21)
    Magic Dancer Megan Clementi Crowned Miss Florida USA (7/21)
    Orlando Events Center Roof Truss Assembly Begins (7/15)
    Magic Retain Marcin Gortat (7/13)
    Bass, Magic Agree to Deal (7/10)
    Summer League Scoop - Day Five (7/10)
    Hibbert-Led Pacers Top Magic in Finale (7/10)
    Fazekas Fuels C's Past Nets/Sixers (7/10)
    Jazz Play Sweet Tune Against Thunder (7/10)
    Summer League Scoop - Day Four (7/9)
    Lofton Stars, but Pacers Stay Unbeaten (7/9)
    Magic Give Up 23-Point Lead in Defeat (7/9)
    Thunder Stay Hot, Beat Nets/Sixers (7/9)
    Orlando Acquires Future Considerations (7/9)
    Summer League Scoop - Day Three (7/8)
    Magic Roll Past Nets/Sixers (7/8)
    Westbrook Thrives, Thunder Cruise (7/8)
    Pacers Remain Undefeated (7/8)
    Summer League Scoop - Day Two (7/7)
    Anderson Flourishes, Magic Get First Win (7/7)
    Maynor Helps Jazz Top Nets/Sixers (7/7)
    Hibbert, Hansbrough Guide Pacers (7/7)
    Summer League Scoop - Day One (7/6)
    Magic Fall to Thunder on Day One (7/6)
    Celtics Coast Past Jazz (7/6)
    Speights Shines, but Pacers Win Opener (7/6)
    2009 Orlando Magic Summer League Roster Breakdown (7/5)
    Magic Construction Managers Educate Parramore Youth (7/1)
    Sun Sports & Fox Sports Florida Look Back on the NBA Finals Run (7/1)

    June 2009

    Dwight Howard Receives ESPY Nomination (6/30)
    Martins & Smith Named to Orlando Magazine's Power List (6/30)
    Orlando Acquires Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson From New Jersey (6/25)
    Orlando Magic to Host 2009 Orlando Pro Summer League (6/25)
    Magic Celebrate Groundbreaking of Five Community Gyms (6/25)
    Magic to Fans: "Thank You" (6/17)
    Magic Share Special Bond With Fans (6/14)
    All Great Things Come To An End (6/14)
    Dr. Moody Recognized as June's Fifth Third Bank Magic Maker (6/13)
    Magic Renovate Learning Center at Northwest Community Center (6/13)
    Special Fan Activities for Game 5 (6/12)
    Magic Formula For Success (6/11)
    Everyone Must Stay Optimistic (6/11)
    Finals Game 4: Magic Edged by Lakers in OT (6/11)
    Magic Make History in Game 3 (6/9)
    Fans Help Create Special Night at Amway (6/9)
    Finals Game 3: Magic Edge Lakers (6/9)
    Magic Remain Confident in Finals (6/9)
    Special Fan Activities for Game 3 (6/8)
    Magic Poised to Make Another Comeback (6/7)
    Magic's Terrific Tag Team Shines in Game 2 (6/7)
    Finals Game 2: Magic Fall in OT (6/7)
    Dwight Howard Will Help Lead Basketball Without Borders 2009 (6/5)
    Magic Have Game 2 On Their Minds (6/4)
    Nelson Completes Miraculous Comeback (6/4)
    Magic Fall to Lakers in Game 1 (6/4)
    Magic Open Retail Trailer Outside Amway Arena During NBA Finals (6/3)
    Special Fan Activities and Watch Parties Announced for NBA Finals (6/3)
    Magic Eye Ultimate Prize (6/2)
    Updated: Orlando Magic Audio Interviews (6/2)
    Orlando Magic Host 2009 Summer Youth Basketball Camps (6/2)
    Martins on the State of the Magic (6/1)

    May 2009

    Magic's Championship Goal Now Fully Within Reach (5/30)
    Howard Catapults Magic to Finals (5/30)
    Magic Advance to NBA Finals With Game 6 Win (5/30)
    Series Still in Magic's Favor (5/28)
    Magic Continue to Show Resiliency (5/28)
    Magic Can't Close Out Cavs in Game 5 (5/28)
    NBA Rescinds Technical on Magic's Howard (5/27)
    Magic Host Game 5 Watch Party at Wall Street Plaza (5/27)
    Howard Plays the Hero in Game 4 (5/26)
    Magic Ride 3-Point Barrage to Victory (5/26)
    GameNight: Magic 116, Cavs 114 (5/26)
    Local Girl Wowing Magic Crowds with Vocal Brilliance (5/26)
    Air France Soars to New Heights in Postseason (5/24)
    It Always Comes Down to Free Throws (5/24)
    Magic Grab Game 3 Victory Over Cleveland (5/24)
    Magic Also Made Memorable Moments in Game 2 (5/22)
    Short-Term Heartbreak, Long-Term Reward? (5/22)
    Magic Stunned at Buzzer in Game 2 (5/22)
    Special Activities and Watch Parties for Eastern Conference Finals (5/21)
    Landman-Gonzalez Honored at Awards Ceremony (5/21)
    Stars Align in Magic's Game 1 Win (5/20)
    Magic Refuse to Quit, Win Game 1 Thriller (5/20)
    GameNight: Magic Edge Cavaliers in Game 1 (5/20)
    Magic Host Game 1 Watch Party at Wall Street Plaza (5/19)
    Magic Learn Lesson From Historical Series Win (5/17)
    Magic Demonstrate Excellence in Game 7 (5/17)
    Magic Advance with Game 7 over Boston (5/17)
    Pregame Update: Magic-Celtics Game 7 (5/17)
    Magic Host Game 7 Watch Party at Wall Street Plaza (5/15)
    Magic Shift Focus to Game 7 (5/14)
    'Superman' Showcases Super Performance (5/14)
    Magic Remain Alive with Game 6 Win (5/14)
    Magic Award Scholarships to High School Students (5/13)
    Julia Young Recognized as Mays Fifth Third Bank Orlando Magic Maker (5/13)
    Howard Highlights All-NBA First Team (5/13)
    Magic Slip Late in Game 5 (5/12)
    In a Series of Inches, a Game 5 Win Could Go a Long Way (5/12)
    Confident Magic Ready For Game 5 (5/10)
    Last-Second Loss Can Send a Positive Message (5/10)
    Magic Beat at Buzzer by Celtics (5/10)
    Magic Mourn the Passing of Hall of Fame Coach Chuck Daly (5/9)
    Lewis Lifts Magic Once Again (5/8)
    "Rook" Returns in Style (5/8)
    Howard Named "Helpful Player of the Month" (5/8)
    Magic's Alston Suspended for Game 3 (5/7)
    GameNight: Magic Slip in Game 2 (5/6)
    Howard First Magic Player Honored on All-Defensive First Team (5/6)
    Magic Hold Off Celtics for Game 1 Win (5/4)
    Keys to the Magic-Celtics Series (5/4)
    Magic Strive for Greatness Against Celtics (5/3)

