Postgame Quotes - Hawks vs. Celtics - January 8, 2010


(On the third quarter): “Our defense picked up. They made three’s in the first half. They made two desperation three’s that gave them a six-point cushion, with the clock against their backs, which were big shots. And our defense was pretty solid. Neither team was getting away from each other, from an offensive standpoint, because both teams were defending.”

“In the third quarter, our defense really picked up, and we made shots in the third quarter, and busted the lead to where it was comfortable for us to play. They made a run, and all great teams do. But we withstood it, and countered with our run. I thought bringing Mike Bibby back, and the three that he made, was huge, coming down the home stretch. And then Jamal backed that up with a three as well.”

(On the four-point play): “I knew it was good as soon as I let it go. I got fouled, so I didn’t really have a chance to see it. But after hearing the crowd’s reaction, I kind of figured it went in. It was a big momentum play for us.”

“I’m getting more comfortable. I know exactly what coach wants from me, and I know what my teammates expect from me. They make it very easy for me. It’s never just one guy that should get all the credit. It’s a team effort.”

(On beating the Celtics twice): “It feels good. It shows we can play against the league’s elite. The Celtics have our respect. We respect them so much, but we don’t fear anybody. When we go out there, we know it’s kind of a bar to see where we’re at. They’re not fully healthy right now, but it’s a big win for us.”

(On the third quarter) “We had to get it going offensively, and stay on them defensively. Kendrick Perkins really hurt us in the first half, and we made a collective effort against him. That’s what we were able to do.”

“Whenever we’re able to pass the ball, and share the basketball like we did tonight, it turns on our defensive effort. You saw it tonight against a very offensively skilled Boston team.”

“It was real physical. But when you play against a marquee team like the Boston Celtics, the game is going to be more physical. We were able to match their physicality and were able to dish some of our physicality out as well.”


“I thought they were a better team than us tonight. I thought we played well in spurts. Every time we played in a good spurt, we either grabbed the lead or cut the lead. I thought offensively we had very little ball movement. I think we tried to do it all ourselves instead of as a team, offensively and defensively. I really thought because we weren’t scoring it affected us on the other end. We didn’t have the best effort tonight. I always say you get in it what you put out, and that was true tonight.”

“I thought the Hawks were more physical than us, and they really attacked us, especially in the second half. I thought we played well early, but then they took over the game from there. Right now you have to give it to them. They are the better team.”

“We didn’t come out focused in the second half and turned the ball over. You can’t do that against a team like Atlanta. We made a run in the fourth quarter and rebounded well all night until late in the game. They had a few offensive rebounds late, and that really hurts when you’re trying to make a comeback. For the most part we’re a very focused team, but the little things is what we didn’t focus on in the third quarter. Screens, defensive assignments, things like that. We have to be better on the road.”

“It seemed like every time you looked up, they had a guy open from three. I thought they pushed the ball a little bit more, and Jamal Crawford made a couple of big plays for them. We have to do a little bit better job putting pressure on him when he comes off the pick-and-roll. We were right there pretty much all game, but then he came in and gave them the energy they needed.”