Game 6 Quotes: Cavaliers at Celtics


(Statement for tonight’s game)
“First of all you’ve got to give the Celtics credit. They played a heck of a series. I thought tonight our guys fought, they fought to the end. Boston made us hurry a little bit throughout the course of the game and every time we made a run to take the lead, or even bring it to within 2 or 4, Boston tightened up and made a run of their own. We turned the ball over a few times and they capitalized. We just never got a rhythm in this series. We had a rhythm in Game 3, but after that we never could catch rhythm against this team and they had something to do with it. It’s tough to try to get a rhythm which evidently we didn’t have a rhythm, as we had 24 turnovers for 27 points. It’s a tough night for us in that area but I thought all of our guys fought. LeBron had 19 boards, 27 points, 10 assists, Mo had 22 point, 18 of 20 in the first half. I thought we were trying to get on the ground for loose balls, we just never had a rhythm to the game. Give Boston credit for it.”

(Talk about LeBron’s fight and effort, not much more he could do.)
“I thought all our guys did. I thought all our guys fought until the end but we just never had any rhythm the entire night. We’d make a little run, even took the lead a couple of times, and then we turned it over and they capitalized on our turnovers, so it was a great effort by our guys but it was tough to play with the rhythm that we did have against a very good team.”

(How much better was Boston defensively than any team you played during the regular season?)
“They’ve always been a great defensive team, that’s where they hang their hat. They’ve done a terrific job throughout the course of the series, they did that in the first round against Miami, and they played great defense against us. The regular season is a lot different than the postseason and we knew they were going to be a different team and we hoped that we were and Boston stepped up and we weren’t.”

(Presence of Garnett, different from not having him last year.)
“KG is a champion. He’s won a championship before. He’s a veteran, he’s a pro, he’s mentally tough and he can go get it, whether it’s defensively or offensively. He hit some big shots for them. Early on he hit 4 or 5 shots, he hit their first 4 or 5 shots and his presence on both ends of the floor, as a player, as a leader, as a veteran, is big for those guys.”

(Unable to win match up vs. Garnett despite trying different things?)
“It was a tough match up for us. He at different times got some rhythm for them and if he was not scoring, the attention we had to pay to him when he was in the post at times allowed him to get some long rebounds or allowed them to get some easy layups off of their cuts. It was a tough match up for us so you give them credit, give him credit,, he did a heck of a job throughout the series.”

(No 3’s for Celtics in first half, how much did 2nd half 3’s open things up?)
“Perimeter shooting was big. A lot of it was off of a long shot that we missed or off of a turnover and then pushing in transition. We’ve had trouble with these guys the whole series it seems like in transition, especially these last three games, and a lot of their 3’s had come in that area. They’ve got some good shooters on their team and they were able to get some good looks in transition and knock them down in the 2nd half when they weren’t able to get those in the first half.”

(Were you surprised by Celtics ability to match you guys despite their age?)
“Not one time in our locker room had we talked about their age or anything like that, it’s a good team. Throughout the course of the year they had guys injured at different times and it messed with their rhythm some at times through the course of the year but they’re battle tested and it came out this series and they did a heck of a job against us, you’ve got to give them credit.”

(Your team was amazing during season, describe how this series untracked them?)
“The regular season is different than the postseason and I’ve said that many times before. The postseason, it’s a different game, and the regular season, we had a great regular season but that’s behind us and we just didn’t get it done in the postseason. You have to give Boston some credit. They came out this series and played aggressive, so did we, but they got the best of us and won the series.”

(Thoughts about LeBron as a free agent?)
“Obviously he’s a heck of a talent, and a great guy, but you know right know we just lost the series. I’m not thinking about that, it wouldn’t be fair to everybody in that locker room to think beyond tonight so we’re going to recoup from this and figure that out down the road.”

(Concerned about your future here?)
“Dan Gilbert has been terrific to me from day 1 and I understand what my job is. I’m not thinking about that right now. What I’m concerned about and what I’m thinking about is how we lost the game. That’s my biggest worry right now.”

(Impact of talk about LeBron, did it distract the team?)
“No, I don’t think it did.”