    April 2009

    Magic Beat 76ers, Advance to Eastern Conference Semifinals (4/30)
    Lee Out for Game 6 (4/29)
    Howard Is Super Against the Sixers (4/29)
    Magic Take 3-2 Series Lead (4/28)
    Magic Reverse Roles in Game 4 (4/26)
    Magic Edge 76ers (4/26)
    Last-Second Loss Spoils Spectacular Comeback (4/24)
    Magic Edged by Sixers in Game 3 (4/24)
    Quick Update Before Game 3 (4/24)
    Rook Rises to the Occasion (4/23)
    Magic Hold Off 76ers for Game 2 Win (4/22)
    Howard Wins 2008-09 NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award (4/21)
    Magic and Harris Corporation Agree to Partnership (4/21)
    Follow the Magic on Twitter (4/20)
    Magic Edged by Sixers in Game 1 (4/19)
    Magic Set for Sixers (4/17)
    Multi-Faceted Magic Await Sixers (4/16)
    Fan Activities Announced for 2009 Playoffs (4/16)
    2009 Magic Playoff Schedule (4/15)
    Magic's Take on Playing the 76ers (4/15)
    Magic Roll Past Bobcats (4/15)
    Orlando Announces Magic Fan Fridays for 2009 Playoffs (4/15)
    Experience Counts (4/15)
    2009 NBA Postseason Scenarios (4/14)
    Magic to Honor Fans with Fan Appreciation Night (4/14)
    Magic Slip in New Jersey (4/11)
    Magic Edged by the Knicks (4/10)
    Pregame Update: Magic-Knicks(4/10)
    Turkoglu: Mr. Fourth Quarter (4/9)
    Magic Rally Past Grizzlies (4/8)
    Alston Stylish and Steady (4/8)
    Magic Slip in Houston (4/7)
    Howard Earns Second Straight Eastern Conference Player of the Week Award (4/6)
    Magic Take Down Hawks (4/4)
    Magic Deliver Postseason Message (4/4)
    Magic Throttle Cavaliers (4/3)
    Superman Extends Hand to Boys and Girls Club (4/3)
    Nelson Still Contributing to Magic Despite Shoulder Injury (4/3)
    Magic Support SunRail (4/2)
    Magic Fall to Raptors (4/1)
    Magic Join NBA's First-Ever Green Week (4/1)

    March 2009

    Howard Named Ace Hardware Helpful Player of the Month (3/31)
    Magic Cool Down Heat (3/30)
    Howard Named Eastern Conference Player of the Week (3/30)
    Howard Named Winner of 2008-2009 Rich & Helen DeVos Community Enrichment Award (3/28)
    Shot Selection Helps Magic Overcome Stagnant Start (3/28)
    Magic Dominate Bucks (3/27)
    Magic's Sensational Sequence Clinches Division Crown (3/26)
    Magic Beat Celtics to Clinch Division (3/25)
    2009 OMYF Black Tie and Tennies Charity Gala (3/25)
    Eddie DelValle Recognized as Fifth Third Bank Orlando Magic Maker (3/24)
    Magic Rally Past Knicks in Big Apple (3/23)
    Magic Re-Sign Adonal Foyle (3/23)
    Eagle Eye Regains Golden Touch (3/22)
    Turkoglu's Fourth-Quarter Effort Lifts Magic Over Knicks (3/21)
    Dwight Howard Dominates in Magic's Win over Bucks (3/18)
    Orlando Magic Celebrate 20 FANtastic Seasons (3/18)
    Anderson Honored at 2009 Onyx Awards (3/18)
    Magic Edged By Cavaliers (3/17)
    Howard Announces Debut of Official Website (3/17)
    Magic's Backcourt Back in Order (3/16)
    Howard Leads Magic Past Jazz (3/15)
    Magic Pull Past Wizards (3/13)
    Bid to Own Dwight Howard's Phone Booth (3/13)
    Gortat Bounces Back for Big Night Against Bulls (3/12)
    Magic Down Bulls to Clinch Playoff Berth (3/11)
    Local Minority-Owned Companies Benefiting From Events Center Construction

    Pistons snap Magic's four-game win streak (3/9)
    Howard leads Magic past defending champs (3/8)
    Squad of Superheroes Sets Suns (3/7)
    Magic Edge Harris, Nets (3/6)
    Magic Build Playground for Local Youth (3/6)
    Squad of Superheroes Sets Suns (3/4)
    Magic, Howard take down Shaq, Suns (3/3)
    Orlando Magic to hold faith and family night (3/3)
    Monica May recognized as the Fifth Third Bank Orlando Magic Maker (3/2)

    February 2009

    Orlando grabs another win in Philadelphia (2/28)
    Magic Searching for Answers (2/28)
    Detroit continues to thrive against Magic (2/27)
    Turkoglu has big night in win over Knicks (2/25)
    Magic encourage fans to be tobacco free during Friday's game vs. Pistons (2/25)
    Bulls knock off Magic in Chicago (2/24)
    Orlando Magic hosts reception for FAMU College of Law and American Bar Association (2/24)
    Dwight Howard named Eastern Conference Player of the Week(2/23)
    Alston Making Immediate Impact (2/23)
    Howard, Magic overcome Wade's career-high 50 points (2/22)
    Turkoglu leads Magic to second victory over Bobcats in four days (2/20)
    Magic Again Considered Among Elite Title Contenders (2/20)
    Orlando acquires Rafer Alston from Houston (2/19)
    Be There Blog: Howard's on a mission (2/19)
    Magic stumble in New Orleans (2/18)
    Magic will their way to win (2/18)
    Howard has historic night in OT win (2/17)
    Orlando Magic All-Star players blog (2/14-2/16)
    West regains All-Star title with 146-119 victory (2/15)
    Howard slams into second(2/14)
    Lewis falls in 3-point shootout finals (2/14)
    Howard helps launch future of basketball apparel (2/13)
    Howard coaches Sophomores to victory (2/13)
    Nuggets win in Orlando for first time since 1992 (2/11)
    OMYF distributed more than $750,000 to Central Florida community (2/11)
    Orlando Magic Dancer Deanna Clover featured in 2009 SI Swimsuit Issue (2/11)
    Howard Lives Up to Super Standards (2/9)
    Magic honor Purple Heart recipient (2/8)
    Howard leads Magic to win over New Jersey (2/8)
    Pacers nip Magic in Indiana, 107-102 (2/6)
    Lee to host Tobacco Free Florida school rally (2/6)
    Orlando acquires Tyronn Lue from Milwaukee for Keith Bogans (2/5)
    Magic's Team Effort Crushes Clippers (2/5)
    Johnson leads Magic over Clippers (2/4)
    Glass Half Full: Magic won't panic (2/3)
    AnezSez: Say it ain't so, Jameer (2/3)
    David Steele's Blog update (2/3)
    Magic look inside to fill Nelson's void (2/3)
    Magic's comeback falls short, Mavs pull out win (2/2)
    Van Gundy named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month (2/2)
    AnezSez: Stan Deserves Extension (2/2)
    Magic grab Super Bowl Sunday win in Toronto(2/1)

