Jamario Moon's Player Mailbox

As the Cavaliers continue their run for the Ring, one of their key components has been high-flying forward Jamario Moon

Aside from his athleticism on the perimeter and his aerial acrobatics, the well-traveled swingman is also one of the team's true characters. (On a team that’s chock-full.)

Jamario agreed to take a moment away from the business of basketball to answer your questions in this week’s Player Mailbox.


First Name: Steve
City: Bedford
State: OH
Comments: Jamario, I got a serious music question I need answered. I’m making a mix-tape for a lady and I want to put one special song that she will always remember me by on it. What do you recommend? I know you have some knowledge on soul and hip hop that would get a lady to love you forever.

Jamario Moon: Put “Adore” by Prince on that tape and that will definitely work. She’ll love it and you’ll love it. I used to listen to that song every day.

Man, I love that song.

First Name: Shauna
City: Lakewood
State: OH
Comments: Every Cavs fan knows that Cavs ownership/management are committed to making their players happy. What is something other players in the league don't know about playing for the Cavs that you'd share with them?

Moon: That it’s a big comedy show every day.

You’ve got Shaq and you’ve got LeBron – two of the biggest clowns in the league. And every day, everywhere we go, it’s a circus. That’s probably the biggest thing. People see on TV a little of what we do – we dance and laugh and all that. But behind the scenes, it’s crazy.

The stuff we do, a lot of places would say, ‘No, you gotta get serious and get your mind on the game.’ But it’s basketball. You’re supposed to be loose and have fun playing the game. I think that’s why we have success. Everybody’s loose. Everybody feels good about going on the court. Guys are loose; guys are themselves on this team.

The teams I’ve been on, we’ve had fun. But it doesn’t even compare to here.

First Name: Cassidy
City: Madison
State: OH
Comments: Do you have any pregame superstitions?

Moon: No. It’s just basketball, man. No superstitions for me. I just go out and play.

First Name: Camaren
City: Dayton
State: OH
Comments: Jamario, who was your role-model or the person that influenced you to want to play basketball. You are my influence.

Moon: You know what, one day I just fell in love with the game.

When I was a little kid and first knew what a basketball was, I loved the game. And when I started understanding the game and some of the players, my guy was Scottie Pippen. I loved that dude! That’s why I wore No. 33 and No. 8 – his Olympic number.

A lot of people say we look alike a little bit. (Although I’m better-looking, no question.) I grew up watching Scottie Pippen and he was my biggest influence because he did a lot of things on the court. He did it on the offensive end and the defensive end. But I love the way he played defense, and I try to pattern my game after his.

First Name: Jennifer
City: Bedford
State: OH
Comments: You seem like a funny guy, who is your favorite comedian and why?

Moon: My favorite comedian? I have a lot of them. As far as TV shows, I’m old school, so I like Red Foxx. I love “Sanford and Son.” That’s one of my favorites from back in the day.

And today, I like Martin Lawrence. I like Ricky Smiley. I like Kevin Hart. I like Mike Epps. I think I just love comedy, period.

First Name: Max
City: Solon
State: OH
Comments: Hey Jamario, when did you originate the "GOOSEY" and what made you think of it?

Moon: One day, we were here at practice and we had a great streak (of jumpers) going – we hit like 15 or 16 straight. So I told Bron, ‘Everybody says you have to leave your ‘goose neck’ up (after a shot). And you know what? It actually does look like a real goose when you do.’

So, Bron shot it one time and I said, ‘Man, that actually looks like a goose eye.’ So now, when hit one in the game, we leave the ‘goose eye’ up there and we call it “Goose Eye” or “Goosey.”

First Name: Melissa
City: Mentor
State: OH
Comments: I love the high socks, my favorite Cav of the 80s was Larry Nance, who also wore them. Is there a story behind why you where them like that? And how about bringing back into style the high-cut shorts?!

Moon: I love the high socks because a lot of the arenas we play in have ice under the court. And I’m always cold. So I needed to get something going to keep my calves warmed up so I can dunk. So that’s why I started wearing the ‘high socks.’

It’s not even a sock. It’s like a sleeve that just connects with the socks. But that’s the only reason I do it: to keep my legs warm.

As far as the little shorts that show your tights. I won’t do that. No.

But you know what? Actually, we might do it. If everybody in that locker room got together and said, ‘Let’s just do it for one game.’ I guarantee we’d come out there with the short-shorts, the headbands, the long socks. Everything! We’d wear the wristbands and headbands – the whole deal. Call it “Old School Night.”

If the league would let us do it, we would do it. But if we wear our short-shorts, they gotta let us wear the gold chain up under our jerseys. (Those dudes in the ‘70s got to wear their nice little choker chains.) So, we’ll wear the shorts if they let us wear the chains.

We’ll have to find out who at the league we can ask about this.

First Name: Denzel
City: Orangeburg
State: South Carolina
Comments: What's your best memory of being a Harlem Globetrotter?

Moon: My best memory: We were in Brownville, Texas and had a show at their little civic center. And there were a lot of kids there and we walked and started shaking hands and all that. (Just to see the kids laughing and smiling and high-fiving is great.)

And we did a play back then – an alley-oop – and our point guard threw it extra-high this time, so I had to reach back – (I almost came out of my shoes going to get it). And once I caught it, I had to bring it back really far – and I’m no Shaq Diesel or LeBron-type muscular guy – but when I brought that thing back, I had so much force on it that I just shattered the backboard.

And when I looked back, all the little kids were going NUTS – high-fiving and chest-bumping. And that just made me feel so good! The whole rim came off and everything! I was like: YES!!!

First Name: Jack
City: Medina
State: OH
Comments: What is the most amount of points that you scored in a game? High school, college, D-League, etc.?

Moon: I’ve never been a guy to shoot the ball a lot. I hate taking bad shots. I’ve never been the guy to jack up 40 or 50 shots to reach a certain point total.

I think the most I ever scored was like 30-something back in the CBA. If I’m open, I’ll shoot it. But I’m not going to shoot it just because I have the green light.

First Name: John
City: Cleveland
State: OH
Comments: Why do you wear cowboy boots?

Moon: ‘Cause I’m a country boy, man! When I was a little boy, I had a pair of grey snakeskin boots. And man, I love those things so much I wore them until the heel was just flat. They just looked so cool to me! And I always wanted another pair but I couldn’t find a good place. I looked forever. So I went home and bought me a nice black pair, and I got me a pair of brown ones. I guess that’s just the country boy in me.

People are going to talk about you, regardless. That’s the way I look at it. But you have to be your own person and be comfortable and confident in what you’re doing. As long as I ain’t doing nothing wrong, I’m confident.

First Name: Brighton
City: Chagrin Falls
State: OH
Comments: Is there a story behind your name, if so what is it? Jamario is one of the coolest names I have ever heard, and I was wondering how you got it.

Moon: My momma told me there was a guy on the soap opera back then named “Mario.” And she just put the “J.A.“ in front of it and called me “Jamario.” (Actually, my middle name is “Ramon.”)

She just got it off the soap opera – so there ain’t nothing special about my name – Jamario Ramon Moon.

But I guess it’s special now that I got it.