(Have you been able to see why your team wasn’t different from regular season to postseason like you were hoping for?)
“We never got any rhythm, even in the Chicago series. We won that series but we didn’t win in the way that we’re capable of. There wasn’t much rhythm their offensively and you know defensively we weren’t playing at a high level. We were inconsistent and you could feel it then and it had some carry over into this series. Boston’s a great team and you’ve got to give them credit, you’ve got to give the coaching staff credit, you’ve got to give the players credit, they had something to do with it. We hadn’t strung a bunch of games together at all in the postseason this postseason.”


(What you said to Celtics after the game?)
“I told them, first of all, congratulations to them. They played an unbelievable series. They had a great game plan, they executed their game plan. They won the series so I just gave them good luck on the next series and congratulated them on winning this one tonight.”

(The factor of this seasons outcome playing a role in where you will play next year)
“I didn’t play this season wondering what I was going to do in the off-season. I approached every game, every practice, every day like it was my last. I just wanted to try to continue getting better as a leader and as a player everyday. Never at one point, at any point, did it factor in what I’m going to do this summer.”

(Didn’t look like you out there on the floor, where you limited by elbow?)
“Like I said I make no excuses and I had opportunities to do things that I wanted to do, it just didn’t fall for me. I’m not using the elbow as an excuse. It limited me some. You hope to be 100% going into any series but at this point of the season I don’t know if there is anybody on both teams that’s 100%.”

(Seem like the elbow limited you a lot)
“Well, I got a lot of time to think about it now.”

(Emotions going through you compared to last year after Orlando series)
“I feel the same way. I have no plans at this point, I’ve made no plans. I want to continue to win throughout the post-season, that’s what I gear myself towards and the fact that it’s over right now is definitely a surprise for myself. It is what it is. A friend of mine told me today after the game that I guess you have to go through a lot of nightmares before you finally accomplish your dream. That’s what’s going on individually for myself right now.”

(How will you approach this summer?)
“I will approach this summer with the right mindset. Me and my team will approach it the right way but I haven’t really thought about just now. Kind of still trying to figure out what went wrong in this series or things that we did right. We’ll see what happens.”

(Do you have any idea how you will approach it?)

(Anything more wrong with the elbow than what was stated?)

(What can you say to Cleveland fans about your future and decision?)
“Just like I said I’m going to approach this summer with the right mindset. Me and my team is going to figure out what’s the best possibility for me. I love the city of Cleveland of course. The city, the fans. It was a disappointing season to say the least but at the same time we had a great time together. We’ll see what happens.”

“I don’t know. I really don’t know everyone’s contract situation as far as years and things like that, but we’ve got a great team, a really good team, and we played hard all year. We just didn’t quite figure it out throughout the whole post-season, didn’t play consistent basketball and that’s why we’re at this point Boston is moving on. For the most part as a team we all get along and we had a great year.”

(Why did this happen?)
“Well I mean it’s the only thing I can think about right now, this season being over. You have high expectations going into the post-season and you never can predict the future but at the same time you hope for things much brighter than what’s going on right now. As an individual I’m going to continue to get better throughout the off-season like I always do and I’ll come back a better player next season. I’ll still have the same goals.”

(What was missing in this series?)
“Well I think Boston, first of all, had a great game plan. I think the coaching staff gave them a great game plan and you know they tried to keep us on the perimeter as much as possible. They got a lot of veteran players that’s been in postseason games, and they all just bought into their system and it’s worked for them. I think we had, we had opportunities to win the game, to win the series, but we didn’t execute, I mean, for 48 minutes or as close as possible for every game. And when you don’t do that against a very experienced team, against a team that’s been around this block more than once, then you can definitely end up on the losing side.”

(What did he feel about the Cavs’ game plans and defensive match-ups?)
“I think we had good game plans going into the game. I think sometimes we could’ve made some better adjustments throughout the course of the game. But for the most part, we had a game plan, we tried to go out and execute it. Did it always work? No. Did it work sometimes? Yes. But, no, tonight was a game that we fought hard. But when you give up – when you turn the ball over as much as we did – and give up 27 points off our turnovers, it’s very difficult. But tonight we left it on the court. And we have nothing to hang our heads low about tonight’s performance.”

(Going into this summer with the right mindset)
“First of all I want to win. And I mean, that’s my only thing; that’s my only concern. I’ve always prided myself on becoming a better basketball [player] individually and then taking it to, onto the court. I mean, it’s all about winning for me and I think the Cavs is committed to do that, but at the same time I’ll give myself options to this point. And like I said before, me and my team, we have game plan that we’re going to execute, and we’ll see where we’ll be at.”