    January 2009

    Be There Blog: Unprecedented (1/30)
    Magic's defensive effort dominates Cavaliers (1/30)
    Magic crush Cavs on big night for franchise (1/29)
    Lewis, Nelson selected to NBA All-Star team (1/29)
    AnezSez: What to to with MP? (1/29)
    Pietrus makes triumphant return (1/28)
    Howard racks up votes, lobbies for teammates (1/28)
    Howard to coach Sophomores in rookie challenge (1/28)
    Magic are all over's Midseason Awards (1/27)
    Pietrus' return sparks blowout win over Indiana (1/27)
    Magic fall in Miami, 103-97 (1/24)
    Be There Blog: A ride down 29th St. (1/23)
    Nelson Displays Growth Against Defending Champs (1/123)
    Dwight Howard is first to receive over 3 million All-Star votes (1/22)
    Celtics snap Orlando's 11-game home win streak (1/22)
    AnezSez: Jameer Nelson should be Phoenix-bound (1/21)
    Glass Half Full: 41 down, 41 to go (1/18)
    Orlando finishes road trip at 4-0 with win in Denver (1/17)
    Nelson's 15 fourth quarter points lead Magic past Lakers (1/16)
    Be There Blog: Otis Smith - Then and Now (1/15)
    AnezSez: Thunder in a bottle (1/14)
    Magic set numerous 3-point shooting records in blowout of Kings(1/13)
    Hollinger's PER Diem notes Magic success (1/13)
    Eastern Conference Insider: Orlando finds a mix that works (1/13)
    Glass Half Full: Here's Hollinger (1/13)
    Dwight Howard named Eastern Conference Player of the Week (1/12)
    AnezSez: New life for Redick (1/12)
    Magic knock of Spurs on the road (1/11)
    Glass Half Full: Home, Sweet Home (1/10)
    Magic dismantle Hawks for 11th straight home win (1/9)
    Orlando Magic Host African American Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours Event (1/9)
    Orlando Magic partners with Waste Management to continue green initiative (1/8)
    Be There Blog: Magic host Seats for Soldiers Night (1/8)
    Magic hold on for big win in Atlanta (1/7)
    Jameer Nelson making himself All-Star worthy (1/7)
    Turkoglu leads Magic past Wizards (1/6)
    AnezSez- 1-on-1 with Otis (1/6)
    Raptors clip Magic, 108-102 (1/4)
    Glass Half Full: What if? (1/3)
    Magic overcome Heat in Orlando (1/2)
    AnezSez- Sweet Lew a Slam Dunk Star (1/2)

    December 2008

    Brighthouse and FS Florida reach agreement (12/31)
    Magic crush Bulls on New Year's Eve (12/31)
    That First Magical Season (12/30)
    Glass Half Full: Fave Five From 2008 (12/30)
    Magic fall in defensive battle against Detroit (12/29)
    Magic take down Wolves for seventh straight win (12/27)
    Glass Half Full: Magic prove East strength (12/26)
    Magic dominate Hornets on Christmas Day (12/25)
    Glass Half Full: Talking All-Star (12/23)
    Magic dominate Warriors in 113-81 win (12/22)
    Jameer Nelson is named Eastern Conference Player of the Week (12/22)
    Magic streak continues as Lakers fall in Amway (12/20)
    Glass Half Full: Nelson garners attention(12/19)
    Be There Blog: Anthony Johnson: The List(12/19)
    Glass Half Full: Three point play (12/19)
    Nelson leads Magic past Spurs (12/18)
    STUFF Blog (12/18)
    Magic grab win in Golden State (12/15)
    Magic win 103-94 over Jazz with Howard on sideline (12/13)
    AnezSez- Give it up Dwight (12/13)
    Magic lose a heartbreaker in Phoenix, 113-112 (12/12)
    Magic re-sign Jeremy Richardson (12/12)
    Glass Half Full: Comeback Kids (12/12)
    Fan Voice: 40 Before 20? (12/11)
    High-Tech Training, by Scott Wallin (12/11)
    Howard leads NBA in All-Star votes (12/11)
    ESPN's Daily Dime features Magic two days in a row (12/10)
    Magic take down Blazers, 109-108, with last-second 3-pointer (12/9)
    Glass Half Full: Superman flying high (12/9)
    AnezSez- We gotta get together for Superman's sake (12/9)
    Orlando clips Los Angeles, 95-88 (12/8)
    Glass Half Full: Flying out West (12/8)
    Magic take down Thunder 98-89 behind Howard's 21 points and 23 rebounds (12/5)
    Dwight Howard, Keith Bogans and J.J. Redick Visit Children at Disney's Children's Hospital (12/5)
    Glass Half Full: Courtney's Night (12/4)
    AnezSez- Defense wins Championships (12/3)
    Magic down Timberwolves, 100-89, as Lee scores career-high 19 (12/3)
    Lewis' 30 points isn't enough to overcome Celtics (12/1)
    AnezSez- Road Mojo Needed at Home (12/1)

