Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Heat


On the Game: "I thought we competed. I thought our starters played pretty well. Again, when you have Daniel Gibson, Anthony Parker, and Tristen Thompson missing and then have to make adjustments on our starting unit, it makes a difference. Our second unit just couldn't make a basket. They shot about 17 percent for the game. You aren't going to win a lot of games when you aren't getting a contribution. A lot of it has to do with the injuries. I am not trying to make any excuses. You have to give them (Miami HEAT) a lot of credit; they are a very good basketball team. As young as we are right now, you need those guys healthy for us to compete. Energy wise, I thought we played hard, and that is all you can ask."

On the Game tomorrow vs. the Los Angeles Clippers: "I worry about tonight, but you also have to worry about tomorrow as well. It is a double-edged sword. I knew my guys were going to be in the 30's tonight as far as minutes. I wanted to try and save them as much as possible and give them some rest, especially if it was close in the fourth quarter, and give ourselves a chance."

On Alonzo Gee: "I think he (Alonzo Gee) played well. We asked him to guard Dwyane Wade at times, then we asked him to guard LeBron James and he was still able to give us 17 points on the offensive side. Overall, on both ends of the court, I thought he played well."

On Antawn Jamison: "He (Antawn Jamison) got some of the same looks like in the first half. He is little sore as well. He got a little banged up, so he had some missed some shots he had been making in the first half. He had some good looks. It didn't have anything to do with them (Miami HEAT) giving him a different look. He just missed some shots in the second half."

On Kyrie Irving: "He (Kyrie Irving) made some passes to the guys that were open, and that's all he can do. Other times, I thought he attacked the basket well. He learned from the first game against the Miami HEAT to the second game on what they like to do defensively and how they attack it."


On the game: "We just have to learn from our mistakes and continue to get better."

On his play: "I felt pretty comfortable out there. Kyrie (Irving) made plays for us. He made it a lot easier to adjust."


On the game: "I got into foul trouble, so I had to sit down a lot earlier than normal. I knew they (Miami HEAT) were going to be a lot more aggressive and not let me get any open shots. I figured I would attack the offensive rebounds a little bit more or pump fake and drive. When I did those things, it just didn't fall in. That's the way it goes. You definitely want to do a better job for 48 minutes. I got the same type of the shots I got in the first half. I just couldn't knock them down."

On his injury: "It's the (right) Achilles. I sat on the bench and felt a little awkwardness there. I came in at halftime and they (training staff) looked at it and everything is fine. There's a little stiffness. That's what happened in 2008. I got to go and get it rubbed on tomorrow and get ready. I felt good but just came down on it awkwardly."


On the game: "We had some crucial turnovers. They (Miami HEAT) were just executing. They made their run. Closing out the third quarter and going into the fourth quarter, they had a lot of momentum. They were getting a lot of shots at the end of the third quarter that they missed. They were getting good looks and just knocked them down when they needed it. It happens. We were in the game for the most of the game going into the fourth quarter. I felt that we could make the run. We just weren't hitting shots. It happens. We have a tough game tomorrow against the (Los Angeles) Clippers. I'm looking forward to it. We definitely made improvements. We weren't able to execute on the offensive end. When you're not making shots and not getting that many stops, it's kind of hard to make a come back. It just didn't happen; on to the next game."

On guarding LeBron James: "It was in the flow of the game. I just picked him up, put a little pressure on him, and relieved some pressure on Alonzo Gee. I just picked him up. It just happened."


On the game: "The final score was not indicative of how competitive and close that game was. That team [the Cleveland Cavaliers] has improved, they play hard and they compete. They are a tough team to put away. We [the Miami HEAT] did some things well on both ends of the court. We did some things to allow them extra possessions and allow them chances to get back into the game. Our first line of defense was satisfactory for the most part in terms of activity and recognition and getting to places. Their second chance opportunities really gave them some life."

On Mario Chalmers three point shooting: "I have said that before, that it is all him [Mario Chalmers] putting in the time. It [his three point shooting] is a residual of him priming that pump. For three and a half years, you guys [the media] see him, every single day after practice he is usually the last one to leave working with Dan Craig and they get up hundreds of shots everyday, even on game days. It is good to see that work and sweat finally start to payoff. He gets a lot of open looks with this team."