(Taking the three ball away from you)
“They just came in with a game plan and they executed it. That’s why I turned the corner a lot. Just about being aggressive and trying to get to the rim, making plays for guys. They just wouldn’t let me get my normal spot up but playoff basketball that’s what teams are going to do. They’re going to take away strengths and we did also. I chased Ray and make him take tough shots and I think he might have had one good game in the series as far as shooting the basketball. We did a good job of that. It comes down to executing and making plays and adjustments.”

(Sharing what was said in the locker room)
“Basically we gave effort, nobody can question the effort we had today. They executed down the stretch. We got it to four, and they did a good job of making shots. You have to give them credit at the same time.”

(One thing wish you could have back)
“You can go back and look at every game and pick out all the stuff, but in the heat of the moment you just got to make a rash decision with it.”

(Most disappointing aspect of loss)
“The fact that it was our goal to win a championship and we came up short. It’s definitely heart-wrenching, it definitely hurts, but it’s over. I think the city of Cleveland feel the same way we feel so. It’s disappointing.”

(LeBron’s injury affecting his game)
“I don’t know, I think that’s a personal question that you’d have to ask him. I mean I don’t know. He’s a competitor just like anybody else so he goes out and plays basketball. He has his jersey on and he’s going to give 110%, he’s going to be effective doing it.”

(Tipping your cap to Celtics)
“You have to. They did a good job of getting the job done no matter how they did it.”


(Relying too much on LeBron)
“Right now you can, would’ve could’ve, should’ve. There’s a lot of things we could have done better. We could’ve been more aggressive and so forth. It just seemed like as the series went on, we got stagnant on the offensive game. They was able to key in to make it difficult for us and we couldn’t regroup from there. Of course there’s some things, reminiscing, we could have done better than what we did but it didn’t happen and that’s the reality of it.”

(Chemistry without Shaq and then having him back)
“I’m not going to make excuses. It was there for the taking. We are all professionals. We all know that sometimes you have to do things on the fly. You have to take it from there. I’m not going to say it was they chemistry is why I think it didn’t work out. We just didn’t play up to our capabilities and they did a fantastic job of playing well. Just wish you could have done better but that’s not the case. Learn from it and move forward.”


(Difficulty of winning here in Boston)
“We knew it was going to be a tough game. We hung in there. Just the turnovers, some blown coverages again. They hit some timely shots. They went on some runs that we couldn’t sustain and that was it.”

(Where will you go from here?)
“Home. Got to go home. We’ll see, who knows what’s going to happen with this team so. I don’t know, could be the last time together for a lot of people so it’s obviously sad but that’s life so you’ve got to be a grown up. You’ve got to take your shots and move on. Give them credit. It’s hard to swallow but you have to.”

(Feelings about the game)
“ I don’t know, it’s hard when you have not played a lot except in spots. I just started to get ready. I did the best I could given the circumstances.”


(Tightening on defense and taking Cleveland out of their rhythm)
“Yeah, we got a good rhythm as the series went on. You know guys, there’s – there’s really no secrets. After Game One or Two you kind of run your stuff. And I thought our guys’ effort, our focus, was phenomenal. And, you know, everybody was on the same page. And all we talked about throughout the series was individually we’re not going to beat them; we can’t. But team-wise, together, if we’re all on the same page – I heard Baby (Glen Davis) talking about it yesterday – you know, running the formula, then we had a chance. And I thought overall we stayed in that, and that’s why we won the series. It was a tough series, I’ve got to tell you. This was a brutal series. Guarding LeBron James six games is just brutal. It really is. As tough as I’ve seen for us. He’s just – he’s a monster. And I was so proud of our guys because they accepted as a group that not one guy was going to be able to do it, and that the team was going to have to do it. And so that’s why I was so happy for them.”

(Kevin Garnett as the go-to guy)
“It was the key. I thought it going in to the series. You know, hell, we didn’t know if he could do it as much. The number was 20. We kept talking, 20. 20 attempts a night, 20 attempts a night. Just think ’20.’ And our guys had a count on it. Our guys, you know (Rajon) Rondo, every time something went down he looked at me and you know our punch play – kept throwing the fist for that play. Everyone knew, everyone knew what they had to do in that way. Get him space, get him room. The great thing about Kevin: they know he’s not going to take a lot of bad shots. Even with the 20 number, he’s going to make some good passes, which he did. So, really happy for him. He had a good match-up and he did a great job.”