    November 2008

    Magic take down Pacers, 110-96, behind Howard's season-high 32 points along with 21 rebounds and four blocks (11/27)
    Magic partner with Coalition of the Homeless to serve Thanksgiving Day breakfast (11/29)
    Be There Blog: Scott Skiles, Mr. Assist (11/27)
    Orlando knocks off Washington, 105-90 (11/27)
    Last-second 3-pointer pushes Magic past Sixers, 96-94 (11/26)
    AnezSez: Dare I talk about the I-word? (11/26)
    Magic give thanks with Thanksgiving efforts (11/25)
    OMYF: Let's grow together (11/25)
    Orlando defeats Milwaukee, 108-101 (11/24)
    Tim Povtak: Don't Worry, Be Happy (11/24)
    Keith Bogans out 4-6 weeks with fractured thumb (11/24)
    Yao has big night as Rockets beat Magic 100-98 (11/22)
    Orlando wins over Pacers, 100-98, in overtime thriller (11/22)
    Magic introduce Magic Mondays (11/21)
    Be There Blog: Make All-Star Weekend a Weekend of Magic (11/21)
    Glass Half Full: Three-Point Notebook (11/21)
    Rashard Lewis helps feed families in need (11/20)
    Fan Voice: SVG, Rockin' The Mic (11/20)
    Anez-Sez: The Read Orlando Magic Stand Up (11/20)
    Confidence Breeds Success with Keith Bogans (11/19)
    Magic to hold first ever parent-child camp (11/19)
    Glass Half Full: I'm Back (11/19)
    Magic win fourth in a row, 103-90, over Raptors (11/18)
    Events Center Pre-bid Meeting: Tuesday, November 18 (11/18)
    Orlando Magic and city partner to provide financial assistance to W. Church St. (11/18)
    Anez-Sez: Point-Counterpoint (11/17)
    Magic sweep road trip, defeat Bobcats 90-85 (11/16)
    Orlando defeats Dallas102-100 (11/14)
    Orlando defeats Oklahoma City 109-92 in first of three straight road games (11/12)
    Orlando Magic Officials Meet with Local Minority Leaders; Discuss Progress of Events Center Construction (11/11)
    Four Orlando Magic players on All-Star ballot (11/11)
    Fifth Third Bank Orlando Magic Maker Dr. Bridget Williams (11/11)
    Portland defeats Orlando, 106-99 (11/10)
    Orlando defeats Washington, 106-81 (11/8)
    Orlando defeats Philadelphia, 98-88, for third straight win (11/6)
    AnezSez: Serenity now Hedo (11/6)
    Orlando Magic and Chick-fil-A announce new partnership(11/5)
    OMYF named outstanding philanthropic foundation (11/5)
    Orlando 96, Chicago 93 (11/3)
    AnezSez: We're on board (11/3)
    Orlando 121, Sacramento 103 (11/1)

    October 2008

    Memphis 86, Orlando 84 (10/31)
    Fan Voice: Step back from the ledge, Magic fan (10/31)
    OMYF Continues to 'Grow' (10/30)
    GameNight: Hawks99, Magic 85 (10/29)
    Fan T-Shirt Contest (10/29)
    "INSIDE THE MAGIC: Formation of the Franchise"
    Premieres Monday, November 3, 10:00pm on Sun Sports (10/29)

    Opening Night and 20th Anniversary season have arrived (10/28)
    Parramore Church Partners With Events Center Constructio (10/27)
    GameNight: Magic 101, Grizzlies 90 (10/22)
    GameNight: Magic 109, Hawks 103 (10/20)
    GameNight: Magic 100, Heat 92 (10/18)
    Be There Blog: Rookie Road Trips (10/17)
    GameNight: Magic 94, Bobcats 84 (10/15)
    Magic practice hard, hit the road for three-game trip (10/15)
    Adonal Foyle teaches Parramore students about nutrition (10/14)
    GameNight: Magic 94, CSKA Moscow 66 (10/10)
    GameNight: Magic 118, Bobcats 80 (10/8)
    GameNight: Hawks 118, Magic 101 (10/6)
    Van Gundy sees Redick's improvement (10/2)
    Be There Blog: Bo Outlaw is a true ambasador (10/2)

    SEPTEMBER 2008

    Camp begins with defense, championship on mind (9/30)
    Media Day coverage (9/30)
    Select-A-Seat event has something for everyone (9/29)
    Magic sign three, prepare for season (9/25)
    Pinstriped Party (9/23)
    Minority-Owned Firm Excited to be Working on Community's New Events Center Site (9/23)
    Local Resident Finds New Home with Orlando Magic Construction Manager (9/23)
    Hispanic Construction Firm Awarded First Construction Package on Community's New Events Center (9/23)
    A Night of Luxury with the Magic (9/18)
    A look into Pat Garrity's career (9/17)
    Hispanic Construction Firm Awarded First Construction Package on Community's New Events Center (9/10)
    Pat Garrity Retires (9/11)
    Patrick Ewing Looks Back on Hall of Fame Career (9/5)
    2008-09 Magic Telecast Schedule(9/4)
    2008-09 Season Preview (9/4)
    J.J. Redick appears at Dunkin' Donuts Grand Opening (9/2)
    Dwight Howard Returns Home With Gold (9/1)

    AUGUST 2008

    Tony Battie Q and A (8/28)
    Slammin' Summer Tour 2008 (8/18)
    2009-09 Season Schedule Released (8/12)
    Orlando Magic Off the Court (8/8)
    Dwight Heads to Beijing With Gold on His Mind (8/7)
    Magic Break Ground on New Arena (8/1)
    20th Anniversary Logo Unveiled (8/1)

    JULY 2008

    Lee Enjoying Magic Life (7/23)
    Air Francs Arrives (7/13)
    Magic Sign Anthony Johnson (7/15)
    Magic Sign Mickael Pietrus (7/10)

    JUNE 2008

    Magic Select Courtney Lee In First Round
    Otis Sees Solid Player, Person at 22
    Otis' Pre-Draft Comments (6/25)
    Magic Sign GM Otis Smith to Multi-Year Contract Extension (6/02)

    2008 PLAYOFFS

    Pistons Wrap Up The Series, 91-86 (5/13)
    Turkoglu, Magic Come Up Short (5/10)
    Lewis Leads Magic to Big Win, 111-86 (5/7)
    Second Half Surge Falls Just Short (5/5)
    Magic Fall in Game One, 91-72 (5/3)
    2008 Eastern Conference Semifinals: Orlando Magic vs. Detroit Pistons (5/2)
    Magic Eliminate Raptors, Move on to Conference Semifinals (4/28)
    Make Win Game Four, Take 3-1 Lead Back to Orlando (4/26)
    Magic Drop Game Three, Still Lead 2-1 (4/24)
    Magic Off to a Great Playoff Start (4/23)
    Magic Edge Out Game Two Victory, 104-103 (4/22)
    Howard Leads Magic To Game One Win, 114-100 (4/20)
    First Round Player Matchups (4/18)
    Orlando Magic vs. Toronto Raptors Series Preview (4/17)