On how holding Dwyane Wade out for the extra two weeks and how much that helped: "It was a decision where we were all on the same page about it as soon as we came back from the Denver trip. We just wanted to make sure, and he [Dwyane Wade] wanted to make sure, that his body was right and that he could really work on his conditioning, get healthy and get strong before he came back. There is still an adjustment because you are working big components into this offense. There will still be an adjustment but he is getting much more comfortable. I like where his minutes are at, even as he is in good shape he can play more but I don't want to extend him to 40 minutes if at all possible. He has been getting better and I think more comfortable every single game."

On Udonis Haslem coming off the bench in the fourth quarter: "He [Udonis Haslem] is our warrior. He makes so many plays in the fourth quarter, some of them show up in the box score and probably the majority of them don't. Obviously, he is always the first one to take a charge when you need it most at winning time; the rebounding, the block outs and all those little things defensively. Those are winning plays. Offensively he is now starting to feel comfortable, he is getting his rhythm after a few weeks at this. He is knocking down his open shot and guys are finding him.

On Anderson Varejao: "He is healthy. He is a little bigger than you think. He has the size and is absolutely relentless. We have to address that there has to be a different type of block out on free-throws for him. He has really unique, fantastic hands."


On bringing energy off the bench: "When you come off the bench you can see the flow of the game. Tonight it looked like we were a little low on energy. Our job as the bench is to bring some energy. We came out a little flat in the third quarter. We talked about it on the bench that when the bench comes in we have to bring energy."

On the upcoming road trip: "It (the upcoming road trip) is going to be a tough one. Our bench is going to have to be a big part of this trip. We'll know a lot about ourselves and our bodies. We have a lot of depth on this team. We will try to utilize it (the bench), and try to get some wins."


On the game: "We (the Miami HEAT) just understand that no game is over until it is over. We know teams are going to fight against us because they have a lot of pride. We did a good job of really locking in defensively and turning up the engine. Mike Miller was great for us rebounding. We got good shots. Even the ones we did not make were good shots. We understand that we will have our time where we can pull away."

On his health: "I (Dwyane Wade) am feeling better and better every game. I am just trying to continue to get comfortable with my role on this team."

On the upcoming road trip: "It (the upcoming road trip) is unique. We are going to take it one day, one city at a time. Every team is going through it. This is our time to see what we can do. Hopefully we can use our bench on this trip. Two in a row is tough so there is no doubt that three in a row is going to be tough. Ten days, a lot of cities, and a lot of hours on a plane but that is when we bond and get a chance to understand the reason we all came together. Our job is to win more games than we lose on the road trip."


On Dwyane Wade's play: "He has hit the ground running as soon as he came back. He's really helping his team out. It's really amazing how he just comes back and performs the way he does. You have to give him credit for his hard work and the staff here pushing him to make sure he's in the right shape when he comes back."

On the game: "We got good looks at the basket. We got attacks in the paint, hit our free throws, and sprayed it to our shooters and they knocked shots down."

On the upcoming road trip: "[We need to] take it one possession at a time. We know we're going to be put in a position where we're going to have to get multiple shots in a row in order to increase the lead. We've been able to do that a few times this year."

"We're just always trying to get better and get good shots at the offensive end."

"I just expect to do my job and play. I take it one game at a time. I prepare the right way for each one. Whatever happens, happens."

On what he likes about LeBron James running the point: "Just his vision. [I like] him being able to attack and see over the defenses and make the right passes. It makes it a little bit easier for guys just to step into their shots."


On the game: "It kind of felt like that ‘Philadelphia' type feel. The game was close, push and shove throughout the whole game, and then we just hit a spark defensively. We got up off great execution and were able to bump the lead up."

"That's a Byron Scott team. No matter who's on the court, they are going to play hard. You've got Anderson Varejao. Once you have a guy like that that plays hard, everyone else kind of just follows that lead. They did that and came out and played a good game"

On running the point in the fourth quarter: "I think it's a great line-up for us. It's not something we want to go to throughout the whole game, but in the fourth quarter when it's time to close out the game, it's a line-up that really gives us some unique things, especially defensively."

On the road trip: "We love these road trips. It brings us together even more. It's just us - 15 guys, the coaching staff and the training staff. We all come together. It's a big test for us. It's the first time in my life I ever had a 6-game Eastern Conference road trip."