(What he said in the time-out after James’ two three-pointers)
“Well, we just needed a bucket. We called a time-out, we had good time-outs tonight where we came out and got good shots and good scores. You knew it was coming at some point with LeBron. And when he made the back-to-back threes I just told our guys – I thought we got away, by the way, from what we were doing. I thought, I kept using the word ‘hero basketball.’ I thought we had a bunch of guys who really wanted to win the game so bad that they start for that three- or four-minute stretch trying to do it on their own. And that’s what that timeout was about: to remind them that we can’t do that, what he’s doing. We’ve got to continue to execute what we’re doing, do it together, and slow down. And I thought they did that.”

(What made him confident when the team wasn’t playing as well during the season?)
“Well I just – I told you guys before, I saw us in training camp. And I know that sounds crazy, but I thought we were phenomenal in training camp. I thought we looked better in training camp than we did two years ago, quite honestly. As a team I thought we were close. We started out great and then obviously we fell apart, with injuries and all kinds of other issues. But you can see that everybody wanting to get it back. It was tough the last three weeks of the season because we had to make a choice. And I told you guys before what we were going to do with the rest and stuff. Obviously we fell, we lost a lot of games. But I think overall it was probably the right thing to do because we did get guys healthy. And that’s the only way we’re going to be able to try to win this, is by being healthy.”

(How confident is he about getting the effort and focus Game One against Orlando?)
“Well I’m confident we’re going to get the effort, because we’ve done that. I keep pushing our guys about focus. We’ve exhibited that we let our guards down. I thought we actually did in the first quarter today when we got up eight. You could hear our guys talking about ‘Let’s close it out.’ And that’s what I – in the timeouts, ‘Guys, you’ve got to play the game first.’ And so that’s always a concern, and I’m always worried about that. I guarantee you Coach Van Gundy’s worried about that all the time. But I can guarantee you right now, I think they’re focused with their effort, and we’re going to get that.”

“I think it’s better. And honestly, they believe more. I think – I know I believe, but sometimes you don’t know if everybody believes if you can do what the coach is saying or what other guys are saying. But I think they all do now.”

(Winning with balance rather than relying on one player)
“Yeah, we have to. You know, I would say the biggest change that we have through this year is that. That we are a balanced, scoring basketball team. We don’t rely on one guy anymore; we don’t even rely on two or three. We just, we just keep looking for the right place to go. And that’s easy for our coaching staff; very difficult for the players because the players have to want to do that and trust that. And they all do it; Paul (Pierce) has no problem if Ray (Allen) takes 20 shots. And Ray has no problems if it’s Kevin. I think – and if Rondo has it – they don’t care any more, and I think that’s the biggest change in our team.”


(How big was the crowd tonight “They’re big every night for us. We go out there and play hard and really get them involved in the game, they really give us a boost. I just thought their energy from the start was there all night, probably more so than the last games, but I thought they really brought it tonight.”

(Balance of the Celtics)
“That’s what makes us so strong, when you do your scouting report on us; you have to worry about four, five, six different guys night in and night out. A lot of the great teams, they have at least one great player, when you look at Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Lebrun James. So a lot of our scouting report is going to be geared to the star players and then key in on the other guys. I think with us you cant just key in on one guy, you can say I’m our leading scorer but you got four or five other guys that could be our leading scorer and its not by not much, I’m only our leading scorer by like two points from the second leading scorer, three points from the third leading scorer, so it can happen from anybody on any given night and that’s what makes us so great, when we move the ball and we have so many people we can rely on.”

(What was said after game with LeBron and anything he picked up that looked off during series with LeBron?)
“I didn’t really pick anything up. I don’t really know, I was more worried about how we were going to get the job done, I didn’t really have a chance to say anything, I was so excited about the win that I just went right back into the locker room. Sorry for my unprofessionalism if I didn’t shake anybody’s hand but you know I didn’t mean it. I really wasn’t worried about the Cavs, I was worried about what was going on in our locker room with our team and our practice, and that’s all I could really do.”

(KG getting better with each game and his progress)
“You know Kevin really didn’t have a lot of time with his recovery and the doctor said it would take at least a year for him to heal. The key was just keeping him healthy throughout the season, he had his ups and downs, and I think right now you are starting to see a healthy Kevin the way he is elevating, even at the end of the game getting offensive rebounds, going up for his jump shot he is looking like he’s closer to 100%. But when you have surgery it takes a lot out of you and its good to see him playing like that, so well and consistent because we are going to need him and there’s no way we can win a championship without him.”