    MAY 2008

    Magic Already Looking Forward to Next Season (5/16)
    Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Skills Challenge Finals to be Held in Orlando (5/14)
    Magic Holding Their Heads High (5/14)
    Dwight Howards Earns All-NBA Defensive Second Team Honors (5/12)
    Dwight Howards Earns All-NBA First Team Honors (5/8)

    APRIL 2008

    Hedo Turkoglu Wins NBA Most Improved Player Award Presented by Kia Motors (4/28)
    Hedo Turkoglu Named Eastern Conference Player of the Month for April (4/17)
    Bench Leads Magic to Season Finale Victory (4/16)
    Dwight Howard Named Aleve 'Hustle Player of the Year' (4/16)
    Howard Grabs Milestones (4/15)
    Orlando Cruises to Double Digit Road Victory (4/15)
    Magic Grab 50th Win (4/13)
    Magic's Bid For 50th Win Falls Short (4/11)
    Howard Leads Magic in Blowout (4/9)
    Magic Can't Complete New York Sweep (4/6)
    Orlando Clinches Third Seed With Win in Cleveland (4/5)
    Preparing for the Playoffs (4/4)
    Magic Fall Short at the Buzzer (4/1)

    MARCH 2008

    Howard Wins DeVos Community Enrichment Award (3/29)
    Magic Set New Franchise Record for Road Wins (3/28)
    Brett DioGuardi Wins BOLDest BLUEst Fan Contest (3/25)
    Magic Lose Battle to Champs, 107-97 (3/25)
    Hawks Outlast Magic, 98-90 (3/22)
    Balanced Scoring Leads Magic to Big Win (3/21)
    Turkoglu's Career Night Not Enough (3/19)
    Orlando Magic Continue "Commitment to the Past" on March 21 (3/18)
    Magic Notch Fifth Straight Victory (3/17)
    Magic Grab Playoff Berth (3/15)
    Orlando Sets Franchise Road Record (3/14)
    Magic Sweep Clippers (3/12)
    Turkoglu Helps Magic Outscore Hawks (3/10)
    Magic Can't Notch Fourth Straight (3/8)
    Magic Dominate Wizards, 122-92 (3/5)
    Outlaw Joins Magic in Community Outreach Efforts (3/4)
    Magic Blowout Knicks, 118-92(3/01)

    FEBRUARY 2008

    Balanced Scoring Beats Magic(2/27)
    Magic Notch Third Straight Victory(2/26)
    Magic Blowout Kings, 112-93(2/24)
    Turkoglu Leads Magic To Win(2/22)
    Magic Can't Outscore Raptors, 127-110(2/20)
    Magic Win Big In Motown(2/19)
    Nick Anderson Inducted Into the Central Florida Sports Hall of Fame(2/19)
    Dwight Howard Lights Up Faces of New Orleans Youth adidas' Brotherhood(2/19)
    2008 NBA All-Star Game(2/18)
    Howard Soars To Slam Dunk Contest Championship(2/16)
    Lewis and Howard Lead Magic To Victory(2/13)
    Cavs and Hughes Too Much For Magic(2/11)
    Late Surge Not Enough for Magic(2/8)
    Orlando Magic and EMBARQ Agree To New Three-Year Partnership(2/8)
    Magic Get Revenge on Nets, 100-84(2/6)
    Mavs Spoil Hedo Turkoglu's Triple-Double(2/4)
    Turkoglu Honored With Second Straight Eastern Conference Player of the Week(2/4)
    SUN Sports & FSN Florida Announce New Behind-the-Scenes TV Series, "Inside the Magic"(2/4)
    Magic Top Pacers For Fourth Straight Win(2/2)
    Turkoglu Free-Throws Clinch Victory(2/1)

    JANUARY 2008

    Orlando Magic Set To Air Spanish Version Of Midnight Magic(1/31)
    Magic Win Fifth Straight Home Game(1/30)
    Hedo Turkoglu Named Eastern Conference Player of the Week(1/28)
    Another Buzzer Beating Win By The Magic(1/27)
    Pistons Get Revenge In Motown(1/25)
    Dwight Howard Named All-Star Starter(1/24)
    Magic Set Three-Point Record In Victory(1/23)
    Buzzer Shot Beats Pistons, 102-100(1/21)
    Howard to Participate in Dunk Contest(1/21)
    Magic Cools Off Blazers, 101-94(1/19)
    Strong Second Half Carries Bobcats Past Magic(1/16)
    Magic Cruise To 102-88 Win(1/15)
    Magic Come Up Short in Utah(1/12)
    Denver's Late Run Enough To Stop Magic(1/11)
    Howard Inches Closer To All-Star Start(1/10)
    Balanced Scoring Lifts Magic(1/9)
    Late Surge Not Enough For Magic(1/8)
    Foyle's Tip Not in Time(1/4)
    Howard Continues To Lead Eastern Conference Centers(1/3)
    Strong Fourth Lifts Nets, 96-95(1/2)
    Dwight Howard Earns Eastern Conference Player of the Month(1/2)

    DECEMBER 2007

    Turkoglu Jumper Sinks Bulls in OT(12/31)
    Magic Win Third Straight(12/29)
    Magic Earn Overtime Win in Miami(12/28)
    Strong Fourth Lifts Magic to Win(12/26)
    Boston Gets Revenge on Magic(12/23)
    Second Half Surge Helps Jazz(12/21)
    Magic Hold On, 97-92(12/19)
    Magic Comeback Falls Just Short(12/17)
    Howard's Big Performance Spoiled By Grizzlies(12/15)
    Second Half Surge Lifts Magic(12/14)
    Dwight Howard Leads All Eastern Conference Centers(12/13)
    Magic Can't Find Their Mark(12/12)
    New Orlando Events Center Design Unveiled(12/10)
    Magic Drop Second in a Row, 98-87(12/10)
    Magic Suffer Tough Loss in Homecoming(12/07)
    The Magic Back in Town(12/05)
    Magic and Orlando Sentinel Encourage Fans To Donate(12/05)
    Magic Finish Road Trip with Overtime Win(12/03)
    Howard Named NBA Player of the Month(12/03)
    Howard Named NBA Player of the Week(12/03)
    Magic Match Franchise Mark With Win(12/02)

