Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Clippers

November 5, 2012


(On overall team performance): “The biggest thing is that we bounced back from our loss at Milwaukee, which was game that we played pretty well and lost at the buzzer. Typically, we play one good game and then we stumble. Tonight seemed like the type of game where we could stumble, which is why I called a timeout so early in the game. I thought we were going through the motions and I wanted to let them know that I will sub guys out early if they’re going to play like that. They responded and played a good 45 minutes tonight, but we’ll need to play a good 48 minutes on Wednesday.”

(On team’s confidence): “I don’t think our confidence was hurt or shattered from last game. I think we felt that if we came in here and played our game we would have a chance to win. The only disappointment is that we allowed them to shoot such a high percentage, but that’s something we can continue to work on.”

(On the play of Dion Waiters): “He was really good. He made some big shots and was 7-11 on threes. I don’t think we’re going to see that very often, but he can really play.”


(On the play of Dion Waiters): “He did a good job. He just has to understand that you have to get everyone set before you make a move, especially against a good defensive team like the Clippers. Everybody’s looking at the ball especially when you have the ability to get to the rim. So you have to calm down first and then run the offense.”


(On transitioning into the NBA): “It’s been great. I get a chance to learn everything and really perfect my craft. I just want to take my game to the next level.”

(On his performance tonight): “I was feeling good out there. They kept giving me the ball and in was able to knock down shots for us”.

Los Angeles Clippers Head Coach Vinny del Negro

(On overall thoughts on tonight’s game):
“We just seemed like we were rushing. They got eighteen more shots at the basket than we did. I thought we were trying to go fast, and then we were chasing. We gave up over thirty points in the first quarter. They had twenty fast break points, mostly off our turnovers. We came off the corner a couple times and they hit some threes on us. But it was really just the turnovers and rebounding that really controlled the tempo of the game.”

(On clippers defensive play):
“They shot forty-three percent, but the three ball hurt us tonight. It was really the offensive rebounds that [were] kicked out for a couple threes and then when we turn it over, we chase them in transition. In the half court, because of Kyrie [Irving]’s penetration, we left [Dion] Waiters a couple times early in the third and in the forth. Bottom line, it was our turnovers and their offensive rebounds that changed the complexion of the game.”

 (On play of Cavaliers guard Dion Waiters):
“Obviously [Dion] Waiters hit some big shots for them. He hit some tough shots, but he’s a scorer. With our turnovers, we gave him a couple easy ones in the left corner and some layups. When you do that, you build his confidence up a little bit.”

(On play at the end of the game):
“Like I said last game, everything has to go perfect down the stretch when you’re chasing teams. We might have a good possession, and they hit a couple tough shots, and now you’re running out of time. That was the difference.”

(On adjustments moving forward):
“Our rebounding has been an issue for us, and with the athletes we have, it shouldn’t be. We have to play more physical. We have to do a better job as a group. Our guards have to get in there and rebound the ball. You have to work through it and handle the adversity of the season. We got off to a couple good wins, and the last couple games we haven’t produced as well. There are no easy answers other than going back tomorrow and having a good practice. Hopefully we’ll do a better job in some of these areas.”

DeAndre Jordan

(On tonight’s Game Plan):
“They are such a high energy team. They like to get out and run, so we tried to limit them to transition baskets. We struggled in the first half and had to play catch-up the rest of the game.”

(On adjustments to make):
“We just have to come out with the same intensity as in the second half. We’ve been turning it on late and that’s been our problem these last two games. If we come out with that same intensity as the first half, we shouldn’t have a problem in the future.”

 (On maintaining energy throughout the game):
“We can’t keep talking about it. We can’t have too many excuses. We came strong in the first two games and won. But the last two games, we came out sluggish and we let them score too many points in the first quarter and we lost the last two games. So overall, we just need to come out a little more aggressive in the first half.”

Chris Paul

(On limiting Turnovers):
“We need to take care of the ball.  We need to go back to the drawing board tomorrow and we need to bring a better effort.  That effort starts with our first group.  An opposing team scored 30 points on us in the first quarter again and we can’t allow that to happen.”

 (On team’s energy):
“This is our profession and our job to come out here and play, so we have to have that energy.  We have to come out ready to play and perform better than that.  It is still early in the season so it is better now for this to happen to us now rather than later.”

Blake Griffin

(On overall thoughts on tonight’s game):
“Turnovers hurt us a lot. We did a poor job defending the three. We put ourselves in a hole again and couldn’t fight back. We had a lot of turnovers in the second half. I had some big ones that I need to do a better job on.”

 (On adjustments to make):
“We need to lock in defensively and keep the intensity. I thought we did a good job right out of the gate, but then kind of faltered a bit and let it go. We have to keep that intensity all four quarters, no matter who we are playing and no matter what the score is.”