Memphis Grizzlies Tennessee state specialty license plate

Update from TDOT "Memphis Grizzlies license plate has passed its road test and has now moved on to system testing. A spring completion date is still expected."
1000 License Plate Orders Confirmed!

A minimum of 1,000 pre-orders are required to put the plate into production. The cost is just $35 (plus a $3 service fee).

In addition, proceeds will benefit the Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation, which supports programs dedicated to ensuring every child in Memphis has the opportunity to develop his or her full potential.

No personalized plates will be available. License plate numbers will be randomly assigned by the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Grizzlies License Plate FAQs

  • Do I need to keep my receipt to prove that I ordered a plate at the County Clerk's office?
    You should keep your receipt in case you don’t receive a letter from the County Clerk’s office. The Grizzlies will be responsible for tracking down your license plate or issuing a refund in the event you never hear from the state and the original receipt will be necessary. Should you receive a letter from the County Clerk’s office that and your current license plate will be all that is needed to pick up your new Grizzlies License Plate.
  • What if I move after I have submitted a request for a plate but before plates are available?
    If you stay within the county where you registered for the plate, a simple change of address form to the DMV will suffice. If you leave the state of Tennessee and your plate has already gone to production, no refund can be given. However you now have a nice souvenir of your time in Tennessee, rooting for the Grizzlies!
  • How will we receive plates?
    When the plates are ready, all purchasers will receive a letter instructing them to go to their County Clerk’s office to pick up their new plate. They will exchange their current plate for the new plate and all tags and decals will be issued at that time.
  • When will we receive plates?
    The order was completed and turned over to the State of Tennessee in early November. The State put plates into production and fans who pre-ordered plates should receive a letter from the state with instructions on how to claim your license plate (sometime in March/April 2015).
  • Can I purchase a plate for someone else?
    Yes, if you include the registrant’s address and county. If you are paying for it, please include your e-mail address on the information form so that we can match your payment to the appropriate order.
  • What if I need disabled plates; how does that work?
    A disabled driver decal is available through the local county clerk's office. Disabled persons who currently own or elect to purchase new specialty earmarked plates may obtain a "Disabled Driver Decal" and take advantage of disabled parking privileges by certification of a permanent disability by a licensed physician or Christian Science Practitioner listed in the Christian Science Journal. There is no fee associated for this decal.
  • If I didn't pre-order a license plate, can I still get one?
    After the State of Tennessee issues the first 1,000 plates pre-ordered, they will make new license plates available to additional Tennessee residents in early Summer 2015.
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