    NOVEMBER 2007

    Fourth Quarter Rally Falls Short(11/30)
    Get to Know Maurice Evans(11/30)
    Get to Know Brian Cook(11/29)
    The NBA's Best Keeps on Rolling, 110-94 (11/28)
    Magic Grab NBA Leading 13th Victory(11/26)
    Van Gundy Defeats His Old Team, 120-99(11/24)
    Magic Get Back On Winning Track(11/23)
    Spurs Too Much for Magic(11/21)
    Magic Make a Trade for Brian Cook and Maurice Evans(11/21)
    Magic Gortat To Play In NBA D-League(11/20)
    Magic Top Hornets, 95-88(11/19)
    Howard Named Eastern Conference Player of the Week(11/19)
    Van Gundy to Help Coalition for the Homeless(11/19)
    Magic End Boston's Streak, 104-102(11/18)
    Road Warriors Win Again, 95-70(11/16)
    Magic Pull Out Overtime Win in Cleveland(11/14)
    Four Magic Players on 2008 All-Star Ballot(11/14)
    Magic Pound Sonics 103-76(11/13)
    Orlando Magic and Dunkin' Donuts to Giveaway Free Donuts After Every Win(11/13)
    Carlos Arroyo Gives Thanks to the Community(11/12)
    Suns Ruin Magic's Homecoming, 106-96(11/10)
    Magic Sweep Road Trip With Win at New York(11/9)
    Magic Win Third Straight Beating Toronto, 105-96(11/7)
    Magic Hold On to Beat the Timberwolves 111-103(11/6)
    The Magic and Kodak Partner to Enhance the Game-Day Experience for Fans(11/6)
    The Howard's Play Family Feud(11/5)
    Magic Rebound With Road Win at Washington(11/3)
    Magic Woes vs. Detroit Continue(11/2)

    OCTOBER 2007

    Magic Open the Season With a 102-83 Win(10/31)
    Nelson Signs Contract Extension(10/31)
    Trick or Treat?!(10/29)
    Magic Waive Kevin Kruger(10/25)
    Magic Win Final Preseason Game vs. Spurs, 99-90(10/25)
    Magic Name Steve Griggs Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing(10/25)
    NBA Legend Joins Magic Bench(10/23)
    Back to the States(10/22)
    Magic Complete Sweep in China(10/21)
    Magic Top China All-Stars, 116-92(10/18)
    Stars Lead Magic to Victory, 90-86(10/17)
    Alex Martins: China Games Blog(10/17)
    TV Special to Air This Week(10/16)
    Magic Take it to the Heat, 102-69(10/12)
    Magic Release Torrell Martin (10/11)
    Magic Dominate the Bobcats, 123-99(10/10)
    Magic Lose to Hawks in Preaseason Opener(10/8)
    Magic Extend Contract with Newstalk AM 580 WDBO (10/8)
    Clifford the Perfect Assistant(10/5)
    The New (10/4)
    Preparation Day(10/4)
    Fatigue Becoming a Factor(10/3)
    Day 4: Learning Day(10/2)
    Beyer a Perfect Fit(10/2)
    Day 3 of Training Camp(10/1)
    Lewis vs. Hill(10/1)

    SEPTEMBER 2007

    Second Day of Traning Camp(9/30)
    First Practice of Training Camp(9/29)
    Media Mayhem(9/28)
    Bad News for Battie(9/28)
    HOK Sport, Orlando Magic Select 12 Local Minority and Women Business Design Consultants (9/27)
    Catching Up With the Players (9/24)
    Malone Brings Veteran Experience to Magic Bench (9/21)
    Magic Name Linda Landman-Gonzalez Vice President of Community Relations & Government Affairs (9/20)
    Magic Sign Three for Training Camp (9/20)
    Joey Colon Named Central Florida Puerto Rican Citizen of the Year (9/19)
    Behind-the-Scenes at the Magic Dancer Photo Shoot (9/18)
    Magic Hold Select-a-Seat Event (9/10)
    Team USA Wins FIBA Gold (9/2)

    AUGUST 2007

    Van Gundy Hosts Season Ticket Holder Breakfast (8/30)
    Magic Add Boxing to Offseason Workouts (8/29)
    Magic Rolls Out Red Carpet for Premium Season Ticket Holders (8/28)
    Magic Sign Marcin Gortat (8/27)
    Magic Sign Adonal Foyle (8/24)
    Howard Named to USA Men's Team For FIBA Americas Championship (8/20)
    Howard, Arroyo Among Players Competing in FIBA Americas Championship 2007 (8/13)
    HOK Sport Selected to Design New Events Center in Orlando (8/10)
    Magic's Howard Receives NBA Community Assist Award (8/9)
    Outlaw Participating in Basketball Without Borders Europe (8/2)
    Orlando's 2007-08 Schedule Released (8/1)

    JULY 2007

    DeVos Family Statement on New Events Center (7/27)
    Orlando Local Government Green Lights New Events Center (7/26)
    Sun Sports to Feature Show on Stan Van Gundy (7/26)
    Howard, Redick Rejoin Team USA in Mid-August (7/24)
    Howard, Redick Rejoin Team USA in Mid-August (7/24)
    Howard, Redick Participating in Team USA Minicamp (7/18)
    Magic Sign Howard to Contract Extension (7/12)
    Magic Acquire Rashard Lewis is a Sign-and-Trade Deal with Seattle (7/11)
    Magic Center Gives Back with Donation, Shopping Spree (7/2)
    Magic Withdraw Qualifying Offer to Milicic (7/3)
    Magic Name Assistant Coaches (7/3)

    JUNE 2007

    Magic Tender Qualifying Offers to its Own Free Agents (6/29)
    Magic Obtain Draft Rights to Milovan Rakovic From Dallas (6/28)
    Dooling, Garrity Exercise Player Options (6/20)
    Magic to Host Orlando Pepsi Pro Summer League (6/12)
    Burton, Redick, Square off in a Game of H-O-R-S-E (6/11)
    Catching Up With... J.J. Redick (6/11)
    Magic Name Stan Van Gundy Head Coach (6/11)
    Magic Grant Donovan Permission to Break Contract (6/6)
    Howard To Be Featured on Sun Sports Original Series (6/6)
    Pat Garrity & The Central Florida Police Athletic League's 4th Annual 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament (6/6)
    Howard Making Promotional Rounds in China (6/5)

    MAY 2007

    Magic Name Billy Donovan Head Coach(5/31)
    2007 NBA Pre-Draft Camp Coverage (5/31)
    Orlando Magic Awards Local Youth Scholarships To Basketball Camps (5/30)
    Magic Announce Brian Hill Will Not Return as Head Coach (5/23)
    2006-07 Season Recap (5/14)
    Dwight Howard Named to All-NBA Third Team (5/10)
    Thank You Fans for a Great 06-07 Season (5/1)
    Season Wrapup with GM Otis Smith (5/1)

