Daily News - July 1, 2014

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Cleveland Cavaliers convincing Kyrie Irving to stay is a good sign for both sides
Author: Terry Pluto
Publication: Plain Dealer

"The Cavs played it extremely smart by using their first moments of free agency to make a dramatic gesture to Kyrie Irving.

The result was the Cavs All-Star guard agreeing to a five-year, $90 million maximum contract extension. It happened not long after midnight, when Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert, General Manager David Griffin and Coach David Blatt went to New Jersey to meet with Irving.

It was the first move of the free agency season for the Cavs, and the symbolic gesture not only spoke loudly to Irving -- but to the entire NBA.

The Cavs are working hard to keep one of their own, a 21-point scorer who was the MVP of the 2014 All-Star game." - CLICK HERE to read full story.

Cleveland Cavaliers go (smartly) all in with Kyrie Irving
Author: Bud Shaw
Publication: Plain Dealer

"Because there's always something to spin in Cleveland sports...

A max contract extension for Kyrie Irving was the next logical step in David Griffin's plan to make this a momentous offseason.

When players of Irving's pedigree routinely start identifying Cleveland as a destination NBA city, the Cavs can become ultra selective about what constitutes a $90 million player.

Until then, they needed to lock up Irving (warts and all) for as long as the rules allowed.

They did that in the first few minutes of free agency, with owner Dan Gilbert and Irving separately acknowledging an agreement via Twitter. Nothing can be finalized until July 10.
" - CLICK HERE to read full story.

Cleveland Cavaliers Scribbles: Hawes, Frye possible free agent targets
Author: Terry Pluto
Publication: Plain Dealer

"Scribbles in my Cavaliers notebook as free agency looms on Tuesday.

1. Most fans will want to start with LeBron James. His last journey into free agency was a humbling experience for me. Several times (at least until the last few days before the decision), I wrote and said how I didn't know if he'd sign with the Cavs -- but I doubted he'd go to Miami.

2. While it appears Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and James are headed back to Miami under new contracts, the fact is that all are free agents. And the fact is that James wasn't thrilled with some of the moves made by the Heat ownership in terms of not adding payroll. The team didn't want to pay a luxury tax. And James has never been his team's highest paid player. But to be fair, Bosh, Wade and James made nearly the same salary in the last four years.

3. With the Cavs, Shaquille O'Neal made more money than James in his final season (2009-10). In the prior two years, Ben Wallace was paid more than James. Fro 2005-07, Larry Hughes was paid more. That's because of nuances in the salary cap such as James coming off his rookie contract and then signing a shorter extension in the summer of 2007. In 2010, the Cavs offered him the ultimate maximum contract, more than he made with the Heat." - CLICK HERE to read full story.

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