"The Fan" becomes the Bobcats flagship

"The Fan" becomes the Bobcats flagship

October 2, 2009

Bobcats Sports & Entertainment (BSE) President and Chief Operating Officer Fred Whitfield announced today the organization has entered into an exclusive agreement with CBS Radio's WFNZ 610AM "The Fan" to be the flagship station of the organization’s radio network, and broadcast preseason, regular season and any postseason games on WFNZ or a CBS Radio affiliate station in the event of a conflict with other contracted programming.

"WFNZ is right for us because they are Charlotte’s only all-sports radio station, and their combination of production experience and appreciation for the wants and needs of sports fans ensures our games will be broadcast the right way," said Whitfield. "In the end there were several options for us to consider, but the valuable promotional opportunities that WFNZ will provide us with makes them our first and best choice and we're proud to play a major role in their re-branding strategy."

Three-year veteran Scott Lauer will continue to be the team's radio play-by-play voice. Lauer's memorable calls during wins over the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons last season were aired on national sports highlight shows, and he now blogs at the team's newest web platform, bobcatsbreak.com.

"We are very excited to become the flagship station of the Charlotte Bobcats," says DJ Stout, Operations Manager/Program Director for 103.7 WSOC/WFNZ 610AM The Fan & America’s Talk 1660AM. "They are a franchise on the rise and we look forward to being a part of it every step of the way."

Call Letters Station Location
WFNZ 610 AM Charlotte, NC (Flagship)
WBCN 1660 AM*
WADA 1390 AM Shelby, NC
WISE 1310 AM Asheville , NC
WIST 98.3 FM High Point, NC
WKDX 1250 AM Hamlet, NC
WPCC 1410 AM Clinton, SC
WSPG 1400 AM Spartanburg, SC
WZMJ 93.1 FM Columbia, SC
WOIC 1230 AM**

* WBCN carries whenever WFNZ has a conflict in Charlotte

** WOIC carries whenever WZMJ has a conflict in Columbia

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