    APRIL 2007

    Magic Drop Series to Pistons (4/28)
    Magic Lose to Pistons, Trail Series 3-0 (4/26)
    Magic Fall to Pistons, Trail Series 2-0 (4/23)
    Big Comeback Falls Short in Game One (4/21)
    Big Win for Orlando in Season Finale (4/18)
    Magic Beat Wizards, Have Eye on Seventh (4/17)
    Magic Secure Playoff Berth (4/16)
    Howard Carries Magic Past Sixers (4/15)
    Pistons Hold Off Magic to Clinch Top Spot in East (4/12)
    Garrity, Outlaw to Participate in Basketball Without Borders 2007 (4/11)
    Magic Dominate Bucks, Inch Closer to Playoff Berth (4/9)
    Howard, Magic Dominate Grizzlies at Home(4/7)
    Designed by Kids, Built By Volunteers (4/6)
    Bosh, Raptors Hold Off Magic (4/4)
    Late Three Sinks Magic in OT (4/1)

    MARCH 2007

    Magic Move One Step Closer to Playoff Berth(3/30)
    Pierce Clutch as Celts Top Magic in 2OT (3/28)
    Redick Featured on CBS Program(3/28)
    Magic Earn Critical Win in New York (3/26)
    Bo Outlaw Wins the Rich and Helen DeVos Community Enrichment Award (3/24)
    Magic Turn Away Nets (3/23)
    Bosh, Ford Drive Raptors Past Magic (3/21)
    Magic Snap Miami's Win Streak, Keeps Playoff Hopes Alive (3/18)
    Late Run Gives Kings A Victory (3/17)
    Magic Run To Victory Against Utah (3/14)
    Anderson, Bobcats Shoot Past Struggling Magic(3/12)
    Yao Explodes for Rockets in Win Over Magic(3/11)
    Gordon, Hinrich lead Bulls past Magic(3/8)
    Magic Blowout Bucks(3/5)
    Mavericks Top Magic, Win Franchise-Best 15th Straight(3/3)
    Orlando Magic pledge $250,000 youth programming in the city of Orlando(3/2)
    Ginobili, Spurs Dominate Magic for Seventh Straight(3/2)

    FEBRUARY 2007

    Iverson, Nuggets Hold Off Magic(2/28)
    Howard Leads Magic to Road Win Over Bulls(2/26)
    Rockets Stave Off Magic(2/25)
    Detroit's Stifling Defense Overwhelms Magic(2/23)
    Pistons Dominate Magic Despite Howard's Effort(2/21)
    Curry, Knicks Inch Closer by Beating Magic(2/20)
    Orlando Magic Celebrate Black History Month(2/21)
    2007 NBA All-Star Coverage(2/17)
    Howard's Sticker Dunk Doesn't Impress Judges(2/17)
    Howard Looks Forward to Slam Dunk Contest As Smith Reminisces(2/16)
    Turkoglu Helps Magic Roll Past Blazers(2/14)
    Carter Helps Nets Best Howard and Magic(2/10)
    Howard Slams Home a Magic Win(2/9)
    Bosh Scores Career-High 41 vs. Magic(2/7)
    Bucks Snap Skid With Win Over Magic(2/6)
    Howard to Participate in Slam Dunk Contest (2/5)
    Redick Jersey Retired by Duke (2/4)
    Late Comeback Not Enough Against Knicks (2/3)
    Magic Crush Nets by 33 (2/2)
    Orlando Magic To Assist In Aid To Storm Victims (2/2)
    Dwight Howard Named Eastern Conference All-Star (2/1)
    Grant Hill Sprains Knee, Out 2-3 Weeks (2/1)
    OMYF Distributes $687,000 to Central Florida Community (2/1)

    JANUARY 2007

    Magic Blowout Bucks by 25 Points (1/31)
    Howard Selected as ESPN's NEXT 2007 (1/31)
    Will Dwight Be Invited to Vegas? (1/30)
    Johnson Continues to Torment Magic (1/29)
    Hawks Big Comeback Stuns Magic (1/26)
    Magic Recall Augustine from NBA D-League (1/25)
    Magic Team Up With (1/25)
    New Orleans: Getting Back on the Map (1/25)
    Red-Hot Mavericks Run Past Magic (1/23)
    Magic Snap Skid With Rare Road Win Over Cavs (1/22)
    Nets Defense Slows Howard, Magic (1/20)
    Big Second Half Deflates Magic (1/19)
    Hornets' Stifling Defense in OT Slows Magic (1/16)
    Suns Fend Off Late Magic Run to Win Ninth Straight (1/13)
    Bryant Heats Up Late to End Magic's Streak (1/12)
    Ariza's Rise, Before the Fall (1/12)
    Ariza Sprains MCL, Out 6-8 Weeks (1/11)
    Howard Announced as ESPN The Magazine 2007 Next Finalist (1/11)
    2006: Year in Review (1/11)
    Magic Players and Coaches' Wives Raise $10,000 to Help Military Call Home for the Holidays (1/11)
    Howard Explodes in Magic's Win Over Warriors (1/10)
    Magic Assign James Augustine to D-League (1/9)
    Magic Never Trail in Win Over Celtics (1/7)
    Big Fourth Quarters Leads Orlando to 32-Point Win (1/5)
    Magic Begin 2007 With Win Against Clippers (1/2)

    DECEMBER 2006

    Magic Close Out 2006 With 29-Point Thrashing of Heat (12/30)
    Arenas, Wizards Top Magic for Fifth Straight Win (12/29)
    Lakers Come Up Large in Second Half (12/27)
    James' Big Fourth Leads Cavs Over Magic (12/23)
    Warriors Scoring Too Much for Magic (12/22)
    Magic Share Christmas Memories (12/21)
    Magic Overcome Hornet's Comeback Efforts (12/20)
    Magic Rebound From Rough Start to Defeat Cavs (12/16)
    Orlando Magic Announce Partnership Deals with Best-in-Class Corporations (12/15)
    Home Court Advantage (12/15)
    May's Big Night Lifts Bobcats (12/14)
    Hill Presented with Magic Johnson Award (12/14)
    Howard Second in Voting After First Returns (12/14)
    Poor Shooting Night Dooms Magic Against Raptors (12/13)
    Magic Have No Answers For Suns (12/11)
    Magic Pull Out Close Win Against Sixers (12/09)
    Pistons Spoil Dwight's 21st Birthday (12/08)
    Arroyo, Milcic Grateful of Trade (12/08)
    The Arena in Orlando to Become Amway Arena(12/07)
    Pacers Pick Up Wire-to-Wire Win Over Magic (12/06)
    Magic Announce "Commitment to the Past" Nights(12/05)
    Nelson's Heroics Give Orlando Magical Win (12/04)
    Hedo Just Wants to Play (12/04)
    Clippers Snap Magic's Streak (12/03)
    Dwight Howard Named November's Eastern Conference Player of the Month (12/02)
    Brian Hill Named November's Eastern Conference Coach of the Month (12/02)
    Hill Sinks Basket, Lifts Magic Against Blazers (12/01)