“Yeah that’s the way we want to play, we wanted to get the ball to Kevin, we felt like he had a matchup, we ran a lot of pick and rolls with Rondo. We just tried to exploit matchups this series, we saw a matchup we could exploit with Kevin and Antawn Jamison we felt like we could go to night in and night out, and that’s what we wanted to exploit and he carried us a lot of this series, him and Rondo.”

(How do you feel about this accomplishment, knocking off Cavs?)
“Really I haven’t given it thought, I’m really not that proud of this truthfully because our goal was to win a championship, we didn’t say we wanted to come into this year and beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs, our goal is a championship. We can be excited for one night winning a game, winning a series, but I don’t look at it like this made our season, the only thing that’s going to make our season is winning a championship. We have those types of goals around here where you look at some teams that get moral victories for hanging around in a series or winning a series, not here in Boston, we strive and we get excited when we put that banner up. All I can really say is it was a great series and we won, I know not really anybody expected us to win, especially with the way we played I can really expect that, you guys saw how we were up and down during the year and injuries, a lot of things. We could come up with so many different excuses but at the end of the day we know we have championship experience, we know what we have in this locker room and there is nothing that is going to take that away from us. We are a proven group of guys and we feel like this is where we want to be.”

(4th quarter closing out game with 10-0 run)
“I think in the past with us with Cleveland we gotten some leads on them, we know they’re going to make a run. I think during the season when we had that big lead and they came back, I think we were waiting for the clock to run out, I think we just went out and got it. Coach said go get it, we stayed aggressive, they pressed us, we didn’t worry about that, we just wanted to be more aggressive and I think that was the key, just not settling, not waiting for the clock running out. Just going out there and taking the win, not waiting. You saw it in the guys eyes, we were hungry, got the ball down to Kevin, he made a big jump shot in the post for us, and the energy was just all the way there from start to finish. This is just a team that doesn’t get rattled; I think we are starting to come into our own in the playoffs.”

(How grueling was it guarding LeBron?)
“It wasn’t really that grueling for me because I was in foul trouble. I think it was more grueling for Ray and Tony because he’s a special talent, obviously he’s the best player in the NBA, tough to guard one on one, but you have to give a lot of credit to the other guys. He did his job, got me in foul trouble, but I’m a lot fresher in this series because of the foul trouble than I was when I played against him two years ago when he just completely wore me down. But those other guys, they played their hearts out on defense, it wasn’t just me it was Ray, Tony, Kevin, Rasheed, Baby, it was a number of guys. There is no person that can guard the guy so lets just leave it at that, it was nothing that one person did, it was a collective group, it was a team defense that w as surrounded around stopping him.”


(Progress throughout playoffs)
“Well, over the course of the season I’ve been fortunate to be healthy and I can honestly say, each month, I’ve gotten stronger. I don’t know, the playoffs come around, it’s time to pick it up another notch and that’s all I’ve been trying to do. Nothing more than that, less than that. It’s no secret, I take care of my body. I’m a workaholic when it comes to trying to better myself. Nothing’s changed, just trying to better myself.”

(After LeBron’s back to back 3’s)
“Well teams are going to make runs, we understand that. This team, we knew was going to fight and scratch and do whatever they had to do. They came down, hit two three’s, you can start to see them trying to grab the momentum. Our time-out was very, very needed at that point. Thought, throughout the whole series that we went through some tough times. Thought we stayed together, played through it. We understood that runs are going to happen. For the most part, I can say we were aggressive for 48 minutes, regardless of their runs when we did mess up, we turned the ball over. But for the most part, we was aggressive the whole game.”

(How gratifying was this round “I mean, winning is gratifying, you know.)
You’re playing the best team in basketball. The challenges there, you know, I don’t have to dress it up, put anything on it. One thing we don’t lack, and that’s confidence. Even when we was playing like crap and trying to get our chemistry problems together and our locker room and all the things that come with the season. I thought we hit our stride at the right time, you know. We’re a veteran team, we understand that when it’s time to lock-in as a group, as a unit, I think we did just that. I think if anything, the experience has totally taken over versus anything else.”

