Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Bobcats


(On today's game) "At halftime, I told them that if we were going to win this game we would have play defense. If we play defense then we will have the opportunity to score and win the game and, but we have to do a better job at defending. In the second half they (the Bobcats) only scored 37 points so we did do a better job than how we did in the first half."

(On having Daniel Gibson defend D.J. Augustin in the second half) "He was terrific. He made D.J. work for everything he got. That was big, because in the first half he killed us and in the second he was pretty much under control."

(On playing Ramon Sessions and Kyrie Irving together) "I thought they did pretty well together. I think it was a little odd for them because they are both used to having the ball in their hands. One has to defer to the other. I thought they did well on both sides of the floor."

(On playing Tristan Thompson at center) "I thought at that particular time it was a good decision. I wanted to give Antawn (Jamison) some rest and I knew I was going to need (Anderson Varejao) big in the fourth quarter. I just thought, let me see what happens. For the most part his teammates really helped him out. I liked it."


(On today's game) "What I like about this team is the character that we have because we always stay poised. We never get too low when things are not going well; we talk it out and try to correct it. That's one thing we were able to do tonight. We took our time, we chipped away, we stayed positive, we relied on one another and that's what you have to do, especially on the road. I think that's the biggest test for us, finding a way to win quality games on the road."

(On his playing career moving forward) "I'm healthy and I feel good, so I definitely have another couple of years left. You just never know what opportunity might present itself. I'm just really concentrating on now, these young guys and doing the best job I can as the leader of this team, and most importantly trying to win as many games as possible."


(On playing with Ramon Sessions) "Two great point guards playing with each other, it just makes the game that much easier for everybody on the court. Having him out there relieves some of the pressure, some of the duties that are out there when one of us is just out there alone."

(On scoring 20 points or more for the fifth straight game) "Once I got used to the system it was just finding ways I can be effective, whether it's creating for my teammates or creating for myself. Coach Scott just tells me to be aggressive every single time, especially on defense and then offense."


(On today's game) "I thought we played very well in the first half, but then threw the ball away on some lob passes and things like that. We don't really think it means that much, but then down the stretch of the game when you need the ball and you've made that kind of mistake and they go down and score, it really hurts you. So we have to be more diligent on how we handle the ball. We have to learn. We have to get there but it doesn't happen overnight. We have to still work at it"

(On continuing to play a smaller lineup) "I would say that if we keep this group together like we are, around midseason I really believe that we're going to be very good. I think that we're right on track."

(On playing with a small lineup) "The matchups, I was looking at San Antonio last night and they have a huge team. Trying to play this lineup against them would be tough, but against most lineups I think we can stay with what we have. They just have to get together and learn each other, but I like the lineup."


(On today's game) "It's a tough one because we did come out with energy in the first half. We needed to continue that at the start of the third quarter and we didn't have that great of a third quarter. That led us into the fourth and it was up in the air and we just couldn't come through with it."

(On the team) "We've got a good group of guys, a talented group with good attitudes, so that's a good start for us. We need to just be more precise and more efficient and play with each other better. It's not going to happen overnight. It's a long season and we have a lot of room to grow."


(On today's game) "We were clicking the first and second quarter, and we came in at halftime with an 11-point lead. We've just got to put four quarters together. It seems like the whole year we've been playing two quarters or maybe three quarters and then we have a breakdown. We've just got to put everything together."

(On if closing out games is more difficult because of the youth) "I don't want to make excuses for youth. We all play basketball and we all know how to make winning plays. I don't want to make an excuse and say it is youth. We've just got to get better, point blank."