    NOVEMBER 2006

    Magic Continue to Roll, Defeat Sonics (11/29)
    Magic Hand Jazz First Home Loss (11/27)
    Howard Named Eastern Conference Player of the Week (11/27)
    Magic Improve to 10-4, Rout Hawks (11/25)
    Magic Hold Off Late Heat Rally (11/24)
    Second Half Run Pushes Magic Past Pacers (11/22)
    Players Very Thankful This Holiday (11/22)
    Warrick, Grizzlies Overcome Howard's Big Game (11/20)
    Howard's Big Night Lifts Magic Over Bobcats (11/18)
    Players Discuss Their Inspirations (11/17)
    Orlando Magic Season To Be Presented By Mirabilis Ventures, Inc. (11/16)
    Courtside Chat with Danity Kane (11/15)
    Deep Bench Helps Magic Topple Nuggets (11/15)
    Nelson Leads Magic Over Celtics (11/13)
    Howard Leads Magic Past Wolves (11/11)
    Third Quarter Propels Pacers Over Magic (11/10)
    Four Magic Players on 2007 NBA All-Star Ballot (11/14)
    Life on the Road (11/9)
    Turkoglu's Game Winner Sinks Sonics (11/8)
    Magic Even Record, Top Wizards (11/6)
    Johnson, Hawks Get Wire-to-Wire Win (11/5)
    Hot Shooting Iverson, Korver Lift Sixers (11/3)
    Opening Night Victory in Orlando (11/1)
    Magic Debut BLUE presented by Ritz-Carlton Club (11/1)

    OCTOBER 2006

    Third Quarter Run Lifts Magic Over Rockets (10/26)
    Magic Waive Manuel, Powell (10/25)
    GMs Taking Notice of Magic (10/25)
    Shooting Dooms Magic in Loss to Heat (10/24)
    Players Discuss New Rules Changes (10/23)
    Diener Shines as Magic Top Spurs (10/14)
    Garrity Carries Magic Over Hornets (10/13)
    Howard Leads Magic in Preseason Opener (10/10)
    Magic Open Preseason Tonight in Charlotte (10/10)
    What is Project Hometown? (10/9)
    Magic Sign Two; Prepare for 2006 Training Camp (10/2)

    SEPTEMBER 2006

    2006-07 Season Preview: Catching Up With the Magic Players (9/29)
    Orlando's Newest Crossing Guards (9/27)
    Magic Hit Florida Airwaves With Two Shows on Sun Sports (9/21)
    2006 Orlando Magic Slamming Summer Tour (9/13)
    Bo Outlaw Receives NBA Community Assist Award for August (9/12)
    Magic Announce 2006-07 Broadcast Schedule (9/7)

    AUGUST 2006

    Behind the Name: Orlando Magic (8/30)
    Bo Outlaw's Big Surprise (8/29)
    2006 FIBA World Championships (8/21)
    Redick Participates in Rookie Photo Shoot (8/16)
    Magic Re-Sign Bo Outlaw (8/16)
    Orlando Magic Coach Brian Hill to Play for a Cure (8/3)
    Magic to Open Preseason Oct. 10 at Charlotte (8/2)
    Orlando's 2006-07 Schedule Released (8/1)

    JULY 2006

    Nick Anderson Joins Magic Commitment to Community Efforts (7/31)
    Magic Re-Sign Trevor Ariza (7/27)
    Redick to Participate in Seeds of Peace Camp (7/26)
    Howard Competing for Spot on Team USA (7/20)
    Arroyo, Outlaw Participating in Basketball Without Borders - Americas (7/19)
    Local Youth Gets Opportunity of a Lifetime (7/18)
    James Augustine's Summer League Blog (7/14)
    Pat Garrity's Annual 3-on-3 Corporate Basketball Challenge (7/14)
    Magic Sign Keith Bogans (7/13)
    Magic Sign Second Round Pick James Augustine (7/8)
    Magic Sign First Round Pick J.J. Redick (7/7)
    Magic Name John Kuester Assistant Coach (7/6)
    Magic Name Tom Smith Athletic Trainer (7/5)
    Howard, Nelson Featured in 2006 TV Spot (7/5)

    JUNE 2006

    Redick Brings More Than Shooting to Orlando (6/30)
    Redick, Augustine Intro to Orlando Quotes (6/29)
    2006 NBA Draft Night Quotes (6/28)
    Magic Select James Augustine with 2006 Second Round Pick (6/28)
    Magic Select J.J. Redick with 2006 First Round Pick (6/28)
    Drafting for Need or Talent? (6/20)
    Transplant Athletes Travel to U.S. Transplant Games on Magic Jet (6/19)
    20 Years Ago Today - The Magic Begins (6/19)
    Gortat Begins Preparations for Orlando Summer League (6/15)
    More Prospects Workout for Magic (6/14)
    Catching Up with....Travis Diener (6/14)
    Magic to Host Draft Party & Select-A-Seat Event (6/14)
    Garrity Among Players at Basketball Without Borders Asia (6/13)
    2006 Draft Preview: Who's Next? (6/13)
    2006 Pre-Draft Camp: Top Prospects Stay Away (6/13)
    2006 Pre-Draft Camp: Day 4 Notebook (6/9)
    2006 Pre-Draft Camp: Day 3 Notebook (6/8)
    Magic Hold First Batch of Draft Workouts (6/8)
    365 Days of Magic (6/8)
    2006 Magic Draft Section (6/8)
    2006 Pre-Draft Camp: Day 2 Notebook (6/7)
    2006 Pre-Draft Camp: Day 2 Recaps (6/7)
    Magic Dancers and Stuff Go Global (6/6)
    2006 Pre-Draft Camp: Day 1 Notebook (6/6)
    2006 Orlando Pre-Draft Camp Rosters (6/6)
    Garrity Participating in Basketball Without Borders Asia (6/6)
    Dancer Diary: Dunking Dancers & Stuff Visit China (6/2)
    Orlando Magic Awards Local Youth Scholarships to Basketball Camps (6/2)