(LeBron’s next couple months)
“Honestly, he’s going to have to make a decision on not just him, but his family and his future. Loyalty is something that hurts you at times because you can’t get youth back. I can honestly say that if I can go back and do my situation over, knowing what I know now with this organization, I’d of done it a little sooner. But I don’t know what’s going through his mind. He’s a different individual, I haven’t spoken to him or anything but the world is his. Whatever he wants it to be, whatever decisions he makes is probably going to be best for him, not only him, but him and his family.”

(Attention of free agent pursuit)
“It’s not all of you covering it, probably times 2, times 10. He’s the face of basketball. Think his desire is definitely there. It’s going to be the talk of the summer because, you know, everyone’s going to be tuned in. But not him, but D-Wade and Chris Bosh and all the other solid free agents available this summer. It’s going to be an interesting summer.

Re: What is your mindset right now.)
“Not celebrating, I think if anything, that everyone is going to go home and relax with their families obviously. Get ready for tomorrow, you know we get these massive books and you got to know your coverages and all the schemes that come with it. So, tomorrow it’s back in the classroom, getting ready. Tonight, it’s going to be a relaxed night and get ready for tomorrow.”

(Were you surprised to see Shaq on you.)
“I really didn’t know what they were going to do. I thought that they would probably trap. It is my 15th year and I have seen almost everything that you can possibly do in a basketball game, but when they put Shaq on me my mentality throughout these whole playoffs is attack, attack, to be the presence. When I get doubled to make a play, so when they put Shaq on me, my thought process didn’t change. It didn’t change at all.”


(Talk about the forth quarter, is this why you came to Boston.)
“Definitely, to be here this deep in the playoffs. This is why I came here. I didn’t come here for the regular season. These last few games, we have been playing good. We just have to keep the chain rolling.”

(How did you shut down LeBron defensively.)
“ Definitely, when he did that (LeBron hitting two, three-pointers), I know that there was a couple of people in the stands saying, ‘oh, here they come.” We had to shut it down. I think Tony, Ray, Paul, and Rondo did a tremendous job on LeBron. It was an overall team effort. We just played ball.”

(Talk about you and Paul gaining the lead.)
“It was real crucial. I think there was still too much time left. They were still trying to make a run, and they cut into our deficit. It was real crucial that my three’s and Paul’s three’s went in.”

(Talk about how the Magic matchup.)
“It’s going to be interesting, it’s going to be good. You know they got the big, young fellow down low. They have three bigs also, in Dwight, Gortat, and Brandon but we actually have four or five bigs. It’s going to be a good matchup. I think that Paul matches up well with Vince. Jameer and Rondo, I think that is going to be the whole key matchup of everything.”

(How important is it for the bigs to not get in foul trouble.)
“It’s real important. You know he is going to get a lot of calls, but we still have to go out there and do our jobs.”

(Is this the best that you have seen in Kevin.)
“No, not really, I think he is more intense. But when we came up in the loosing end and the winning end, I have seen him more intense than that.”

(Do you guys feel like you guys got the last laugh, with all the talks about you guys being old.)
“No, not at all. It’s not over yet. We could laugh if we go ahead and win eight more times, and then we could laugh. Right now we are sticking with ourselves, worrying about everyone here in our locker room and our camp. That’s it.”


(How big of a win was this.)
“ I mean it was big, but I think guys came in focused. They meant what they said, they didn’t want to go back to Cleveland. At the end of the day we prepared for this, and we were where we wanted to be.”

(Talk about that fourth quarter and Paul Pierce.)
“Well, it’s Paul Pierce. I told you all when he woke, he’s the truth. He’s our captain and we follow suit behind him.”

(Talk about the defense on LeBron in the second half.)
“That’s my role on this team. I got to be aggressive, just as aggressive as he is. For the most part I took that challenge. He still had a great night offensively all around. My whole thing is just to contain him, and listen to my bigs in transition.”

(What was the mindset when up by 11.)
“I remember while being in the game, I think it was 81 to 71, went another 2-3s, just missed coverages from my bigs – I didn’t hear them and they cut into the lead. For the most part we stuck together, we grounded it out. We was able to get back to the lead up.”

(Does this show a lesson on how a team can beat a superstar.)
“Most definitely, at the end of the day everybody has to roll. Like Doc said before the game, ‘do your role, do your role 100%.’ Everybody took that challenge, and we were fortunate enough to get that win.”